12 Website Testing Jobs that Will Pay You to Work at Home

Yes, work from home testing websites is possible and you will start making $10 on average for every website review you made.

In 5 to 25 minutes of testing a website and giving your suggestion or talking about what you think is missing or not completed on a website, you will earn money.

As there are many companies that keep on trying new and best ways to extend their client lists and thus they also pay to real people test websites.

Things you should talk about in a website test video are navigation, design, content, speed, and overall look.

There is more to talk about a website in a site testing video and it depends on the type of website you are going to test.

Every webmaster wants to create a user-friendly and converting website from which he can make money so that companies pay for it.

Here's a list of the best 12 sites that will pay you to test websites at home and work on your own schedules.

12 Website Testing Jobs that Will Pay You to Work at Home

All you have to have is a computer with internet and an updated internet browser with a good microphone and English language speaking skills.

So check out these top 12 companies that pay you to test websites by working from home:

1. Enroll

To make money testing out websites we have to join a company that can provide us with new opportunities and jobs to test new websites and keep on earning money online working at home day by day.

Enroll is a globally accepted platform to test websites and get money in PayPal account.

With this platform, you can easily choose your device and after successful registration you will start receiving small assignments that will pay you cents and after that, you will start earning dollars per task you complete as a website user test.

2. User Testing

There is a small sample test at User Testing which will make you a website tester job holder and you will start earning $10 to $15 per 20 minutes of testing a website.

If you have a PayPal account then you are the candidate for this website, because not just in the U.S. but all over the world everybody can earn testing websites with this company.
It's the best website for beginners who can speak fluently in the English language.

3. TryMyUI

If you want to earn more quickly when you are at work at home and testing websites as a part-time job then TryMyUI is the best platform where you can start earning $10 per task which is no more than 15 to 20 minutes.

To become a website tester at home you just have to pass a qualification test and after that, they will start sending you website test tasks by email and you will get paid on weekly basis directly at your PayPal account.

4. TestingTime

Nothing matters where you are from, and if you want to earn more and work tight then Testing Time is the company ready to hire you as a website tester.

You can easily earn up to € 50 per website test which is usually 30 to 90 minutes long and they complete it with Skype.

After you complete a website test you will get paid in 5 to 10 days via PayPal. No country limits, you can be anywhere to make money testing websites with Testing Time.

5. Loop11

It may take a long time to understand this company but its claim can make you feel great, as the company claims that they work with big brands like IBM, Go Daddy, and more.

They also pay you more than you work and their 5 minutes qualification test is the plus point which you can pass easily and they also give bonuses for website testing jobs.

One thing is they do website test work occasionally.

6. Userfeel

Its a remote usability testing platform and you can also test mobile apps with UserFeel and is simple, just go the official website of User Feel and then signup in, now give a sample test and after they accept your sample test and give you a green light you are ready to do your website test assignments and get paid $10 each study you made.

You can easily receive your earned dollars on per weekly basis via PayPal.

7. StartUpLift

Don't worry if you can't create a high-quality video and speak frequently in 20 minutes of video, with Start Up Lift you can easily make money online working at home and testing websites.

You can make $5 per assignment you complete in a written way.

Companies will ask you some questions and you have to complete that task after reviewing their websites.

After each completed website test (feedback on website quality) you will receive PayPal dollars on a weekly basis.

8. Userlytics

With no applications and pre-tests, you can start making money online and make money testing websites with Userlytics.

Just go to their official website and signup, now wait for the companies to send you assignments.

You will be able to test websites and take your job to the next level by sending feedback about applications and other software.

There's a price tag of $10 per task and you can get paid via PayPal.

9. uTest

If you want to work for big companies and get paid for each second you spend on testing websites or other applications and software then uTest is for you, just go to their official website and signup, now take an audition test and after they accept you, you will start making money testing the big brand's websites like Google, Netflix and the Amazon with their software.

uTest is open to global residents and there is no limit for any country. So join them and get paid for your living.

10. WhatUsersDo

Another global company is paying £8 per website test or website feedback which takes an estimated 20 minutes to complete.

You can start making dollars testing websites with this worldwide opportunity by creating an account and giving your first website test, after approval, you will get assignments and after the completion of that assignments, you will get paid on a net25 basis via PayPal.

11. Validately

You can make $5 per website test or do a live test and get paid $25 to $30 for each test.

They offer mobile and website tests to their testers and provide the data to their clients (companies).

Validately pays you your earned money in 5 business days and you can receive your money in PayPal account which is the easiest way to receive internet payouts.

12. UserZoom

The reason why User Zoom is at #12 in this list of online website testing jobs is the lack of information, maybe they are great but as far as we know about them, they pay $5 to $10 per task or as they think the work is hard or easy.

One task takes 10 to 20 minutes and they pay via PayPal but it takes 10 to 14 business days after you have submitted the website test to them.

We know that you are now counting how much you will make when you are completing one test with each of these websites on an everyday basis.

That's great and we should think about that, but don't think that you will complete 5/6 tests on a single platform.

Join all of these websites and then make sure you are giving them your sample test as best as you can and after approving maintain your standards.

Happy earning money testing websites and working from home.

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