Top 10 No-Cost Ways To Get Backlinks For Boosting Your Website's Ranking

No doubts that getting backlinks is just to get a boost for rankings of our web-pages and we all want to rank the website or blog on the highest spot of Google search result page.

Here I am going to present to you a list of Best and Top 10 No-Cost Ways To Get Backlinks For Boosting Your Website's Ranking on Google with this 2000+ words guide and this will not just make you read another article, but you will really feel growing traffic on your website and blog.

Why I call these ways NO-COST?

Simple answer is: These are the ways for which you don't need to pay a penny and they will work for you on a long time basis.
Top 10 No-Cost Ways To Get Backlinks For Boosting Your Website's Ranking

Still have doubt?

So don't think about anything and just do the search engine optimization the right way (white hat) by reading below:

1. Outreach

Bloggers outreach and influencers outreach is different thing, here I am not talking about that type of outreach in which you have to create relationships with other fellow bloggers and online workers so they will someday give you some favor or a backlink.

Ouch, a long journey. By my technique you will get the backlink in the most easiest way and those links will be from authority blogs or site.

The SEO Outreach Technique:
  • After publishing an article (you must link to some resources) make a note of those you have linked to
  • Now go and check their Contact Us pages or social profiles
  • Share your article with them on social media profiles and also tell them that you have linked them in the article by their contact us page
  • They will see your article and share on their social media profiles with mention of your site
  • Also some of them will link back to you
This way, you can easily create thousands of backlinks in a month or two.

Its a tested way of creating backlinks without paying a penny and wasting your time. Brands loves the mentions on blog posts and they often share blog posts of others mentioning them in a good way.

In simple words, just link to some authority blogs in your blog posts and let them know that you are linking to them.

2. Authentic Comments

Leaving comments on other blogs and websites or forums is the easiest thing on the internet and when it comes to link building we can do it for free and on daily basis without worrying about anything.

However, nowadays more and more bloggers have installed and installing some third-party commenting systems and built-in spam detectors which can lead our comments to stay at their spam folders for a long time and got deleted.

Still, many bloggers are not aware of these plugins and they are unable to fight with spam in the comments.

But here I am going to show you the way how you can leave comments and get backlinks the right way without being stucked in the spam folders.

The SEO Comments Technique:
  • Comment on relative niche blogs and don't forget this line
  • Don't use fake names and fake email addresses
  • Don't use your website's name in the comment User name section
  • Leaving comments with naked links is bad and with anchor links is spam
  • Try to evaluate the content of that blog post you are going to comment on in your comments
Try this comments template to make your comments look professional:
Hello there,

I liked the way you write blog posts, the main thing in this article is "Commenting Technique" and I am going to try it and recommend this page to my friends.

Also, can you tell me that how we can get a list of top blogs to comment on for best link juice?

 Umer Idrisi
I personally and usually leave comments on other blogs with this template and they always tend to accept my comments so that I can increase page rank of my blog.

Why they accept and what's the best thing in this commenting template?

The simple answer is: This template can easily tell the blog owner or comment moderator that commentator is leaving comment after reading the content of the blog post and also as this template will have a question, the author will love to answer it and approve the comment.

The best thing is you can leave 3/5 comments like this on one blog (different articles) and than if you leave a comment with a link back to your article "blog owner will defiantly accept it for you".

3. Guest Blogging

First of all, don't listen to those who says that guest blogging is dead - as they lie and they don't want you to survive.

Guest blogging is what you can consider on 3rd of your key notes to get some backlinks and that backlinks will be in high quality as you will get the 100% correctly.

So how we can get backlinks via guest posting?

Read the guest blogging backlinks Technique:
  • Find relevant niche blogs with high DA/PA and make a list
  • Find how to contact them and try to make sure that they are accepting guest posts
  • Mostly blogs accepting guest posts will have a write for us page, do read it
  • On that page you will get the way to contact the owner for guest posting and you can send the artilce
Don't give any pitch.

Just write an article in relevant topic to already covered topic on the selected blog and write it in-depth so owner or author will not reject it.

Add your blog's link in your bio and social media profile link under your name so that you can easily get the do-follow or maybe a no-follow backlink to your blog and social media profile which will lead you the authority over web.

