100+ Ways to Make Money Online & Work From Home

Have no money?

Wondering how to make extra money with some easy ways?

Or you are at home and finding ways on the internet for earning money quickly and easily.

Here I have put together 100+ ways to make money online and work from home with less or no investment and efforts online.

It's a totally researched article and bringing you only working methods/tips for making money from home.

By following ways you can start earning extra and fruity money in some days.

If you can hustle you can work and if you can work you can earn.

100+ Ways To Earn Money Online at Home

I am going to make some opportunities for you so you can start your work from today.

Let's start!
Please note: There are tons of ways for making money at home, and some of them are listed below. Its up to you, choose one and start working on it with passion and hustle. I bet you will start earning handsome income in some days.

P1. Make money online at home with famous methods

The part one of this article is dedicated to online world's famous methods to earn money.

If you have a an internet connection and a computer then read below methods and start making money online at home.

1. Start a niche blog earn with ads

In short: Niche blogging is:
Start a blog on your interest and signup for Google adsense >> generate more traffic and earn money with Adsense ads.

If you want to read a detailed but still a small guide, read below:

Niche blogging is a form of blogging that focuses solely on a specific topic or interest.

The first step to niche blogging is to choose a topic (niche) that you are passionate about or knowledgeable in. This can be anything from cooking to sports to finance or health etc.

Once you have chosen your niche, you can start creating content for your blog that we call "Blog Posts" or articles.

The next step is to sign up for Google Adsense, which is an advertising program that allows you to display ads on your blog and monetise it using display advertising.

When visitors click on these display ads, you earn money. To sign up for Adsense, you will need to create a Google account and submit your blog for approval by going to Adsense.Google.com or simply search Adsense in Google search engine.

As earning depends on the traffic you drive to your blog, increase the traffic is essential and to to generate more traffic to your blog, you can use various strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and guest posting.

SEO involves optimizing your blog's content and structure to rank higher in search engine results.

Social media marketing involves promoting your blog on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Guest posting involves writing and publishing posts on other blogs in your niche to drive traffic back to your own blog. 

Now let's read about other great ways to make online and work from home.

2. Earn money with YouTube

Go to YouTube.com add your own videos and share them on your social media profiles (funny videos do more) integrate your YT channel with Adsense and by showing ads on your videos you can earn money YouTubing.

Its a risky way to earn money online while staying at home as YouTube is not a free of hands platform, you have to be a professional video editor and maker for getting some money on YouTube (a videos sharing service provided by the Google).

3. Be a freelance writer online

Write articles for any topic buyer ask you and get paid by writing on any topic you like (or work on demands of the clients).

You can join a network like Fiverr.com for selling your writings, but for a huge income stream I recommend you to use Freelancer.com and Guru.com too.

4. Write articles for other websites

You can write articles directly for some websites or blogs to get some money.

Its not like the freelance writing, its far far better and we all should try this to make a living for a long time payments.

Writing for webmasters is different, writing for websites and blogs directly can lead you to earn more money.

5. Create websites for clients

By creating some websites/blogs for other people you can earn money online. Ask them what they want and buy a domain name with hosting charge fees for creating their dream websites.
  • You can give a service to create free websites and earn money by selling them your affiliated hosting accounts!
Arrange some billboards at your official blog or social media cover-image areas, so people will ask you to create their websites.

6. Sell domains online

You can register domains and then sell online using social media handles or your blog. Always buy top-level and awesome domains, so you can sell them easily and earn money.
Hot tip for this method: You can join flippa.com to sell your domains quickly for a better price and secure way of processing your payments and all other technical issues are covered by the flippa team.
You can wait for the right time "don't sell quickly have patience".

7. Do a translation job

You can speak more than one language? then probably you can write in that language. Try to translate documents and get paid for this job.

Believe me, it can pay you.  

Don't translate docs with online tools, do it yourself.

8. Create some themes/templates

If you can, then create some WordPress themes or Blogger templates and sell them online using any marketplace or your official blog.

This job works great for earning money online while sitting at home and at your comfort zone, but for those who love to code and enjoy reading about the latest web design trends or have some money to hire some coders.

9. Create some podcasts

Well, you can sell podcasts on iTunes and on many other great online platforms.

I recommend you to upload audio+video podcasts on your personal blog and talk about what you know. Make money from ads or sell the podcast copies to the listeners.

