How To Design Good Infographics?

Infographics are making sense and their solid spot in visual/digital marketing. They are converting most-readable content into unreadable.

Expressing movements, tips, history or actions in a chart - with the result that someone or something becomes enclosed or surrounded by something else, is possible now by the use of Infographics.
How To Design Good Infographics?

You know what is Infographic? Google translate is best at describing it to you:
"a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data"
Now readout my guidance to create stunning and viral infographics.

1. Know your Topic

To gain informations about some topics, you have to know that topic very well first.

Knowing a topic instead searching content on a keyword worth you to get more information. More information means more exclusive infographics.

Exclusive charts/infographics tend to get more exposure, may goes viral. Read what help you in knowing a topic:
  • Think about any new thing happening near you
  • Give that thing a name
  • Gain information from web about that thing
  • Ask questions to public
After all that steps. Take some notes of your information and find out your precious topic.

2. Choose a Layout

To select a relevant layout for your awesome infographics, you can follow below guidelines:
  1. For a history information graphic you can use stepwise layout
  2. For a data infographic you can use charts, icons and characters
  3. For a fun type infographic use some anime's images
After all,

You got the mind, which is powerful. Use it while creating and choosing an layout.

3. Create some Images

After layout and topic.

Let's start styling it with awesome images. Don't search images on free image hosting sites (for infographics only).

Instead!! you have the ability to create some. For creating GIF images you can visit this blog post. Or follow below guidance:
  • Use my recommended sites to create animations
  • You can buy Fiverr gigs for creating awesome PSDs
  • Go out from your home and capture the nature with your DSLR
  • Open the Corel-Draw and try to create some good arts
Use all that images for backgrounds.

4. Choose a Font

How you like to show your style in typeface of your infographics?

See what required for choosing awesome fonts:
  1. Font style
  2. Font size
  3. Font family
  4. Font name
Make use of above 4 formats while searching for a awesome and basic font style.

5. Discover best Colors

Colors can give your hard-work a plus.

Choose them wisely. For discovering best and suitable colors to your infographics, follow my tips:
  • Use trendy colors only
  • Green and Blue color are best choice at this time
  • Use any new android smartphone to get inspiring color ideas
There are many tools to choose a color. You can use our color picker and code generator for free.

6. Renovate your Infographics

All above steps done successfully?

Let's renovate your infographic and give it a final touch. Follow below steps:
    1. Change dimensions to accurate stats
    2. Try changing backgrounds and fonts
    3. Give sources a link back at the end of your infographics
    4. Create a feature image for your infographics
    5. Show them to some professionals before publishing online
    It's time to publish your work online. Do it quickly :)

    Final touches:

    You know you can sell your infographics?

    Yes it is possible, like you can sell images online you can sell infographics too.

    I recommend you to upload and publish your hard-work under the umbrella of your own blog/site. Happy creating good, expensive and awesome infographics.