10 Best Vlogging Cameras (2024 Reviewed)

10 Best Vlogging Cameras (2024 Reviewed)

Vlogging has been a popular pastime of this generation for quite some time now. Since the start of 2024, we can see more new faces becoming social media sensations with viral videos and vlogs. While it needs dedication and expertise and in order to make the most of your Vlogging trip you need to have the best vlogging cameras on your hands, right? So, if you are on the hunt for those precious special Vlogging cameras which will make you Vlogging even more eventful then you’re at the right place.

In order to find the best vlogging cameras, they should obey the following features nonetheless. Firstly, they need to be portable enough to easily carry around. It should have excellent video quality for your vlogs. Be sleek and trendy in your hands when you are strolling around your scene to capture the video. Luckily, today we’ll be showing you just what are the best of models in vlogging cameras out there for you. 

No matter what your uses are during vlogging we’ll make sure that our list covers all of the aspects and specific requirements of different cameras for use. They will range from pocketable cameras to high-quality DSLRs, mirrorless and what not. Similarly, if your vlogs are capturing action content then you need to buy a specific DSLR with just the right features including image stabilization to capture the scene as it is.

So, without further waiting, now let’s get on with our amazing list of best vlogging cameras for review.

1. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark 3

Best Vlogging Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark 3
best vlogging camera
Mirrorless and a favorite top pick on our list for the best blogging cameras 2024. This top favorite vlogging camera offers really stunning image quality, lightweight, and a decent feature setting. 

This model has a resolution of about 20.4MP, has a viewfinder feature for ultimate vlogging angles, a 3.0-inch multi-touch screen, and a 4K video resolution at 30fps. A seriously admirable feature! 

  • 20MP Four Thirds sensor
  • 121-point half breed self-adjust framework
  • 50MP high-res shot mode
  • 10 fps burst shooting with AF-C
  • Film (DCI) and UHD 4K video
  • Wide opening focal points are costly.
  • Littler picture sensor limits goals and depth of field control.
  • Charging port not USB-C.
  • Plastic outside.

2. Canon PowershotG7 X Mark3

Great Vlogging Camera: Canon PowershotG7 X Mark3

best vlogging camera

This awesome camera comes under the hood of the best pocket cameras for vlogging. A long time favorite with the vlogging folks, Canon power shot has, 20.1 MP, one-inch sensor, and uncropped 4K recording ability. 

Also, something which is hard to find in most vlogging cameras a microphone socket. Meaning you can easily adjust the sound level above the internal mic requirements according to your desire. Last but not least this model has the ability to stream videos directly to YouTube so you can vlog live what’s around you without using your smartphone. 

  • Pocket-accommodating structure.
  • Splendid long range focal point.
  • Tilting contact LCD.
  • Quick concentration and burst rate.
  • 4K with mic input and live gushing.
  • 4K video is not accessible in all modes.
  • Face recognition doesn't work with burst shooting.
  • Focal point not as fresh as some others.
  • No EVF.

3. Sony A6400

Mirrorless Vlogging Camera: Sony A6400
best vlogging camera
Another exceptional addition to our list of best vlog cameras is the all-time best from Sony, while they continue to impress A6400 is nothing different. With features, 4K support, S-log support. 

4K HDR (HLG)application built by Sony to instantly transfer the video to your smartphone at decent speeds. WIFI connectivity, Bluetooth, and NFC. APS-C CMOS sensor and a perfect 3.0-inch tilt angle touchscreen. 

  • Not too bad burst shooting speed
  • Extended ISO run up to 102,600
  • 180-degree flip screen
  • Great video highlights
  • No earphone jack
  • 16:9 perspective proportion screen
  • Awful JPEG shading rendering

4. Canon EOS M6 Mark 2

Camera for vloggers: Canon EOS M6 Mark 2
best vlogging camera

A great travel friendly addition to the vloggers buying guide. Mirrorless, with APS c sensor equipped with a stunning 32.5 MP image quality lens. WIFI, NFC, and Bluetooth compatibility pre-installed. And a max video resolution of 4K at 30Fps. 

So, you can easily, see why Canon cameras are called the king of vlogging cameras, its due to such powerful features and decent rates. The Mark 2 series is the latest addition to a prodigious line of vlogging cameras by Canon. Plus, they always have the best and powerful vlogging cameras rolling out almost every year. So, you can never be satisfied trust us! 

  • High-goals 32.5MP sensor.
  • 14fps burst rate.
  • Fast, precise self-adjust.
  • Face and eye identification.
  • Flip-up LCD.
  • 4K video.
  • EVF isn't implicit.
  • Sensor isn't settled.
  • Local focal point library needs premium alternatives.
  • Impaired video alternatives.
  • Expensive.

5. Panasonic Lumix G90/G95

Best Vlogging Camera Cheap: Panasonic Lumix G90/G95
best vlogging camera
A decent mid-range traveling camera for Vloggers. Its features have a read ahead. Mirrorless lens, with a high resolution of 20.3 MP and a new addition is the OLED Live View Finder. 

Also featuring a 3.0 inch- fully enunciating touch screen. Featuring like other great camera’s WIFI and Bluetooth compatibility. 
4K video ranges but at around 15fps rather than the stated 30fps, a minor drawback but nothing less than decent. 

