How to Attract Customers to Your Shop - 5 Tips for Foot Traffic

Managing are opening an offline shop is easy when we have experience or money to spend on employment for workers and shop keepers. But when it comes to starting an offline business (a shop of something) when we are alone is the back pain.

As you know how much back pain hurts, I would prefer to write about the tips first but before that I also wants to tell you some basics.

There are so many articles written on this topic already and many of them are appealing to the people like you and to whom wants to start a new shop and bring new customers or you can say the very first customer.
How to Attract Customers to Your Shop - 5 Tips for Foot Traffic

As first impression is the last impression I will count on it and try my best to bring some amazing ideas here (I also have experience in offline shop keeping).

Let's get it started by getting more customers to your offline shop:

1. Know Your Competitors

Probably the very first thing before even launching your offline shop is to know your competition and know it very well.

For example: You are going to start a shop about potato chips and thinking about where to start it or how to get more customers to your shop?

Just go out in a market near your home and see what people are already offering in the market and how much shops are there for the buying or eating potato chips.

When you can notice all of these points, you can easily have an idea about your competition and with that idea you can note down things like:
  • How many shops I have to compete with
  • How many shops are performing better in terms of customer coming to them
  • How many shops are providing quality food (potato chips)
We can also do ask them that what they think about new shops being opened for the same thing in the same market and they'll defiantly say that don't open shops like this.

Yeah, when they say don't open - note that you could get the golden chance on your foots for opening an offline shop.

2. Spy on Them

After getting a chit of your competitors and list of the shops to whom you will be a competition the main part of this business idea is to know what they are doing and how they are doing it.

The easiest way to know everything about them you have to spy on that shops and know there:
  • Methods of cooking and baking
  • Note how much workers are in the shops
  • How they manage to get bills from the customers and how they package the food
  • What people (foot traffic or customers) ask them for
  • What customers do when they are busy in cooking more potatoes and customer have to wait
These are some basic things which we should keep in mind when going to that shops and spying on them.

Also, do act like a busy and angry customer to see what they do and how each of that shop keepers and workers re-act to the customers in real time so you can easily attract customers to your shop.

3. Decide What to Offer

Now after having the solid knowledge about everything relating to your offline business and when you are aware of how top performers are doing best in the market, you can easily decide what you have to offer and what you should offer to customers for getting them to you faster than your competition.

As you have the data about what people ask and what type of potatoes are being eaten in the market at different shops or what customers want as a package, note all of them and short best items with a new list.

Now create a chart of different potato chips like:
  • Finger potato chips
  • Round potato chips
  • Salted potato chips
  • Crispy potato chips
  • Gram Floured potato chips
  • On demand
Probably, nobody in the market will offer such varieties and if they are than make more varieties and add more spices or styles so customers will attract to your shop.

You may noticed that I have added an offer like On Demand Potato Ships. If you can offer this to your customer than they will defiantly gets interested in your shop and some of them will defiantly try tour shop to know what you really do with on demand chips.

So be creative and ask your customer what type, style and taste he/she wants in the chips and give the same thing so you will get a loyal customer who will refer others to your offline shop.

4. Hold Discounts

Holding some discounts on different occasions and events every shop owner can easily bring new and more customers.

So try to give some big discounts on days like valentines day, rose day, parents day, friends day and other special events which you thinks are famous in your area.

Also, when we talk about discounts, they should be discounts not like 1% off - customer wants 50% to 75% off.

5. Give Gifts

Oh, the last but not least.

What will happen when you are giving more varieties, discounts and than gits to your new customers at your offline shop?

Defiantly you will win the hearts of your customers and they will refer their friends, family members and followers to visit your shop for getting what they are looking for as you have everything related to their buying needs.

If you need more information and tips, you can comment below and I am ready to give you personal tips and write more about this topic.