How to Write the Perfect Blog Post: Complete Guide

Ever wondered that how some blog posts from ordinary people or newbie bloggers go viral? or thought about what it takes make a blog post viral?

If you have doubts and questions like this than I am here with a solid and to the point topic which will lead you to learn how to write a perfect blog post and get huge traffic with complete guide of the steps I myself follow for creating blog posts on my blogs.

However, since this blog ( is serving to many bloggers and digital marketers for expanding their knowledge I will provide only working tips here so they will convert for you and plus this I am an experienced blogger and I know what it takes to write the perfect blog post in terms of SEO benefits and business.

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post: Complete Guide
I don't want to give you tips like Ok let's do it or we are going to make your blog post SEO-friendly and like that. I will describe only tested ways which I follow for creating every new blog posts and these are the simplest ways for creating next viral blog post on your blog.

So go ahead and read the complete guide on how to write the perfect blog post:

1. Brainstorm

Brainstorming technique is a simple technique now and many bloggers are doing it, but I think of you are not doing it Like me than you are doing it wrong.

The real way to brainstorm for getting ideas to publish blog posts on is to know what others are doing and on which topic they are focusing?

Its not like you have to visit your competitor' blog and know the top blog posts and start writing about them. We have to research and research will give us a lot of new ideas and topics on relative topics people will love to read about our selected niche.

So, first of all we have to know in what type of niche we are blogging?

Plus there are some article and blog post types we can write on for every niche, for an example:
  • Listicles (articles with a list like top 10 things and more)
  • Latest updates (news or happenings which is common in every industry)
  • Do's and Don'ts (we can write this type of guides on every niche)
I think there is no more gap to fill for knowing the content type we should publish on weekly or daily basis to engage more readers and make them loyal.

Now pick on word like I start to research on Content Marketing Ideas and here's what I got in Google search result page:
content marketing ideas to steal
What you got from this search page?

Well here's what I think I should write about for this keyword "Content Marketing Ideas":
  • People are searching Content Marketing Ideas and when it comes to Stealing ideas, everybody loves to read how they can steal ideas and this is how top ranking blog posts are using Stealing/Steal words in the title which attracts the Google searcher.
So I will make a title like "Top 10 Content Marketing Ideas to Steal from Professionals" this will make sense and people will read it to know how they can steal ideas of professionals in their industry and lead it.

You can do the same thing, just a little brainstorming will give you tons of ideas.

2. Be Inspired

As I have mentioned, after knowing what topic you are going to write about you have to research and than you have to create an out standing headline which should include the main keyword and appeal the Google searcher to click on your blog post link.

For that purpose inspiration will help you and it will also help your in writing perfect blog post. But the question is how to be inspired for writing a perfect blog post?

Simple, just read that top 10 articles from Google search page as you have searched in first step and read or just scan their heading and note down what they are talking about.

Now, after noting the main topics in every article read them and make your own list of perfect headings.

In this step 50% of the work for writing a perfect blog post is done and we can navigate to the next step.

3. Introduction

We have to start our perfect article from at least any word and that word can be Hello, Hi or I am back and so on, but when we are talking about the perfect blog post - it should start differently to make sense of quality.

Just take an example from this blog post you are reading now, how it has started?

Yeah, you are right - I have started this blog post with a question and that is why you are still reading it to know what is the answer.

This is how you have to engage your readers with your content in first 3 seconds as if you are failed to convince your blog post reader in first 3 seconds of when he/she starts to read your blog than you see a higher bounce rate and decrease in traffic low visitor stay score.

Another thing is to know how much your introduction should be in length and what to write in the perfect blog post' introduction? here's all:
  • Write in-complete information and blow the reader's mind with questions
  • Stick to 100 (minimum) and 400 (maximum) words
This is a simple rule to make your readers think that your blog post is in quality and perfect for the topic.

4. Featured Image

Adding an image or featured image will lead your blog post to the next level and I know every one month old blogger got to know that adding an image is necessary in blog posts as very often people pay more attention to blog post images rather than the text.

Featured image also increases your chances of getting your content share over the social media platforms and from there you will also get a lot of traffic.

Just make sure the image you are going to upload for featuring as main photo of your blog post should be clear and relative to the topic.

You can also add some text on the image and if you are going to upload any random image than make sure that you are giving the proper source credit to the page you have downloaded the image from.

Featured image should attract people to your blog post.

5. Add Charts

People want real information and when it comes to displaying the surveyed data and other information in numbers or studies from other companies or researchers than the charts makes sense.

Not just charts will increase the stay time also they will encourage your readers to share your content over the internet or even link back to you.

If you can use Microsoft Paint or Photoshop than don't hesitate to create your own charts and display data from an original case study (don't forget to give credits).

Another way of displaying data in charts is:
  • Google your keyword with chart (Data Entry Information Chart) and you will be shown hundreds of data charts with information on data entry.
This is how many digital marketers and professional bloggers are getting different types of charts to add into their blog posts and make more and more perfect blog posts on daily basis.

6. Conclusion

Last and maybe least.

Why maybe least? because many type of blog posts don't need to have conclusions and some of them have to be ended with a question not the conclusion.

If you are writing a guide than make sure you are giving enough information on the selected topic so that you can publish the blog post without writing conclusion.

However I recommend you to finish every blog post with a question and ask people what they want and also do leave something in the guide so that people will ask you and comment to know more.

This will start conversations on your blog posts and its another thing of showing how perfect your blog post is and also boost traffic.

If you are still in doubt on How to Write the Perfect Blog Post and if you are not satisfied with this Complete Guide than write your questions below and I will help you more.