Its a time-consuming method unless you got a great grand idea over it.

10. Write an E-book

Write an eBook on any topic you can write frequently and bring the book in Amazon store or you can also make a hard copy of it and sell on your own favorite online store.

Set price and share the link on your social media profiles and personal blog (if you have one) also you can ask your friends to buy the book for a discounted price and give 5-star reviews so you can make it a go.

11. Create infographics

Creating infographics is easy now. There are many tools available for free on the internet to create the next viral infographic of your choice.

Choose a topic and find information on Google. Add that information in graphs and arrange them to create quality infographics.

12. Create logos and icons

The startup needs this instant and may pay you too much.

Launch this service on your personal blog or create a gig on Fiverr.com download free PSDs and edit to create the next level of new logos and icons.

13. Start consulting online

Be a professional in one field and start consulting new people in that business.

You can charge $$ on an hourly basis. You can also set a Skype session for $$ and you only have to give advice.

14. Do eCommerce business

Start selling stuff on eBay or you can create an online store for this. Sell your products online with your own online store, no need to pay for shop rent and other shits.

15. Do affiliate marketing

You can start this job in a couple of minutes. Only you have to refer people to a basic service and-if they buy any product using your link - you will get a flat commission from that affiliate network.

Join the trusted network for this work like ShareASale and there are many smartphone apps for this purpose.

16. Create a paid forum or membership website

Be a teacher online or create a high-class dating website. Where users have to pay for exclusive content. Make sure your website is available for creating an account is free and paid mode too.

Ask free users to pay for exclusive features, deals, courses or any type of your website is.

17. Be an online journalist

Find some authority news blogs/sites on the internet and check out their criteria for publishing your articles or you can join them with an official account.

Many online newspapers offer paid article submissions, find them and earn money writing on what's happening or happening in this world.

18. Create basic howto videos

Create daily use of how-to videos and make money from showing paid ads. You can take some topics like how to clean the kitchen quickly, how to fry potatoes in 5 minutes etc.

19. Be an online secretary of a professional

This may be the toughest job, but believe me - an online secretary job is worth and it can pay you money. Only you have to tell your boss it's morning time, wake up boss. Or any little work he/she orders you :)

20. Arrange some information and make a list

If you can then arrange a list or you can say a database file, now sell it on www.odditysoftware.com its a very simple and easy job.

21. Middleman technique is still works

It is similar to affiliate marketing. Only you have to find a needy person to give that person advice and for that advice, you can charge him. It works great if you do consult and affiliate marketing together.

22. Be a shopper online

Shop online for people and charge a small fee. It can be useful when people want to buy something online and can't because many of them don't know how to buy or they don't have a master card. You can charge them a fee to buy their desires.

23. Try investment business

This business is a great one. You can start with even one dollar. I recommend you to start with low money and if you think this business is fit for you can grow more. Have faith and wait for ROI :)

24. Are you a cook?

You can sell your recipes to authorities or chefs. First, create a blog and start showing your basic (own) recipes, after that create a page and tell readers that you have some secret recipes.

Offer them paid videos and personal recipes with a price tag.

25. Edit photos online and get money

It is simple if you know how to use Photoshop and mobile photo editors.

For this, you have to target the correct person. So try to search for wedding websites and photography blogs.

Show your service ads there and get jobs.

26. Join any customer service online

You know many companies have customer service options like online chat with a real person and video chat too. Go and find your online job at any company you can start working.

If you are awesome in English you can join any company and they will pay you on a monthly basis.

27. Be a voiceover artist online

This is a simple and easiest job. Only you have to arrange a high-quality mic with any free audio editor. Join Fiverr and create some gigs for voiceovers. Record the text and edit the audio to make it clean. That's all :)

28. Create mobile apps

It is the craziest job. I have many stories bookmarked in my browser on "how someone becomes a billionaire after creating his app". You can take the example of WhatsApp. Create the next big app and monetize it with ads.

29. Be a tutor online

Get paid to teach people online. You can teach anything you are better at. For options, you can select from these: Language, speaking, how to pamper children, how to cook, or something you can teach easily.

30. Be a reviewer online

It is a good and perfect job for home-based earners. Find startups and review their products. They will pay you for reviewing and you can own the product for free ;)

31. Make use of Craigslist

You know Craigslist is a great platform to offer services or sell your old and unused stuff.

