How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog to Make Extra Money

Hello, dear blogger, I know that you are new to guest posts, paid articles, or as we say it: sponsoring content for blogs and wanted to know how exactly you can start making extra money by getting some sponsors and sponsored articles or deals for your blog where you get free content to publish and then get paid for publishing it on your blog (a perfect way of updating your blog and earning on it).

That's all how you are here and I am going to reveal my own experienced methods and ways of getting sponsors for the blogs to make extra money while giving the best services for the companies and those seeking one link or mention on your blog.

One of the best things in this topic is we don't have to get high traffic or a specific account and there is no need for hiring a team of employees to do this job, only one person can easily manage sponsorships on the blog.
How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog to Make Extra Money

The main thing is to make your blog the authority blog in your niche/industry/topic and stick to your quality and standards in publishing new content.

As you can see we started to help newbie bloggers get the best tips for getting more money and putting there blogs in front of real people with a focus on quality and earning for long terms and we are committed to it by daily to weekly publishing on relative topics to blogging, make money and so on.

This is our main reason how we are getting big companies to sponsor content on our blog and let there websites perform well in search engines as they are linked to highly trusted blog (AllBlogThings).

As we always do our best to teach newbie bloggers, today I am here to provide you exact tips which I use to spread my blog within the best audience and give them the quality they want and services while I am earning and gaining more authority with money of-course.
NOTE: We love our Sponsors and we give them What they Want.
Now start your journey to getting your first sponsor of your new blog and do what I am doing for this purpose by reading the list of tips right below:

1. Be Brave

Yes, when you are going to start the sponsorship program on your blog and want to run it for your life time than being brave and healthy while writing blog posts will lead you to get what sponsors and advertisers wants to see in a blog for paid opportunities.

I have seen so many bloggers and content marketers who are not brave enough to tell their new coming sponsors what they are providing and what they will charge for one sponsored link or blog post, and this makes them to loss the money and authority too.

Money aside, learn what you have to do for getting more new sponsors and getting more advertisers on your blog who will offer you their services and pay you to give them a link or publish their blog post or a review.

Make sure what you are posting is unique enough and not copied from any other resource (relative blogs).

2. Make Authority in Your Niche

Blogging niche is one of the main things to consider before starting any new blog and when you have decided in what niche you will blog than stick to it.

No doubts that you will see other bloggers are doing multi-niche blogging and they are earning more money via Google adsense than you are, but learn that the best and easiest way to earn money on blogs is getting paid reviews and sponsors.

Not just extra money, you will earn big money when you are right at your path and being authority blog in your selected blogging niche.

Just see what we are at, my blog is doing well in blogging, seo, make money online, content marketing and digital marketing niches, as I am focusing on it and telling others that we focus on these topics as being in this industry I get requests from many companies for sponsored articles and other offers.


Because I am sticking to just one type of niche which is all about online earnings and internet businesses.

What type of sponsors we are getting nowadays?
  • Paid blog posts (with link)
  • Quick mentions
  • Brand mentions in our blog posts
  • Paid reviews
Why they pay us?

Because they get what they are looking for, as we are focusing on the real audience and targeted audience, our readers convert well and they act in real time.

Plus, when some company will have a link on our website they will rank better in Google as AllBlogThings is a authority blog not just starter.

3. Create A Way to Contact

Not last and not Least, many bloggers just installs a contact us page on their blogs and forgets it.

What happens next is they don't receive any contact emails as they have not added required information in contact form settings.

I prefer not to install any contact form in your blog and rather than create your official email address with Google mail or using your custom domain than ask your sponsors to contact you via email so this will be easy for you and them.

I am also using email way of contacting with my clients and they are happy with it as we can easily communicate and its safe too.

4. Give them What they Want

Yes, I do give them what my sponsors and clients ask from me as a favor or a service.

Many of my sponsors have suggested me many different ways of giving them what they are in need and I have done that for them and they are happy.

The main purpose of getting sponsors on your blog for earning more money is to give them the quality of work and make sure they will get highest return on investment (ROI) as they are giving you their money not just to get their name on your blog posts but get more customers and other things.

AllBlogThings is getting better now and we are healing our blog with latest changes to comply with needs of our advertisers so they can get more customers.

This is a short description of our sponsorship program and offers, if you want more information than please comment below.