4 Different Learning Styles: How Do They Work?

Are you wanting to become a personal trainer? One of the first and most important steps in doing this is to pass all the necessary exams that you will need to take. These exams will prove that you have what it takes when it comes to being a physical trainer – from exercises to nutrition and human anatomy. 

4 Different Learning Styles: How Do They Work?

But did you know that everyone has a different learning style? This means that while the end result of learning certain information is the same, the method to doing so really varies quite extensively.

That means that when you purchase your cscs study guide, you should approach learning it in the various learning styles that best make sense to you and support your personality, brain composition and motivations.

But how do you know what learning style you are? And how do you know how to implement a learning style technique properly?

We have rounded up the various learning styles and broken down all you need to know about each. From here, you can take what makes sense for you and implement it into your cscs exam or any other exams you may be prepping for.

1. Visual Learning Style

This learning style means that you simply learn best by seeing information in a visual way. This can involve a graphic representation of the information like charts, diagrams or imagery. In fact, visual learners often remember information best when the various graphic representations are presented in a hierarchy of what is most important too.

If you think that you are a visual learner, then you should go through your cscs study guide while equally taking notes on a smartboard or notebook. Draw symbols or other visual cues that help bring that various information to life. Shapes are a big one for visual learners. So you can equally mark up your study guide with various shapes as well so that you can connect this to the information you are reading and absorbing.

2. Auditory Learning Style

This learning style means that you remember information best when listening to the information out loud. Whether you are on your own or in a group setting, speaking and hearing information out loud best helps you absorb and remember what you are studying.

So when you go through your cscs study guide, try to learn the material by actually reading it out loud to yourself or to someone else. Or, you can have a study partner read the information to you. Talking about the information in this context also helps spark a further conversation, where you can have a more in-depth conversation about the topic and a higher chance or remembering it and it making sense.

3. Writing Learning Style

This learning style supports those who need to read and then re-write the information they are trying to make sense of. This means that practical study items such as various worksheets or notebooks will help this type of learner the most.

The cscs study guide provides lots of example problems and room for notes so that those who learn best through writing can jot down what they need. Often, those who learn best from the writing learning style also benefit from making their own version of a study guide or note cards to flip through later on.

4. Kinesthetic Learning Style

This learning style takes a much more active approach to study. These types of learners tend to learn best when they have hands-on and practical experience with the information. So rather than sitting still trying to learn, they need to do what they are being taught and have muscle memory equally supporting the process.

With the cscs study guide, you can apply a kinesthetic learning style by actually running through the physical motions of what you are being taught – on either yourself or a study partner. With learning to be a personal trainer, this learning style makes a lot of sense as the majority of what you are learning needs to be applied physically anyway.

Which One is Best?

So, is there one learning style that is more successful than others? It is a hard question to ask, as it really varies from person to person.

But in general, there are many different techniques to studying for your cscs exam or any other exam you are studying for. From using visual techniques to kinesthetic techniques, there is no wrong way to approach it. In fact, maybe you will find that a combination of various learning techniques is what works best for you.

The important factor in studying is to get the best cscs study guide possible. That way you have all the correct information to reference. Then how you decide to remember it is really up to you.

With four great learning styles to try out, what one will you use first?