You can sell your online property or any service you can offer online from your comfort zone or you can say sit at home.

32. Take surveys and earn money online

Taking surveys online is also a good and easy job to make money.

Just take surveys and get gift cards and vouchers to buy online. There are many services available for this job.

33. Create a directory website

Create a local directory website and ask money to add any local business in your directory, but before charging the money make sure you are getting enough traffic to your platform.

You can choose a topic just like hotels in NYC or schools in LA to get some targeted users to pay for your custom services.

34. Do data entry jobs

This method is a famous one and is used by many jobless individuals in their part times or when they have to do something for living and eat food.

You can start these types of jobs from the first day of knowing what is the internet and you can start making money in hours.

All you have to do is type words from your keyboard or copy-paste the requested data :)

35. Do copy editing

Proofread and check mistakes in articles for a fee on your selected platform like Fiverr or any of your own created personal blog or online services companies.

It works great and many people are generating money from doing this job online at home.

36. Video editing

Are you an expert in editing videos? Its time to work and get paid by doing what you can do easily. Create some gigs about editing videos and charge a fee for seconds :)

37. Capture the nature

Capture best movements of nature at your home or you can take pictures of your mac-book, smartphone or yourself holding some books or pens.

You can sell images online using different websites like ShutterStock.com.

P2. Untapped methods to earn money from home

These methods are very less-known. You can try it with your luck. If you are not new in the internet world you can make money using these methods. Let's read more:

38. Create your own search engine

No, not from scratch. You can use Google's API (Google CSE) for this. As you can easily develop a next-generation web search engine on a choosy topic and show ads for earning money.

Also, you can create a search engine just for apps or videos and make money by showing ads (link ads works best).

39. Create some affiliate websites

Just create an affiliate website and sell it on Flippa.com. Again create another website the same as first and change logo, content and re-edit the theme. Now sell it to a different person. You can keep creating and selling these types of websites on a monthly basis.

40. Sell interviews of celebrities

Are you good at interviewing? Do hard work and get some interviews with top celebrities, after that you can sell those interviews to different blogs and websites including TV shows.

41. Do audit websites and make report cards

If you are good at auditing websites or you can create report cards with so much information about SEO and other factors of websites, then you can charge for sending digital report cards to startups.

42. Do digital migration jobs

Are you good at migrating something like Blogger blog to WordPress and website databases to other servers? You can start this business online for a fee.

43. Trade online for earning money

Online investing and trading is the best business to start earning money quickly from the first day of investments. Do it at your own risk, may you have to face some down roads :)

44. Create your own products

If you can then start creating different things like toys and other type of items which you can sell online using some tools like OLX and others.

45. Design ads for companies online/offline

Many websites, companies, and blogs still need your mastermind. If you are good at creating awesome ad-styles and designs you can try to this job for well-known and new companies too.

46. Edit maps online for money

Yeah! You can get cash for editing maps online. As you can see Google is paying to individuals who edit Google maps details with pictures and basic information about local businesses.

47. Swap things online

If you have some money resting in your money or drawer. Make use of it and buy junks of others from classified websites. Re-touch things and re-sell on other classified websites for a big price :)

48. Create all-new CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System. If you are good at coding then you can start selling own-demand and all-new CMSs to clients for creating different tools online.

49. Start an eMagazine

It works, still it works great if you have to say a lot in a different style. Launch a website with paid subscription option and start publishing monthly e-Magazine for a fixed price to readers.

50. Be a promoter online

Join any network of advertising and tell startups "you can promote them like fire in sun". Tell them how you can promote them in a selected area. Get money for promoting businesses online.

51. Make use of your social media presence

You have great social media following? People love to hear from you? sell your presence for money and publish paid/sponsored status updates to your social media profile/pages.

52. Give medical advice

Are you a certified doctor? or a physician?

Try to create a blog or an online forum for giving answers to public questions on health. Do all of this for free. For making money you can sell eBooks and show ads on forums.

53. Create blogs for ads only

These type of blogs can give you some bucks. Choose a niche and find a sub-niche in that, now publish 10/20 blog posts and show ads on your sub-niche blog. Make at-least 10 blogs so you can get some money at the end of any month.

54. Be an email handler

Find some companies or startups for handling their emails with professionalism and charge a fee per email response.

55. Refer others to take surveys

Not only surveying can give you money. Now you can ask others to survey or you can invite others to survey for you. You can get rewards, gifts, and money for doing so.

