The Value of Building a Strong Relationship with a Freelancer

Defined as pragmatic idealists with both brains and sentiment, millennial's showcase “a deep desire to make the world a better place, combined with an understanding that doing so requires building new institutions while working inside and outside existing institutions”.

As their first revolutionary effort, the rise of the free agent therefore promises an uber-modern, cosmopolitan and network-based approach to traditional business.

Setting the grounds for the all-encompassing global virtual office, freelancers demand “versatility and flexibility in the workplace”, and thanks to such inclination, we behold the era of business no-madism, in which the working classes are restructured and office habits are redefined.
The Value of Building a Strong Relationship with a Freelancer

With new opportunities ascending and more cubicles being knocked down, both employees and employers are learning to adjust.

As a consequence, freelancers are no longer considered as outcasts from the system, but cherished as a fresh force that is already changing the future of business, making it far more innovative, flexible and efficient.
The following list proposes some of the greatest benefits of hiring and building a strong relationship with a freelancer.

All-Around Availability

The same technological changes that have separated modern into two distinct eras – history before and after the rise of the worldwide network – directly affect the nature of business as well. By connecting the world in one virtual environment that never sleeps, the internet drastically alters customer behavior – today, we expect everything to be at our disposal on a 24/7 basis, and the same applies to our product and service providers. 

By insisting on flexible working hours, freelancers are making it possible for your company to be available at all times.

When empowered with such workers, your company will never stop running – unrestricted by office hours, most freelancers are willing to keep your business open for the public all night long, at least in an online environment, thus allowing you to leverage time zone differences and stay accessible while the completion sleeps.

Reliable and Fast Resource of Solutions 

However unconstrained in their work approach, independent employees are condemned to a calling that is endlessly uncertain and, career-wise, promises little.

With more individuals making a shift to the freelancing community, the market has become saturated with diligent and hardworking experts who offer their services to anyone ready to outsource.

In order to beat the competition, freelancers are becoming better at their jobs with every gig, and are strongly motivated to perform with excellence and speed.

Additionally, the achieved work-life balance gives them plenty of space that full-time employees simply don’t have – all of these factors guarantee that hiring a freelancer means getting a reliable, flawless and fast source of valuable business solutions.

Freedom to Hire On A Need Basis

Instead of making a new infrastructural change each time the need for new team members emerges, you can retain an already perfected work dynamic within your staff by outsourcing to a freelancer.

As a consequence, the workflow established in the office is intact, current employees are freed of new and time-demanding tasks, and investments are minimal.

Putting an external resource person in charge of non-core areas rather than welcoming a new full-time member to the team can secure you a budget for adding an unlimited workforce and employing specialists as needed.

Ultimately, constant staff restructuration caused by unpredictable and always fluctuating business cycles will no longer stand in your way to the top.

No Training Required

As one of the biggest issues of hiring new employees, training frequently demands a lot of the company’s money, time and effort.

Even then, no one can guarantee that the new staff member will fully adapt to the office dynamics; unfortunately, that’s something that only time can tell.

With unintegrated individuals, the productivity of an entire team suffers, which is never the case with outsourcing.
Freelancers are accustomed to working solo, which means that they are completely prepared and competent in solving issues and finishing tasks on their own.

Innovative Approach & Cutting Edge Ideas

Being constantly on the market but never between jobs, freelancers develop their skills quite rapidly and never stop improving them.

In order to excel, independent jobbers need to foresee all potential changes and adjust to the circumstances at great speed.

For that reason, they are known to be more innovative with their ideas and suggestions and receptive to new, cutting edge business trends and technology.

Once again, they have their freedom of choice as their biggest advantage, which allows them to replace their working collars for thinking caps and devise outside-the-box solutions. 

Experience & Versatility

Free thinkers by their nature, freelancers often challenge themselves with intellectual problems that go well beyond their niche, thereby accumulating a lot of experience and appearing as many-sided and versatile.

Their involvement with a large number of different employees and projects promises expertise, as well as people skills.

Thanks to such an experience, which is one of the biggest success factors in every type of business, even the youngest of freelancers are quite adaptable to any kind of working environment and quick to understand your specific needs, demands and expectations.

Specialized Sets of Expertise

Not only does outsourcing buy valuable time for your currently busy team, but it also allows you to reach out to solutions that are outside of your specific line of work.

Experts in non-core issues are quite expensive to sustain as regular staff members, particularly in cases when these issues don’t appear often.

Instead of hiring a full-time professional, you can get the same set of highly specialized skills with an external resource, once the problem does occur.

Long-Lasting Collaborations

Although working on and off, freelancers are always on the quest of finding new projects and gathering more positive reviews.

Building and nurturing long-lasting relationships with independent workers is therefore a way of acquiring a priceless and highly effective collaborator.

Once employed, freelancers will do their best to finish the job on a satisfactory level for both parties, and if everything goes well, they will certainly look forward to additional tasks from your side.

That way, you’ll have a reliable outsourcing solution to reach out to whenever the need emerges, without having to pay full-time wages.

Plenty of Options to Choose From

The freelancing community is already a big one, which means an endless amount of different options for entrepreneurs looking to delegate outside the company.

The market in which this community offers its services and operates is not only international, but global – consequently, this suggests both inexhaustible choices of various expertise and different labor costs.

When searching globally, finding the best professional for each specific area at reasonable prices is not at all hard to achieve.

Short- and Long-Term Affordability

Even when freelancers demand an exact amount of money you would be compelled to give to a regular employee, you’ll still be paying per project.

Additionally, the expenses of technology, health care and other privileges that come with a full-time salary don’t apply here.

In both the short and the long run, hiring a professional independent worker is cost-effective in more than just one way – by saving the money you would have to pay to a new employee on a monthly basis, you can raise enough funds for further improvements and future business expansions.

Luckily for busy entrepreneurs, the freelancing market gets bigger and more overcrowded with each passing day, thus spurring more innovation, versatility and skills within freelancers themselves.

Having one as an intermittent addition to your team will not only prove as a cost-effective solution, but it’ll guarantee a reliable and prolific long-term collaboration that every aspect of your business can greatly benefit from.

Guest contribution by: Catherine Park a professional Content Writer and a blogger with full of energy and positivism. Currently working in a team of, a business process outsourcing firm. She is expert in writing exclusive contents. Follow her on Twitter.