50 Work From Home Jobs that Pay $20 Hourly to $1000 Monthly

Working from home is a wonderful thing for now and it's spreading all over the world that many companies are now turning their work online and getting people hired to do that on fixed per task or per hour payment plans. With flexible working hours and best pay and freedom from working in-office employees can earn $20 per hour to $1000 per month - That's the beauty of work from home jobs.

I have researched on many different websites and found these 50+ companies that pay $16 hourly or more to their virtual employees and they are legitimate so that you will be able to know how to make 1000 dollars in a day with the internet at your home. Even many users are saying that these companies are 100% legitimate for work-from-home online jobs.

So that's why I am updating you with these work at home jobs being provided by best companies in the world:
50 Work From Home Jobs that Pay $20 Hourly to $1000 Monthly

Online Search Evaluator Jobs

#1. If you are living in the United States, Canada, Norway, Brazil, Denmark, or Norway and want a work from home job, then you are going to earn $13 to $16 per hour doing the assessment of the search engines. The company called LeapForce always keeps on hiring independent contractors to evaluate search engines and pay them on weekly basis and by this, it's on the number one spot of our list of best platforms for knowing how to make money online faster and without investment. There is an exam that you have to pass before evaluating any search engine and getting paid at LeapForce.

#2. You can be a Linguist or Social Media Evaluator with Appen Butler Hill a company offering the latest online work from home jobs for many areas of the whole world. It's an international company and hire contractors for many social media evaluator jobs. You can receive the training and after completing it you will be able to earn $13 per hour.

Online Writing Jobs

#3. If you are an expert in writing metadata and tags or doing Search Engine Optimization from your home based office or at your bed then you are more than welcome to join Crawford Media Services which hires freelancers occasionally and pay up to $18 per hour or more depending on the task type.

#4. If you are good at writing Resumes, Editing or essay writing then CyberEdit, Inc. is a perfect online company that can offer you a best pay ranging from $15 to $39 per hour for tasks like resume writing, text editing, essay writing or technical writing.

Online Phone Work Jobs

#5. If you are residing in U.S. then here's a best telemarketing company hiring contract based telemarketers and paying up to $18 hourly. You can be the independent contractor and work for the company named Brighten Communications with the only requirement of landline phone which you have to use at your home for picking business calls which will enable you to work from home using your phone.

#6. American Express is a customer service agent hiring company for online work seekers and you can work for them as a work from a home customer service agent. From first day you will start earning $16 per hour and then you can reach to $28 hourly online work from home - you have to work at-least 40 hours in a week.

#7. Not just a fixed pay, you can get commissions too with NexRep a company hiring sales and customer service agents and giving you the freedom to work from home. You have to take inbound and outbound calls and you will get a payment per hour up to 25 dollars.

#8. If you love CRM or know it and want to work from home as a telemarketer or remote agent than Working Solution is a company for you which is hiring telemarketers, remote agents, CRM solution experts and they are giving free training to their successful agents/applicants so that they can work from any location. They pay per project and online work payment is up to $30 per hour.

#9. Home-based-work is incredible and here's a company called Neiman-Marcus (a customer service company) hiring employees from Dallas only. They are planning to have their service in other locations but for now their pay is $11 to $16 per hour.

#10. If you want to work more and don't want to limit your work from home job then here's a company hiring work at home customer service agents in the U.S. named Arise. They are flexible for time and schedules so you can work online as much as you want and get a payment ranging from $10 to $20 or more.

#11. If you have a web camera, high speed internet connection and a dedicated phone (landline) then you can work for big businesses like KFC, Pizza Hut and other Shopping networks. As Contract World is a best recruitment company for such businesses and they hire people for their services with a payment from $11 to $16 per hour.

#12. There are so many work-at-home jobs available online unless people apply for them and ACD Direct is an online call center company that hires customer service agents and pay them per minute or $18 per hour. This company works for non-profit organizations for answering pledge campaign calls.

#14. If you are an expert and experienced person in calling services then you are good to work with Blue Zebra Appointment which is a best option to work from home for USA and Canadian residents. With this work from home hiring service you can make up to $25 per hour easily.