4. Broken Links

The millions of web-pages are being created over the seconds on whole internet and many websites are trying different tactics to get links and also to give links.

You can try a manual process "Broken Link Hunting".

Yes, I call it Broken Link Hunting as I found this name is the exact meaning of what we have to do for getting backlinks using this simple yet most effective and playful technique.

So, how we can do it?

Broken link SEO technique:
  • Read blogs in your niche and find if there is a link of any other page and its broken
  • Use online tools to check broken links of other blog's pages
  • If you got success to find any broken link then do contact the author for placing your article's link (if you have a relevant article)
You can also use this tool to find broken links on any page.

It maybe a time consuming method, but still its free and cost you nothing to build high quality backlinks.

5. Do Interviews

Interviews makes sense and your reader will read them carefully to gain more knowledge in the selected niche.

Yes, we should be in our niche for selecting professionals for the interviews, as our readers wants to read about what they are already reading on our blogs.

For an example:
Nobody will read an interview of a Chef when he/she is reading a niche blog about Mortgage Loan.
Hope its clear now.

We should also start from interviewing the newbies at your industry and also don't forget your fellows when you are going to start weekly interview blog posts.

After getting 3/4 interviews you can ask a celebrity in your industry to talk with your readers and create a list of questions to ask him/her so that your readers will be benefited.

Give your time to questions and create them with love.

6. Publish Research Papers

Everybody loves too read about what is happening and what will happen.

There is something researchable in every niche online or offline and everybody can do a research, than why not you?

Just select a topic and do read about it from other blogs and also if you think its not clear then search on that particular blog and start collecting data.

If possible than do experiments and than create a case study (research paper) and publish in under your blog name with blog post option.

If you are best at researching and conducting experiments than you will see a little boost in your traffic and also you will start getting free of cost backlinks from other bloggers as whenever someone will mention your research they will link back to you.

7. Write Healthy Guides

Everyone nowadays is writing guides on just about everything and all of them do it in a wrong way.

Not all? than 90% of them mostly do it wrong.

Why we should give more time on writing a guide and spend our time on that article to know whether its helping our readers or not?

The main reason for every Google search is somebody is in need of something and he/she wants help of bloggers and website owners.

Now the turn is we have to give the right information for getting the trust of that reader.

The right information can be provided with healthy guides and not just text or quality images.

Try to handle every up and down in the selected topic and make a technique, now try that technique and if it was a success write an article with guide.

It will boost your trust rate and other bloggers will link to you.

8. Submit Reviews (testimonials)

There are so many products (new and old) available for every niche and all of them wants to be reviewed by bloggers.

Bloggers can't just make money reviewing products but there is another way to do reviews and in other words testimonials.

Here as we have to create backlinks and I am talking about reviews for backlinks the technique is simple:
  • Find new product launch pages and websites offering new services
  • Leave your reviews on their pages and if they are not seeking reviews you can send them via their contact us page
  • Visit different website's Facebook pages and leave reviews on their Fan pages with your website's link
They will defiantly mention yourself with links to your blog and if you are not sure about this method than try to check different websites with and at the end of every page leave your review.

This is the legitimate way of creating backlinks without paying a penny.

9. Make Relations

The best way to create backlinks is to create relations with other professional bloggers and newbies so they will ask for a little help and sometimes they'll even not ask for help and give you a link.

There is also a way for link exchange with your relationships.

As other bloggers need backlinks and you too, we can start exchanging backlinks or we can add their links in footer under the name of my friend's website and they will do the same.

Also, having relations with fellow bloggers will lead you to know their techniques of building relative and quality backlinks.

10. Listicles

Same link research paper, we can get free and automatic backlinks from many big websites creating listicles.

There are so many websites using this technique to gain lots of traffic and also the backlinks.

Simple SEO Listicles Technique:
  • Pick a Viral or Trendy topic
  • Write top 10 facts or figures or informative lines about that topic
  • Add relevant and awesome images
  • Make it eye-catchy and add spicy headlines
You can also do create a separate website for listicles but publishing them on your main blog will lead you to get more backlinks when other bloggers will talk about your list they will link back to you.

The final line is: Everybody loves to link to the highest quality content and we should create that highest quality content for getting no-cost backlinks to increase rankings of our website on Google.