23 Work from Home Jobs to Work Late Night with Part Time Shifts

23 Work from Home Jobs to Work Late Night with Part Time Shifts

There are people searching for night shift home based jobs as they know how to make money for their families and have them spend money on buying happiness.
However, not so many offline companies or services will give you the chance of part time jobs at night and weekends as they don't have customers for that times. If they have clients they will have in low rates so they will not offer good part time evening jobs but there are some online companies hiring now for part time evening jobs online and also flexible work from home jobs for moms and dads.

We are guiding people on how to earn money online via different methods, this is our another effort for night owls to make them work for late night jobs that pay well and you can have your own schedules.

If you are a student or love data entry or related jobs and always sleep late at night or want a part time job online than this article is for you with 23 best online jobs which you can do as a part time job or late night job and work from home:

1. Fancy Hands

Its a platform where you can get registered as an online assistant or virtual assistant. After you get hired from Fancy Hands all you have to do is small tasks for other business owners and work as you go. You will get gigs and tasks like booking a Limo, proofreading documents or giving a research paper.

Website: https://www.fancyhands.com/jobs

2. Voice Log

If you are a mom at home than you can do this job easily as you have to work as Live Operator for different tasks at Voice Log and they will pay you on flexible work hours which you can choose. So it will be own your steps and give you the work when you need it.

Website: http://www.bsgclearing.com/contact_us/careers/live-operator-independent-contractor

3. Writing

As a student you may find this job not that good, but if you are working and have an offline job related to studies or documents than you will find this jobs interesting and very easy to do. As you just have to write on a topic suggested by the client and for this you can go to Fiverr.com or Freelancer.com and find writing gigs and work from home.

4. Click Worker

From micro tasks like web search, editing documents, data entry jobs, writing, and translation you will get more jobs to complete and get paid every hour and they start to pay you for each hour you work by $9 and also they are flexible for work schedules so you can choose your working hours.

Website: http://www.clickworker.com/become-a-clickworker/

5. Rev

If you want to be a Translator or a Transcriptionist than Rev is for you, as they do upgrade their team of Translators and Transcriptionists they offer jobs to many students and working people. They have clients so they have to give them great work. If you can apply with Rev chances are you will get accepted quickly.

Website: https://www.rev.com/freelancers

6. VIPKid

With day and night shifts and flexible work schedules you will get part time job at VIPKid as an online English language teacher. They have students who want to learn English from home and that's why they need more work force and they are paying up to $22 per hour.

Website: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/

7. Scribie

Another great company which hires Transcriptionists and give them work from home opportunities. If you want to get paid for each hour of work with $10 per hour rate than Scribie is good for you.

Website: https://scribie.com/jobs

8. Live World

Really amazingly easy job online, all you have to do is just moderate some forums online and its your job. Interesting, nah? Plus you can work at home and select your own working hours so this can be your late night job.

Website: https://www.liveworld.com/about-us/

9. Liveops

If you can show some money and want a quick job than Liveops can do it for you, just go there and show them your small credit than you will be hired as a call center agent on contract basis. So that's how you become an independent contractor and work as you want.

Website: http://join.liveops.com/

10. Uhaul

You will be in team of many Customer Service Agents and work on flexible hours. For this job you have to purchase some quality equipment like headset and have an internet connection of high speed. You will get paid for every minute so don't worry about earnings.

Website: https://uhaul.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/UhaulJobs/1/refreshFacet/318c8bb6f553100021d223d9780d30be

11. Isus

If you want to work from home and do it on your mobile too than Isus is suitable to you, as they hires online trainers English language teachers on their personalized platform. All you have to do is teach English to some students and than followup and you have to monitor progress of the students and get paid for this small job.

Website: http://jobs.ispeakuspeak.com/

12. USA Contact Point

On different times they hires Customer Service Agents and maybe they are hiring now and you can be the one of their team and work from home doing little tasks like responding to the calls (questions) of their clients about their products and services in USA.

Website: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/USA-Contact-Point/jobs

13. Writers Domain

If you are newbie or a master at content writing or article writing you will be the best buddy to Writers Domain as they are offering flexible jobs to you and you can be there best player and get $17+ per article or be the starter and get $15 per article. Just make sure you are writing content yourself and not copying it.

Website: https://www.writersdomain.net/

14. Appen Butler Hill

The only rule they are applying to their employees is you have to work at least 20 hours a week for must and there is much flexibility of time and work schedules which you can utilize to be the night owl and earn money working at home.

Website: http://www.appen.com/company/opportunities/

15. Cha Cha

If you want to use a real time answering platform for any of your question ChaCha is here and if you want to make money answering to people's questions than ChaCha is here for this too. So all you have to answer to the questions via Mobile app or any of your device.

Website: http://www.chacha.com/

16. Working Solutions

With day and night shifts for this company you can work in many fields and work at home. If you are an experienced call center operator or employee than you will get accepted quickly. Visit them to know their latest work from home opportunities.

Website: https://jobs.workingsolutions.com/

17. Modsquad

If you are not in U.S. than Modsquad is here and you will get hired to moderate some social media activities and other great work from home opportunities are awaiting you. They are accepting requests worldwide so apply now.

Website: https://modsquad.com/join-the-mods/

18. Smart Crowd

The main factor is this company is available only in US but you can work freely and complete data entry tasks whenever you want to complete them. There is no time limit or any schedule of work. You can get data entry jobs whenever you are online and after completing each task you will get paid.

Website: https://thesmartcrowd.lionbridge.com/

19. ORC International

With a payment of $8+ per hour you have to conduct interviews for fortune 500 companies and that all. You will do this job as a telephone operator so be active on your landline as you will get paid each hour.

Website: http://www.orcinternational.com/us/about-us/careers

20. 3 Play Media

If you are easy to do jobs like editing transcripts from home than 3PlayMedia is here and the are paying for micro tasks. You have to work with them at least 15 hours in a week and they are flexible with day and night shifts so you can be the night owl and make money online working at home.

Website: http://www.3playmedia.com/company/jobs/

21. Advanis

If you have a landline telephone than you are welcome to Advanis as they hires people to do market research and give paid training to make sure their employees work greatly and easily. This is a Canadian company and paying work from home night owls.

Website:  http://www2.advanis.ca/

22. Alorica at Home

Per minute, per hour and per call rates can give you more dollars when you working at home as a Customer Service Agent. Yes, this company pays like this and all you have to complete is their home office technical requirements.

Website: http://jobs.alorica.com/

23. Reasoning Mind

If you want to be a teacher and work from home than install Skype and join ReasoningMind they are hiring teachers online and they pay when you teach students virtually.

Website: http://www.reasoningmind.org/careers/

And then, whenever you are ready to spend some money, you can do a simple search on Limo Find and rent out a party vehicle.

If you are in need of knowing about more online jobs than don't forget read 50 work from home jobs and get more updates by visiting www.AllBlogThings.com on daily basis. You can also comment your questions right below.