#15. If you want to help patients and make them feel great and still work at home and get paid very well then Pleio is for you, they are hiring people for calling patients about their medications and paying $15 to $20 per hour.

Online Tutoring Jobs

#16. As you know that GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, and ACT, and other tests are now very famous and people are taking them to ensure their job. If you can teach people for these tests then you are perfect for Magoosh which is looking for online test preparation experts who can help students prepare for their test exams. All you have to have for qualifying for this online tutoring jobs is B.A or B.S degree and highest scores in the tests like SAT, GMAT and GRE. For regular days you will make up to $20 per hour and tutoring on weekends will make you $25 per hour working online at home.

#17. If you are best at tutoring online and want a big paycheck per month working on your own terms then here's a company called Chegg which is hiring online tutors and pay tutors $20 per hour but their top instructors are earning $1000 per month.

#18. Manhattan Prep is another online tutoring company offering work from home jobs and paying as much as $100 per hour, that's cool? join them now.

#19. With having different school topics and teaching students online with hiring online tutors to work at home and teach students InstaEdu is paying $20 per hour and paying out via PayPal. Tutors are free to give online classes to students using mediums like Video chat, Skype, Text messages or even with a whiteboard.

#20. You can also work at home as an educational subject matter expert and get paid from $20 to $30 per hour by A Pass Educational Group which is offering this online job. Tutor the People offers MCAT test prep, GRE test prep, CPA prep, and LSAT test prep. Tutors can meet with students online or in person. In addition to the one-on-one tutoring with the nation's highest-scoring tutors, TTP also includes application advising and strategy management with all of the study plans. The TTP admin team will work with you to refine your personal statement, resume, and all other facets of your application. This is free and included with the purchase of a tutoring plan. Questions? Email outreach@tutorthepeople.com for more information

Online Web Designing Jobs

#21. If you want to earn $5000 per month or $60K per annual by work at home job then Github is for you, as this great software company known to many online workers hire developers and other experts and offer them to work remotely and get paid for their work in big bucks. Alternatively, you can find more coding jobs at: DevITjobs.

#22. If you are good at coding and want to work from home and get paid well then Art Logic is for you, as they pay $20 per hour to system developers and they post online job vacancies on an occasional basis.

#23. If you fall in JavaScript engineers, web developers, project managers, or software engineers categories then SitePen is hiring them and you can be the one to earn $20 per hour or in other words $80K annually. All you have to do is coding and you can do this great online job at home.

#24. There is a web development company called 10UP which seasonally hires web designers and developers and pays a salary of up to $20 per hour or on monthly basis, depending on the work they do.

Online Transcription Jobs

#25. If you can work as Medical Billers and Transcriptionist then you can make $16 per hour with SpectraMedi. All you have to have is an internet connection and a relative certificate to be able to apply for the job. You can choose a part-time or full-time job option and work from home.

#26. There are some online services like TranscribeMe which is offering up to $20 per hour for transcription of audio and they work with hired individuals when they have projects to fulfill. You have to pass a small test of short transcription so that you will be shortlisted for the projects and get paid on weekly basis via PayPal.

#27. Only 5 hours a week work online and you will start making $16 per hour, you can work for more hours with Time Etc. which is hiring virtual assistants to work at home and earn online by doing small transcription tasks.

#28. If you want your own terms for working or not working than Rev is for you, as with rev you can set your own working hours are re-set them and work from home on your own selected hours still getting paid $24 to $39 per hour and getting paid on weekly basis via PayPal. You have to give a skill test before getting transcription assignments.

#29. If you want to get your work easily done and have a great online job as a transcriptionist than 3 Play Media is the online company which is offering home-based transcriptionist the tasks to transcribe audio files and they allow you to use transcription software like foot pedal and pay up to $25 per hour.

#30. Quicktate is one of the good companies online hiring newbies and you can be their perfect transcriptionist by passing a small skill test and then get paid a few cents per few words of transcription than you will receive your earned dollars via PayPal on weekly basis.

Online Translation Jobs

#31. If you are in U.S. and best at translating then Language Service Associates is the best fit for you to earn $20 per hour translating for U.S jurisdiction. They hire interpreters and translators and pay them wisely when they are working at home.

