How to Find LSI Keywords?

Are you a blogger finding ways to get more traffic from Google search? Have a blog and searching for content ideas?

Probably you have some words which you can utilize for creating new blog posts for your blog. If you have some random words, here I will tell you how to use them for getting higher rankings and new content ideas to work on.

How to Find LSI Keywords?

Here's the option for you to take advantage in creating new content along higher rankings of your blog posts.

Let's know how we can dominate our competitors with LSI keywords and phrases.

What is LSI?

LSI is abbreviation of Latent Semantic Indexing.
Definition: LSI keywords or phrases used for creating relative and equal meaning but different words to add in articles for higher rankings and targeted audience.
Don't know? What does LSI keywords can do? Read more and learn more.
  1. You can write more and have more content ideas
  2. You can rank your blog posts easily
  3. You can have many headings for your ultimate guide type of blog posts
  4. You can know your reader's minds more effectively
  5. You can increase CTR (click through rate) of your blog post in SERPS
In blogging: It is something we can call words and their relatives. Which means alternate and related words to your main keyword. By using them we can easily generate organic traffic to our blogs.

For example:
Your main (longtail) keyword is "How to Find LSI Keywords?"
Here's an answer using LSI rule in SERPS:
  • Where to find LSI keywords
  • How we can find LSI keyords
  • Can I search LSI keywords
And many other,

When you search for your main keyword or a phrase the search engine will explore it more and find most relative page to show in search results.

Take another example:

If you want to search "images for newyear 2024" check what Google and other search engines will show you:
  • Photos for NY 2024
  • Wallpapers for newyear 2024
  • Images for 2024 night
And so on,

I think you got the point and real meanings of LSI for blogging success.

How to Find LSI Keywords with easy steps

Its all about searching related keywords to your main keyword.

Using some online tools we can search them easily, let's read how we can use Google to search LSI keywords easily and perfectly.

See the screenshot of Google instant search function (auto complete):
instant search results for paleo
I search for term "paleo" and got these instant results.

We can call them LSI keywords which searchers type frequently after PALEO. Take note of all that keywords and do the next step.

Here's another screen shot of Google serp for "paleo"
screen shot of Google serp for "paleo"
Its another good function in provided by Google.

For many one or two words even some phrases you will see this type of box saying "People also ask" with related (LSI) keywords and longtail phrases which other searchers type while searching the main topic.

Now we have many searching terms to write on and add them in our new blog posts.

If it can't work for you or you want more information, then you can use some LSI keywords finding tools online. For a best and top list of LSI keyword

Best Tools to find LSI keywords

Check this list and embark your journey to increase your organic traffic up to 100x or even more.

1. LSI Graph

LSI graph is designed for you to find high-quality LSI keywords instantly for your main searched keyword.

Anyone can use this SEO tool for free without any limits.

What you have to do is > type your main keyword and solve the captcha you will see the results without waiting.

See what I got for searching "pool" in LSIgraph tool:
searching "pool" in LSIgraph tool
You can see there a scroll bar.

It is a perfect, amazing and free LSI keywords research tool available to use online.

2. Seobility’s Keyword Research Tool

Seobility provides another great free keyword research tool that lets you search for keywords related to your main keyword:

Seobility’s Keyword Research Tool

Compared to other free tools, it provides a lot of additional data about each keyword, such as search volume, competition, cpc, and you can even take a look at the current top 10 for each keyword.

It also has a competitor analysis feature so you can find out which keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Overall, this tool offers a lot of value for a free tool!

3. UberSuggest

It is a great and all-in-one LSI research tool.

Check what features you can use for free:
  • Country specific search
  • Images, News, Video and web search
  • Multilingual tool
  • Filter keywords, download or see as text
This is what I get after searching "love" in UberSuggest search bar (see the below screenshot):
searching "love" in UberSuggest
You can scroll down your browser's tab for more related keywords.

It is a free of cost and feature rich tool to find related keyword phrases to your main keyword.

Other great tools to try:

There are many other tools for doing this, you can check this list by reading below.
  1. Keyword Tool
  2. Niche Laboratory
  3. The SEO Tools
  4. Ultimate Keyword Hunter
  5. Google Trends
  6. Keyword Shitter
Well, that's enough for now.

I will describe this thing more in coming days. Wait and comment for more awesome stuff.