56. Sell old video games

Now you are not a kid. You have some video games? sell them online using Craiglist or OLX  and make money.

57. Are you a pro in music?

If you can then try to teach online how one can use the piano or how one can record clean audio. You can also teach people how they can make music online using loops and some softwares.

58. Make an online university

Are you a master in a field you love to learn and teach? Start an online university using paid accounts option on your website. Charge students for a course and do add lessons once. Make schedules and earn money.

59. Sell your artworks

If you are good at making some artworks, then try to make a portfolio of your recent artworks and sell your new art by adding an online buying option at your portfolio website.

60. Be a property or leasing agent online

There are many people wanted to buy some property. Before buying they must search for online property dealers and ask many questions. Also, there are many people wanted to chat with a leasing agent online. Be one and do this work as this is not so famous work :)

61. Buy old websites and make money

Check online websites selling platforms and join social media groups for selling and buying websites. Buy old websites at cheap rates and re-touch them with next level customization.

After that, you can re-sell these websites on other platforms for a high rate.

62. Review software

New developers even the old ones love to have their software reviewed by you. Also, they pay for it. Just open SoftwareJudge and start reviewing your favorite software and make money.

63. Join about.com

It is a great platform to earn money teaching others. They pay you decently by showing ads on your articles you write for about.com.

64. Be a forum moderator

Many online forums have this job to offer you. You just have to do it delete spam from forum and make it clean as per as owner's desires.

65. Fix the bugs in mobile apps

Many new apps for smartphones and others have many types of bugs. You can find bugs by using the app and from the reviews page of that app. After knowing the bugs if you can fix them, contact to the owner and charge a fee.

66. Do a job for submitting something to online directories

As I am a blogger. I will pay you if you do a job for me as titled "add my blog to 1000 great directories". If you do I will pay you your fees. Same as this, you can get more jobs for submitting information to other directories.

67. Start a domain registrar company

Well, this is not recommended for newbies in online business.

If you have money and some technical skills, you can start a company to get people to find their online world and register domain names. For easy development, you can use Tucows, Godaddy or NameCheap for creating your own white label domain registrar.

68. Host forums for free

Hosting forums for free is another great way to make money online. Just go to SebFlipper and start hosting forums for free and show ads on all hosted forums to make money easily.

69. Sell web-hosting with low price plans

There are many web-developers are doing this work and making money. You can too. Just find a hosting reseller and signup for hosting reseller account. Now you can sell hosting to other webmasters for a low rate line.

70. Love MySpace?

Can you create awesome layouts for MySpace? Try creating hundreds and sell for getting some money. As this is a perfect job for a geek. It is an easy and quick job for homies.

71. Offer paid blog posts

You have a great blog?

Offer paid blog posts and update your blog with new content with earning money from the article provider as you are promoting a product online.

72. Test new websites for businesses and startups

As you can see many startups and new businesses got fame in no time and before getting fame they do check their websites for problems. Do this for newly designed websites and provide a report by putting high traffic pressure and hacking attacks, so the owners know how they can improve their websites.

73. Customize an app or website

Yeah! People pay for customizing their apps and websites too. Just make a gig and customize the layout, edit the buttons, rearrange items and do it as the owner suggest you. Charge a fee for customizing any corner of the app or websites.

74. Love searching?

Do search your favorite things online and get paid for it. There are many websites and brand new search engines available for this job. As they grow their business and you earn money searching.

75. Own a web-server?

Offer offsite backups in cheap prices and backup other websites on a weekly basis and charge a flat price for monthly to yearly usage. It can be a big business online.

P3. Extra ways to earn money online from home

You are at 3rd part of this article. Here you will found more interesting and awesome ways to earn extra money working from home. Look down for more:

76. Resell SSL certificates

SSL certified websites can get one +point in Google serps and SSL certificate is something every new company wants to buy. If you can target right company or right webmasters then you can make money reselling SSL certificates.

77. Create covers for different mediums

If you are good at designing something on your computer, then try to make some covers for Twitter and Facebook pages. Also, you can design eBook covers. People pay for this type of job.

78. Offer site/blog reviews on your blog

Create a page and type information with stats of your blog. In the end, offer paid website/blog reviews to other webmasters. They will pay you for reviewing their sites on your blog.