  • Auto mode makes it simple to hand camera off to an unpracticed client
  • Great out-of-of-camera JPEGs
  • By and large solid Wi-Fi + Bluetooth to share documents in a flash
  • Climate opposition implies significant serenity in wet conditions
  • No real way to switch between various countenances when utilizing face discovery
  • Bit cumbersome

6. Sony A6100

Best Digital Camera: Sony A6100
best vlogging camera
Yes Sony, has really perfected camera technology and Vlogging in every aspect possible so another model from their lines. A popular choice with YouTube Vloggers as well. 

This camera is an excellent option for amateur vloggers due to its affordable price tag and effective features at that price. Such as mirrorless alpha lens, 24.2 MP, APS-S CMOS sensor, EVF Viewfinder feature, and WIFI NFC facility. 

A great autofocus system with the feature of capturing rapid moving changes so ideal for action related logging cameras and stunts as well. Lastly being an entry level vlogging camera it still guarantees 4K video recording at 16:9 ratio. 

  • Little and extremely light
  • Self-adjust framework is past quick
  • 11 casings for each second blasted mode and 425 AF focuses
  • Constant Eye AF and Animal Eye AF
  • Extraordinary following abilities
  • Awesome in general picture quality
  • Tolerable battery life
  • Flip-up screen for selfies
  • The sprinkle screens that mention to new picture takers what every mode does is a pleasant touch
  • No climate fixing: you'll be seeing plenty of residue spots
  • The design of the controls ought to be streamlined
  • You despite everything can't utilize the touchscreen to explore the menus
  • Only one UHS-1 card opening.

7. GoPro Hero 8 Black

Cheapest Vlogging Camera for YouTubers: GoPro Hero 8 Black
best vlogging camera
Termed as the best action-packed vlogging camera around and the cheapest vlogging camera available. Let’s see whether that’s true or not. GoPro has features ranging from, being a primarily action-packed vlogging camera which is great right? It has a low resolution although but good at around 12MP, no View Finder feature, but a 2.0-inch touch screen while also promising a max video resolution at 60p 4K. 

Also having, an improved image stabilization feature, new microphone support, and a more streamlined app for recording and showing your video with much better ease. 

Still for a second don’t think this model is not as much bulky compared to the rest. That may be true in a sense but for adventure lovers who love to explore the wilder side of vlogging this camera is for them. Enjoy! 

  • New structure doesn't require unique lodging for mounts
  • Incredible improved picture adjustment
  • Useful new plan
  • Straightforward after creation through the application
  • Programmed skyline leveling
  • Side access to battery and card
  • Fresh touch LCD
  • May not be as rough as prior GoPro cameras
  • Gets hot while recording
  • Wi-Fi video move can take some time
  • Problematic voice orders

8. Canon EOS M50

Budget Camera for Vloggers: Canon EOS M50
best vlogging camera
A great option for those vloggers who are happy at shooting at 1080p. Not entirely bad right? Equipped with again a strong 24.1MP, APS-C CMOS sensor, one of the first Canon’s camera to shoot 4K footage at 24fps. Impressive stuff vlogging fans. WIFI, NFC and Bluetooth facility like the best Canon models and other cameras. 

Lastly, this model also provides to cover stuff up various-angle touchscreen allowing more versatility, and stunning dual pixel auto focus. 

  • Flip-out screen
  • Extraordinary self-adjust
  • Mic input
  • Tradable focal points
  • Incredible video at 1080p and 4k
  • Little structure factor
  • Sensibly costs 11-22mm wide edge focal point
  • 4k video constrained to 24fps
  • No double center self-adjust in 4k
  • Slow movement 120fps just at 720p
  • 4k is edited

9. DJI Osmo Pocket

The Smallest Vlogging Camera: DJI Osmo Pocket
best vlogging camera
A great pocket friendly mini type of vlogging camera, with cool accessories option for vloggers. DJI offers, at a 12MP, ½.3 inch sensor size, a small 1.0-inch touch screen. While being compatible with WIFI, Lightning and USB C connection types. 

You’ll also be surprised at the max video resolution of 4K which this cute handheld Vlogging camera offers. Lastly, this camera is also weatherproof. 

  • Effectively convenient.
  • Fresh, stable 4K video at up to 60fps.
  • Time-pass and all-encompassing sewing alternatives.
  • Solid battery life.
  • Self-adjust issues.
  • Requires a telephone or extra control wheel for best understanding.

10. LAKASARA Full HD Camera Camcorder

Under $200 Vlogging Camera: LAKASARA Full HD Camera Camcorder

best vlogging camera

Finding a cheap vlogging camera that should be under $200 or less? this cam is for you. Last but not least in our list is this unique and traditional Camera. Which is basically a good budget option for vloggers. This model is blessed with a max res of 24MP while also being able to shoot video at FHD 1080p. 

An easy to operate model which also quickly transfers videos to computer, your smartphone or tablet via its built-in WIFI option. 

So, if you want to take videos and photos of your family or start your amateur Vlogging experience this is one of the best beginner’s camera available. While being easily affordable on any budget. 

  • Quality is as you would anticipate from a spending cam
  • So far I'm exceptionally content with this camera
  • Utilizing the camcorder moving outcomes in lower quality goals
  • This Lakasara 1080p camera is loaded with highlights
  • It doesn't snap like a few cameras do


With that, we sum up in our guide on the best vlogging cameras for you people. 

Always, make your choice wisely, keep the factors and our guide in handy, and choose the best vlogging camera for your purpose. 

Till then goodbye!