How to Make Money at Music Festivals

Making money at music festivals is not a common thing for now as everybody knows that they can start making money at music festivals by having a stall installed at the spot of events.

However, there is a lot more to consider when you want to earn money at music festivals and I am going to show you every way of earning money with music festivals.

As I have seen many guides on this topic and they are not experienced in this industry but still guiding people on it, so for that I've researched this topic and found that one of my class fellows is doing the same business.
How to Make Money at Music Festivals - Without Selling Tickets in Black

So I investigated everything about making money by doing extra things in music festivals and found some of the best ways which we can utilize and start making money.

So read the ways how you can easily earn money at music festivals:

1. Put on Rent your Parking Space

For every festival, we have to park our vehicles (bikes and cars) and for that, we all want to research a low-cost parking spot the best part of this is that many smart people can earn big bucks with this need.

Make sure you have land of at least 1 canal to put on rent as we should park at least 3/4 cars in that spot so that we can easily park 20 or 30 more cars and bikes for a fixed rate per hour or per parking.

I have seen people doing this business and earning very well even though some of them are successful in putting their free land on rent and earning a living hood.

All you have to do is just make sure you have prepared the parking idea before the music festival or other events, as people will not wait for your preparation.

Also, create some notes for yourself and create some tokens for drivers (you can create tokens with ordinary hard pages) and put the Registration Number on the token with a price tag.

One more thing, don't be tricked and get money of a token fee when someone is going to park his car or bike. Don't offer them full security, just tell them that nobody can drive a vehicle without giving us the token back.

2. Be a Baby or Pet Sitter

Being a babysitter or pet sitter is not as easy task to do as you are thinking right now but when someone needs these services on urgent basis, he/she will defiantly pay you more price for your services and you can charge per hour.

When it comes to sudden music festivals or traditional ones with big stars coming there than you maybe contacted to have some pet in your custody or babies to take care of them.

I have researched on some websites and found that people are really active to give these services in emergency and normal days and the best part is USA and UAE is the biggest market for these services so the plus point is for English-speaking people who can talk with everyone.

Also before proceeding with this job, make sure you have knowledge about different pets and know how to pamper a baby and take care of him.

There are so many short books on these topics available on internet to help you gain knowledge about babysitting and pet sitting in less time.

3. Make Use of Extra Rooms

If you are living near a beach or the location on many events are happening and if there is also a music festival going to happen than make sure you have some rooms to put on rent.

Its good if you have your own home in the nearest location to the musical festival so people will turn to you in first moments and you can charge them highly priced rates per room or per person in one room.

As we can easily rent one room for such events to 10 people at ones and nobody will blame us for that, because everybody in that situation want a place to take asleep and or just fall for some hours and than go out.

You can set the rate according to the needs of people and also when you will rent out a room you can offer them paid coffee and food too.

There are so many websites available for this purpose that can turn you into a best host at your location. You just have to post your room images and the facilities paying guest will get and you will start receiving some requests.

4. Pickup

The best and fun way to earn money at music festivals is to pickup the people and drop them on the place of that event so they will be happy and pay you.

For this you just have to know the dates of music festivals and upload your data in apps like Uber and Lyft or other apps which are giving taxi services online to many people.

Especially in UK and USA everybody tries these apps for such travel and they pay online so you don't have to worry about the rates or payments.

Also, if you don't want to use mobile apps than go to the nearest Railway station or Airport and hand a board with text of the music festival title and write that pick and drop is available.

No doubts that you will get some special riders and they will pay you to take them where the festival is going to happen.

5. Discover

Discover if you can work in that music festival and help the organizers to have a wonderful and still get paid.

This is simple, all you have to do is just take a round around your home or office and take notes of how many music festivals had happened in the last year or month and get the contact numbers of the event organizers.

Now call them and say that you are all set to help them with their next event and tell them what you can do like:
  • Pick and drop
  • Renting rooms
  • Parking spots
  • Cooking or food
  • Word of mouth
Yes, I have heard that some event organizers pay people to increase awareness about their events with the power of "word of mouth" and they are successful.

These are my suggestions and if you can do other things then tell them so chances are you will be in their team members and get a fixed payment.

If you need any other information regarding how to make money at music festivals without selling tickets in black then comment your questions right below.