19 Killer Tips to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Whiling to rank your blog at the highest spot in Google and other search engine result pages? Looking for the effective methods and tips which you can easily apply and get it done?

We have all the answers to your all questions here in this article, so come and read it for your own success.
19 Killer Tips To Optimize Your Website For Search Engines
Ranking in the search engine is the most important thing for a webmaster and following are the 19 tips on how we can optimize our site.

Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking the best tip to optimize your site. In this way search engine bots will think that your website or pages are important to many readers and they will get your pages as informative ones.

Just help your visitors to bookmark your article that will assist you in creating useful links regarding the search engines. You can utilize online tools available for this purpose.

DO not use tags everywhere:

Do not use tags with every keyword just use them for some keywords on each page.

Use them only once or twice.

Deep Linking:

If you have a lot of links that directly points towards your site and its pages than it is very helpful in optimizing the site.

When a search engine finds out that, a lot of websites are giving reference to links of your web pages, then it will automatically prefer you and give importance to your valuable content and show you above all other contents due to the uniqueness of contents on your site.


The article plays a major role in getting links and optimizing your site.

Submit your article with valuable and unique contents on ezine articles and get two useful links from it. These links have a longer life and play for you for years.

Article exchanges:

I will always recommend the article exchange instead of the link exchange which most of you do to get optimized.

But according to me, it is not the right way, and I prefer article exchange because it is stronger than link exchange.

For example, you publish the article of someone by giving backlink to his site, and he publishes your article by giving backlink to your site. You both have the quality back link because you have valuable contents.

Multiple Domains:

Is it worth having multiple domains?

Yes, it is because search engine usually lists one domain for one page per web search, it may exceed to two and directories also accept only the home page so, but having multiple domains you have guaranteed more directory listings.

First in First Served:

If you want to get a navigation link for your image then also go for a text link. Make sure that your text link appears first in codes.

It is so because search engine always prefers the first link that is displayed in the source code and never gives importance to other links available on that page.

Act as Foreigner:

Is it possible for you to become a foreigner or act like them?

It is so because people from Australia, UK, and Canada have more directories for websites and blogs that have developed in those countries than others.

Anchor Text:

Never keep your all anchor text same because Google dislikes it and consider it as automation and your site will get banned. Use your sometimes use your company name or sometimes use URL.

Site Map:

Always have a site for your website that linked to the other web pages of the website. It will become easy for the search engine robots to find any page of your site in no time.

There are many other tips on site optimization, but these tips help you a lot in getting high ranked in the search engine.

Use appropriate contents with related Keyword:

As you may all know that quality Contents are the king to rank a website, therefore, it is essential to use very particular contents while writing an article.
  • Quality and useful contents automatically attract more followers to the site than a site with the lower quality contents.
One that you have to get into your minds is that only relevant contents will brings more traffic to your site, therefore only post relevant and quality articles on your site.

Your article not should be of high quality but also original. Never write for the SEO, always keep in mind about your readers instead of the search engine.

Use related keywords and description of the website in your contents:

It is the factor that needs more importance than any other factor. Never ignore the utilization of the related keywords and proper description in your article.

If your reader found that you have written something that is not for what they are looking then your site will be penalized soon.

Use of Relevant Phrases:

Use of relevant keyword phrases always plays a key role in the website ranking. To identify and use the related phrases think what your reader can type in the search engine for the particular keyword.

But the thing that you have to keep in mind is that never load your contents with the keywords and keyword phrases. The ideal amount to use them is for the three times.

Update your article after regular intervals:

This thing will help you to keep the content's relevance with your site.

On the other hand, you should also have to do this to keep your readers updated on the current situation of the topic.

Use different language on your site:

To increase page rank of your site, you have to get more traffic, and you can do this by converting your website contents into a different language of the region.

It is the one best way to get massive traffic, and once you got the traffic, your page rank will automatically go up in the search engine.

Use Correct Meta Description:

The Meta description is the one that your visitors see first in the search engine.

So, write an accurate and attractive Meta description of your article that convinces the user to read your contents.

Optimize your web pages:

It is important to optimize the contents of the website searches as well as keyword searches.

One simple way to do this to write a title with proper words that will contain the words that are used in the popular searches according to your keyword, at the same time you can also improve your contents and site quality for answering the questions that readers have in their minds regarding your article.

Make Backlinks:

When a search engine found that users know about your site from some other sites, then it will automatically improve your ranking.

You can get backlinks through commenting on other websites and by doing a guest post giving a link to your website that will redirects readers directly to your site.

Use of Alt Tags:

Always use alt tags if you are using video or visual media. This will help search engine to find your site and the post, for people is looking. 

Conclusion:  The above discussed 19 tips are the key for success to optimize your website for search engines to get high ranking.
Guest contribution by Ahmad Shahzad of SEOToolsCentre.com