How to Earn with YouTube - Beginner’s Guide

I know getting thousands of views on your YouTube Videos is Hard!

Because you are not the only one who is teaching someone how to cook, travel, do magic, or whatever you are uploading.

You may already know that having more Subscribers means that you can attract more views easily to your newest uploaded videos.

So, it clearly means when you are starting with zero Subscribers then there are very fewer chances to get thousands of views in no time.

But you can still manage to attract a decent amount of views and Subscribers with a strategy, that’s what I am going to cover in this post step by step.
Here’s How to Earn with YouTube (Beginner’s Guide)
Without any further reading let’s get to our steps:

1. Select an Interesting and Deep Topic:

This is the first and most important step when you are ready to start your channel.

Most people do the mistake to select the mixed content niche for their videos, In other words, they want to upload the video on every topic which is a very bad idea.

Here’s why:

If you are uploading multi-topic content then you might get thousands of views but nobody is going to Subscribe to your channel because people only subscribe to the topic focused channels.

You might also be noticed that when you finished watching a video on a specific topic and other videos of that channel are not on the same topic you are not going to do subscribe to that channel.

On the other side, if you watched a video related to “Motivation” and that channel is totally focused on this topic then your chances of subscribing to that channel are high…

It’s also very easy to manage the new content ideas when you are stuck with one topic and after some time you are going to get the authority on that topic.

So, it’s the first step and when you are selecting the niche for your channel make sure that the topic is interesting and deep because you are going to make videos on that topic for a long time.

I suggest you select the topic which interests you more so you will never get bored while recording videos about that specific topic.

Now you have a better idea of how to select your channel niche, let’s head to our second step…

2. Make and Upload the Original Content:

When it comes to earning through YouTube most people try to copy the complete videos of other channels or make the copyrighted content like matches, news, shows which are recorded from the TV and the list goes on.

Believe me, the policies of YouTube are now very strict and still, if someone is making money with these kinds of videos then they are going to be caught very soon.

Make it clear that if you want to earn in a legit way and also want to make it a long-term business with a lot of subscribers then you have to upload the original content.

But what original content I am talking about?

The very simple definition of our original and authority content is that you are recording your own videos with the best Vlogging Camera instead of copying from other channels and sources, like your personal guides to the people…

Most of people think that making the original content with their voice/face will never attract thousands of views because of those big and authority channels…

But it’s actually not.

You just have to add so much authority in your videos with a unique style and getting personal no matter what you are teaching or discussing.

In this way, you can make the original content according to Youtube policies and don’t hesitate to say your viewers for the subscription in a unique way, which is what most of the Vloggers are doing.

3. Make the Catchy Title and Description:

According to many studies, it is clear that 90% of the people just read your content titles online no whether it’s a blog post or a video.

So if you don’t know how to craft catchy headlines then you are not going to make a big impact online.

Let me give you an example:

Suppose you are searching for the best way of making nuggets on Youtube and there are 2 results titled
  1. Making nuggets: Complete Method
  2. Here’s how to make tasty Nuggets in 30 minutes
If you are like most people you will select the second one due to its title that’s how this helps in getting more views from the search and from the related videos bar as well.

So, when you are going to craft the title for your video next time make sure that it's catchy enough that everyone wants to click on it.

I normally write 8-10 titles for every content and then just select one of them which is more appealing.

The best thing about catchy titles is if you are attracting the viewers with your title and then delivering the content which is promised in the headline then you are going to get some amazing response.

The same goes with description most of the people ignore this part due to the hurry of uploading their video, don’t forget it and add the cool description for getting some more clicks.

4. Paint the Attractive Thumbnail:

According to a survey of YouTube, most of the people also select the video by its thumbnail, especially from the related videos section.

Believe me, if you just have a catchy title and thumbnail you can easily manage to drive huge traffic from the related videos, I will tell you in this Article how to optimize for related videos in the next step as well.

So, before making a thumbnail search on the YouTube for your video topic and download the thumbnails of some highest views videos.

Now make a similar thumbnail for your video, not completely similar but use thumbnails for the idea of making yours.

If you are spending some time in this way while making your thumbnails then you are going to grab a big number of views on your newly uploaded videos.

5. Optimize for YouTube Search:

You also need to know which keywords people are searching on YouTube for finding your content like if you are teaching people cooking nuggets…

Then most of the people might be searching “how to cook nuggets” instead of “cooking nuggets” at home so you need to find the terms and add those terms in the title and descriptions of your video.

It will give you the benefit if you have added the same terms in your title then your video will show at the top when someone searches for that keyword and you will get more views.
  • Also, if you are using the exact terms which your viewers are using for finding the content then you can also get more views from the youtube related videos section due to the high relevancy.
You also need to add the unique description with the search terms and add the most related tags in your video so YouTube can easily categorize your video whether it’s related to cooking or sports.

So, in this way you can increase the views of your quality videos.

6. Be Consistent with Your work:

As we discussed above that when you have low subscribers then you are not going to get thousands of views in some days so don’t expect it.

This is the reason most of the people stopped working after 2-3 months due to very small results even they are making good content.

I mostly tell this to people that keep creating content because soon some of your videos are going to give you high subscribers and those fans are going to see our entire work.

So, you don’t need to give up very early because it will take time to build authority and grab a high audience for your videos.

Final Words:

When you are going to earn money with YouTube make sure that your content is good enough that people will after watching your one video stick with your channel and watch all the videos you have uploaded.

Yes, it’s possible to stick your viewers like super glue with very quality and personal content.

You must be thinking that from where you will make money or from where you will get it?
Believe me, these are just silly and time wasting questions.
Because it’s that simple once you start getting good views on YouTube they will automatically give you the option of monetization in the front of every video and you just have to turn it on and count your money in the dashboard.

So, the most important thing is which kind of content you are going to create and how you can attract more viewers, Now you know more than 60% of Youtubers are just uploading the content without thinking about their viewers.

If you have something to ask let me know in the comments, I will be very happy to help you as soon as possible!
Guest contribution by: Talha Wahid from