9 Best Paid to Survey Sites to Make $350 Extra Money Every Month

9 Best Paid To Survey Sites to Make Money (Earn $350 Extra Every Month)
There are so many legitimate paid survey site available and open for everyone to signup and start submitting the answer for a hoping price but many of those are paying in cents and people want to earn at least $100 or 300 per month, because they have to pay bills of internet, electricity and others.

As I have published some articles about this same topic and my readers are very satisfied with them, here I have found another list of great and best legitimate survey sites that pay daily and pay in $$ for every survey you complete and even pay for refers.

However some of these are very hard to work on but they pay for your time and work and also if you need to get paid for referrals to your paypal than read this entire article and as you know that there are so many referral programs that pay daily I am listing some of the best platforms here for survey sites with referral programs and if you are in search of a list of scam free pay per referral sites than check this.

All you have to do is just answer the questions they are asking you in some time (5 to 30 minutes) and they will pay you, instant payouts are available for some and other survey sites pay on fixed dates with minimum payout option and also many of them are holding some prizes for you with really big money.

So, if you are ready to share your personal information online with paid survey sites that pay daily and trusted worldwide than see below the wonderful list of best survey sites to make extra money:

1. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the best and top survey sites to earn money online and they offer paid surveys for every business type and organization and also everybody can join them.

If you are interested in redeeming gift cards on Amazon and iTunes or other top online stores than you are welcome to join Opinion Post survey services as they offer paid surveys of 10 minutes and more to complete and reward you points with gift cards for many marketplaces. Many of my online friends have tested this platform and confirmed that they pay for what we do on their websites.

The best part of this paid survey site is they offer you comprehensive paying plans by gift cards and cash prizes from yearly schedules to quarter from $10,000 to $40,000 each year and also whenever you will complete a survey you will be awarded one free entry to the contest, it means you maybe one of the lucky ones to get a big prize of $40K and pay off your bills in pending and in advance.

You can sign up for Opinion Outpost on their website to earn money online and they are in hurry to accept you as a best contributor and helper of their network.

2. Ipsos i-Say

For Ipsos i-Say United States of America nation maybe well aware with this platform as they are who conducts most surveys and polls during the elections of different states and countries. Ipsos Panel is most famous and many political interested personalities use it frequently. Ipsos is delivering paid survey services to pay their opinion makers with an app called i-Say which can be installed in every smartphone and device for free.

However, they offer many high-end paying surveys and also there is a chance that you will be rewarded with a big survey paying $95 or more in some minutes but they are offering these top surveys in occasional basis. After reading some test articles I have found that people are earning $300+ per month with this app.

At i-Say app many surveys pay you a buck or two and three for completing a task in 10 or 20 minutes and also this app rewards you points to redeem on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores and also you can cash out the money earned with completing little surveys via PayPal.

Everybody can sign up for Ipsos using the application named i-Say.

3. PineCone Research

Everybody says that earning money online is very easy and to start it we have to invest something, but when we research on this we take things right and thus we got to know that earning money online is not that expensive, even we can do it for free and start with some paid survey sites and Pinecone Research is one of the best daily paying survey sites (people call it a legitimate survey site).

But the main thing is they are limiting the platform to some people as the criteria is: Person should be Male not Female and in age between 18 to 24 and should be of Hispanic nature or Latino and Spanish origin. This is one of those best survey sites which have so many surveys to complete and you can get payout for every of your survey completed.

In a few minutes of completing one survey you will get $3 in your wallet and payout them instantly and also you can save them in the wallet to payout later to make sure that you can't give only transaction fee and get some cents as PayPal charges some bucks for every transaction.

Everybody is welcome to sign up on this website as they are not limited to any other things just make sure your are in the categories of Latin or Hispanic America.

4. InboxDollars

An extra $730 per annual is not that bad to pay your bills and add more money in your wallet but as they are paying less we are not going to talk about this any more but people really trust this network so we have added it here.

You can earn dollars with Inbox Dollars by completing the trial offers and some other but they pay too less per offer, however you will get paid as its not a fake or scam website its legit.

You can signup for inbox dollars with a free of cost account and start earning money from first day.

5. VIP Voice

If you are dreaming to be a traveler and travel for free than the best platform for fulfilling your needs is VIP Voice as they are offering free vacations, electronics and gift cards which you can redeem easily and also you will get points for the same things. With paid surveys this website is being more and more popular as travel bloggers recommend it.

They are alerted to scam from their users and members so they are not offering straight high paying surveys but they will reward you a $25 or more prized survey when you will done completing some small surveys paying you some bucks.

As always, sign up is easy and free for VIP Voice and you can do it right now from their official website.

6. eMiles

With more than 3 million members this paid to survey site is paying you the rewards to make your travels a lot more easier than ever before. You can take the getaway for free simply by submitting the answers to their asked questions in the surveys.

eMiles is offering you simple tasks and surveys and when you complete the reward you with points for accommodation in hotels and getting free or cheap or discounted flights. On the other hand we can generate points by watching ads and claiming deals on eMiles with doing a lot free surveys.

Spending an hour on this website will lead you to save $30 on your next trip so you can easily make good travel spending some hours a month and than travel. Almost all the major and big airlines accept these points and you can redeem them for like United Airlines, Southwest and American Airlines including if you don't want to travel than you can redeem them at Starbucks or buy something using Amazon.

Sing up is also free, just put in your email address and make sure you are living in the U.S. otherwise its not for you as they have limited the access to USA nation and you can snag your eMiles bonus points too but for a limited time.

7. Harris Poll

Harris Poll is another great website for getting paid by completing surveys on daily basis as they are offering many different polls to fill and get paid for submitting the information and also if you are a foodie and want to make money online than you are welcome to join this platform as they are hungry to get your views for different food companies and products.

You can earn up to $4 per survey on Harris Poll and the best part is they are almost easiest thing you will ever do online and they are just 20 minutes each survey there is no fixed time but they take less as you can do multi-tasking with completing their surveys.

If you want to earn more than you can easily earn with Harris Poll as many times they offer Larger Panels and for that they pay $75 per survey, yes its true you can earn $75 per survey you complete on daily basis and sign up is free.

8. PointClub

PointClub is another great survey site that pays you for every survey in points and the best thing is they are paying for every survey with guarantee. Almost every big vendors like Amazon and Walmart accept these points and we can redeem them there.

Plus they offer a sign up bonus of $5 and we can easily payout these with our points using PayPal or redeem them as gift cards. Sign up is free so do it now and earn your first $5 without doing anything online.

9. Springboard Panel

With Springboard Panel you gets the chance for free to earn your $1,000 prize for free and after all we are talking about paid survey sites, this network is one of the best and provide you dollars and cents for every survey you complete with questions relating to new products and many of them looks like feedback on ideas and new products.

We can redeem our points with biggest online stores with gift cards and also the signup is free, so quick start earning money online doing surveys for free.

So, if you want more information about these websites and know how to earn money online than comment below.