Top Paying Referral Programs for Bloggers in 2024

Are you a blogger and willing to make money through affiliate marketing and selling products to your audience with custom offers or selected products?

Have faith and start using some great to use affiliate networks so you can make this job easier in no time.

As you know I am a blogger too and blogging for years, now I found that earning money from doing affiliate marketing is still the best way.

Top Paying Referral Programs for Bloggers in 2024

That's why I am here to provide you a list of best and high paying affiliate networks so you can start earning money through your blog.

Don't know what is affiliate marketing? read here:
In affiliate marketing you have to choose a perfect product in your niche and register to its refer and earn program. In which you can start selling other's products and get your commissions.
So, Now read about the top 10 highest paying affiliate networks and start earning money without investments and other things you pay for. Just look at the list of highest paying referral programs for bloggers:

7 best Affiliate/Referral networks for Bloggers

Here's the list of 10 awesome and great affiliate networks for bloggers and online marketers in 2024.


You can earn money by using some of these programs even without a blog, still, we can say these platforms are the best platforms for bloggers.

Because they have all the possibility and tools which can be a need for bloggers to make money online.

If you are a blogger you should bookmark this article for later read. Now skip to the main content (below) and read what I have researched for you.

1. Amazon associates

Amazon associates is a PPL (pay per lead) network, which means you can earn money after you refer a person to buy some products from Amazon official store.

It is also known as the #1 affiliate program available for free on the whole internet, and first network who thought people how they can make use of affiliation over an internet connection.
Amazon associates
Amazon is also a one-stop network for vendors, companies and online publishers (bloggers).

As we can see many bloggers and online marketers are writing about this awesome network. It gives the ease to choose your product from a variety of products and manufacturers too.

  1. Clean UI: Yeah amazon associates got a cleaner user-interface to do the work easily
  2. Millions of products: They have over 1.6 million registered companies and vendors to ensure you can use their network for your needs
  • Worse payment schedule: Again for getting your payments you have to wait for 2 months after having some sells from your associate account.
  • Low earnings: If you are new to Amazon you have to wait for months to earn 10% on product sells, as you have to give Amazon a lot of sells for getting their trust.
In my opinion, if you can write high quality and converting product reviews then this platform is for you.

2. ShareASale

ShareAsale is a great referral and affiliates platform for earning commissions from the products you sell for others to others, and they have a great tool to compare products for choosing right-one.

Whatever they don't accept all the requests, but you can try applying. If you have luck and great online property the chances are more to get approved account there.
ShareASale: Top Paying Referral Programs
They have many companies partnering with their system only, not on their competitor's networks.

That's why you can use this network personally and greatly.

  1. Personal network: Having many merchants working with them and not available for other networks
  2. Awesome payment schedule: You can get your money on the 20th of every month after getting a minimum earning-digits starting from $50
  • Reporting issues: Many times many people say that ShareAsale is not good at reporting instantly
  • Approval: They accept requests from those they think best fit for their company

3. Rakuten Linkshare

A Japanese company providing bloggers a cleaner affiliate network.

With the flexibility of great features, this program is on 3rd spot in this list.

After diving in this program you will find many different features such as you can rotate any banner you added in your blog without replacing the code.
Rakuten Linkshare
The program is powered by LinkShare and making it hard that no-one can give the ease of deep-linking as they give to publishers.

  1. Manual deep-linking: You can choose any page of the merchant's website or online store to ensure you get more leads and direct links.
  2. Ease of banners: This feature is cool,  you just have to add the code once and you can rotate banners from your account at Rakuten.
  • Unknown time for payments: You have to wait for merchant payments to get your commissions.
  • Not good for big fishes: If you have a great blog I recommend not to use this network, but its a great source for niche blogs.

4. CJ Affiliate by Conversant

A widely used and big American network now known as CJ affiliate, once Commission Junction when the program discovered in 1998.

Almost all the companies have their profiles on Cj-affiliate and selling their items.

As this is not a set-and-forget type of network you can do work as you want.
CJ affiliate: Top Paying Referral Programs
The program is a trusted one in individuals and marketers, as I can see many big companies or using this program and many pro bloggers are getting benefits from this single platform.

  1. Awesome reporting system: Unless others, the program have a great reporting system to use for free
  2. Payments for every month: Yes, you can get your commissions on a net-20 basis. Means every month after 20th of date.
  • Bad way for support: They just have a contact form for customer support, no chat-room nor calls. Many times it's not possible to give answers to all questions submitted using a contact form
  • A problem for newbies: As you can read the reporting system is great, but here's a problem. Many newbies can't be familiar with the reporting system

5. GlobalWide Media

Looking for a network who have other programs as its clients?

This program is one of them. One can select various products to sell and engage more customers.

Guess what?

You can now earn your commissions even on downloads and leads generated by you.
GlobalWide Media: Top Paying Referral Programs
They provide a win-win solution to merchants and publishers.

It's a well-known and great affiliation network around for over 10 years.

  1. Clean UI: With a cleaner user-interface the program presents a good way to navigate and search with filtration abilities.
  2. Awesome reporting features: You can easily get reports to track your leads and other things with the personalized tracking system.
  • Affiliates have to deal: It means you have to ask for help to a manager and you are also followed by them
  • Not easy to be approved: It is very difficult to be accepted by GlobalWide Media, as they want to be a good network among others

6. ClickBank - affiliate network

Click-bank is a great network and my favorite too. They pay you from 50% to 75% rate per sale you made.

Why my favorite?

Because it is a quick setup program. Means you can start with an easy account acceptance option and set up your account.
ClickBank - affiliate networkAfter that, you can create your profile and set up your payment forms in some minutes.

With a wide range of variety, you can select as many products you can promote.

  1. Better payments: Unless others, this program is great to send you your commissions in one or two weeks only even if your selected merchant declined
  2. Unlimited items to promote: They have so many items and you can promote up to six thousand items on your blog without getting permissions from merchants
  • Not good for newbies: As you have to wait for customer distribution for getting your very first payment on your commissions.
  • Beware of scams: They have many items with a scam tag and maybe you are one who selects the wrong item. So beware of this shit.

7. eBay Partner Network

eBay is another best network for bloggers, who want to earn money quickly.

They have many categories and all the categories have dozens of products waiting for you.

As they said you'll earn money by sending traffic to eBay official store.


It doesn't mean that you get commissions just by sending traffic.
eBay Partner Network
You have to wait for an eBay member (who registered through your referral link) for his purchases in first 30 days.

  1. Easy payments: You can get your commissions straight in your PayPal account without waiting for 2 months
  2. Custom offers: They launch seasonal discounts and new offers for holidays and events for you to target more buyers
  • Traffic-based earnings: As they said "send visits and earn money" they pay you a commissions rate depending on your traffic quality.
  • Difficult to be accepted: They accept only high-quality traffic blogs/sites and you can't get an account without getting high numbers in traffic to your blog


Please be a professional and don't try to scam the above networks, as they are legit programs, and hate the scam. You should try to do affiliate marketing like a gentleman.

Otherwise, you will be in a serious problem. Yeah! May you get some sales by black-hat techniques, but you can't get commissions.

Even if you are able to get commissions, your account will be banned after 1/2 sales. So beware of black-hat and scamming.

The Internet is real, and anyone can earn money using it. If one uses it legally :)