#32. Not just American English, you have to be fluent in some other languages and after that, you can get hired by Rosetta Stone a language and translation online company hiring language coaches and paying up to $17 per hour. An article from translation company Tomedes says that one way on how to get translation jobs without experience is to work with a translation agency as they get a large volume of job requests from various clients which would guarantee its translators a lot of opportunities for work. 

Online Virtual Assistant Jobs

#33. With a minimum working limit of 20 hours a week Worldwide 101 hires virtual assistants to do small tasks and pay $20 per hour. They hire virtual assistants on contract basis.

#34. If you know something about real estate business online then ShowMojo is here to hire you as a sales manager, call center manager and automation expert, or other position and pay up to $20 per hour when you are working online at home. Showmojo is providing solutions to homeowners and they need workforce for scheduling and taking care of rentals.

#35. Virtual Office Temps is available to many virtual assistants and they hire them for doing small to large tasks and pay $10 to $35 depending on the task you do. You can be in their clerical support, administration, management and sales support team and work from home.

Online Proofreading and Editing Jobs

#36. Get hired and be in the team of editors, book jacket designers, and proofreaders at Book in a Box and get paid up to $20 per hour. They occasionally hire proofreaders and editors so be there to check if there are some openings for virtual assistant to do proofreading or editing jobs.

#37. An estimated earning of $20 per hour you can keep an eye on American Journal Experts as they occasionally hires remote translators and editors to do some tasks working at home.

Online Website Testing Jobs

#38. User Testing is a service offering paid website visits to the testers. Yes, you can get paid to visit websites and give honest feedback on how the website works and how it should be corrected. Before testing websites you have to pass a sample website test and than you will start earning $10 per 20 minutes of testing a website which converts to $30 per hour.

#39. There is another great service called Testing Time and its global for testing out the online services, they ask you to test different websites and online services and pay you $50 per study made by you with a minimum 90 minutes of work you can get weekly payments.

Online Medical Jobs

#40. Precyse is an online work from home opportunities company giving you the best rate of your per hour work ranging from $20 to $30 and all you have to do is code for medical related software and earn online at your home.

#41. There is a need of Customer Service Specialists in Humana a famous company providing information to the customers and by responding to their queries and paying their hired persons $15 to $18 per hour for doing this job.

#42. If you are a registered nurse than you can make money even when you are at home and don't want to go out side. Yes, with Carenet you can be the online nurse and help people with carenet's telephone triage system. They pay up to $25 per hour.

#43. If you are a certified coder and know the medical coding for relative software than Amphion Medical is best for you as they pay $25 per hour while you can easily work from home.

#44. There is another great company CircleLink Health and you can get hired by them easily when you are a licensed health practitioner. They pay up to $20 hourly to their work from home employees.

Online Social Media Jobs

#45. As you know that nowadays people are navigating to some web-based social media administration solutions to ease their businesses and Buffer is the #1 choice for many experts. This company also hires some web developers, web engineers and product and customer support team members and every of their remote employee can earn $20 per hour.

Other Online Jobs

#46. If you can pay tax than join ETS and test out the tests of educational institutions, scoring them you will earn up to $20 per hour and its the tax-able earning which you can get twice a month as their payment schedule via Check.

#47. Want to be a cuddle? if yes then Snuggle Buddies is here for you to make you start making $40 to $80 per hour working online from home and being the professional cuddler.

#48. If you can do small tasks like profile verification, writing and text editing and marketing then CrowdSource is a platform that hires people to complete these simple tasks and those freelancers will get payment ranging from $15 to $30 per hour. There are many other tasks which you can do at home and earn online.

#49. If you want to be a work at home stylist than Stitch Fix is a perfect fit for you as they offer online work at home jobs for fashion lovers to give their clients some fashion tips on website and you can start earning $16 or more per hour. All you have to do is make sure you are an adult (18 years old) and able to attend their off-site training before starting the job which you can do at your home.

#50. Fiverr is a freelancing platform and nowadays they have been working very hard to give the platform a new kickstart by adding verified freelancers who can charge hundreds of dollars for a small task. So check that out.

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