79. Make use of PTS (pay to surf) programs

Like every day a new company born with many websites. Many of them offer money for surfing their websites and sharing with others. Find them and earn money surfing.

80. Use your email contacts

You have many contacts at your email box? make use of them and send special offers to your contacts with a referral link of yours and if they buy something from that link, you will get money in your refer to earn account.

81. Get your friends happiness and earn money

Have so many friends and family members? Can't remember the birthdays and other days? A tool is available for automating this job and while you automate this you will earn on leads.

Visit SendOutCards for more information.

82. Create a job board online

Job boards can do wonders if you create them for just one topic. Choose one topic such as Army officers and ask others to submit their CVs and ask authorities to post jobs at your online job board for free. Earn money showing ads and selling eBooks.

83. Install CMS to a hosting package

Many newbies bought hosting packages even their own servers. Still, they can't install a CMS to create some websites. Help them and install CMSs for them. Charge your fee for doing this job.

84. Sell courses and instructional videos

Create some courses and instructional video series for any topic you are good at. Copy them into a USB drive or DVD and sell it to others.

85. Try telemarketing

It's simple, you can start this business just by having a mobile and internet connection :)

86. Make next AliBaba.com

Do hard work and try to create next Alibaba with great options and only legitimate dealers with great users interface. Offer paid accounts for dealers so you can get legitimate dealers and money too.

87. Can't make Alibaba like a website?

Don't worry you can take others' hard work like yours. Join any website offering these facilities to you, open a virtual stores using Art.com and other websites.

88. Create PHP tools

If you are good in coding using language PHP, then try to create outstanding web-tools and sell them to other needy webmasters.

89. Join contests and win prizes

If you have time then join some contests and win prizes. I hope you will earn money by entering local and online contests for free.

90. Give freebies to others

Make a blog for freebies and join other websites that launch freebies on a weekly or monthly basis. Update your blog daily with great freebies and make money showing ads and doing affiliate marketing.

91. Make use of social bookmarking websites

Have great profiles at social media networks? Do share random links and post from other blogs and you will see people ask you for sharing their works. Charge them for sharing their articles on your social media profiles.

92. Create mosaics

Create mosaics from your friend's photos and show them as portfolios on your photography blog. Add a service on your blog titled as "create mosaics of yourself" and charge a fee for creating one to more mosaics from client's photos.

93. Love Photoshop?

Make lovely brushes and filters for Photoshop and make handsome income. Believe me its a good job and you can make a lot of money from it.

94. Design apparels

It's a very easy and great job. You can design T-shirts from online tools and after you can sell the designs to other fashion designers and store owners.

95. Create WordPress plugins

You can see there are many plugins available for WP free and paid too.

If you can code then create a great plugin for something you can imagine and make a free version with paid too. Add rare features in the free version and add pro features in the paid version.

96. Help recruiters and make money

Find online companies and ask them for referral bounces.

Refer intelligent people to that company and get a bounce as cash in your bank account.

97. Help startups get more exposure

Make a team of at least 30 people and find startups such as a new community forum for a cause and tell them that you can give them 30+ active members in one day.

They will pay you even for one active member and what you have to do is just ask your team to create accounts and start posting updates.

98. Be a paid guest poster

You know guest posting is a great way to get more readers to your blog and to increase your authority.

But the game not ends here, you can make money posting guest articles to many great websites. You can make up to $500 or even more per post.

99. Create a next-level internet browser


If you are great at developing great software/s for computers and smartphones then try to create a great internet browser and make money by adding a donations button or you can get funds from other top earners who you can inspire with your work.

100. Create an ad-network

Love Google adsense? Create the next level of this service on your own shoulders and take some dollars. There are many open-source scripts available for creating an ad-network. You just have to create it differently and invite major website/blog owners to use for getting advertisers :)

101. Link others website/blogs to major networks

The Backlinks!!

Yes! You can make money providing backlinks to newly designed blogs/websites.

People pay for high quality and high-PR backlinks. Just provide real and quality backlinks and change your strategy every time you do backlink for a new client.

It will give your service buyers a reason to look at you for next time.

Final words from my side:

Internet and making money online from home never ends here.

You can explore more for getting more suggestions and extra methods to earn money online.

If you have some great ways in your mind (those were not listed above) then please comment them in the comments form below. So we can chat and explore more :)

Thanks for giving me your precious time to read this article.