6 Ways to Make Money During Quarantine

How to make money during quarantine by work from home and doing the things online. This is somehow the most exciting question that millions of people are asking during coronavirus lockdown period as they are out of business or out of money because almost every business is on vacation during this lockdown. Most of the employees are now jobless and finding new ways to make money from home.

Coronavirus Lockdown: 6 Ways to Make Money During Quarantine

As we have been sharing a lot of informative content on how to make money online and how to work from home and do jobs that pay $100 per hour or more, now we are sharing some of the best options that you can choose to make extra money during quarantine so that you can stay good at your finances.

1. Sell Old Stuff

Getting rid of old stuff that you don't need anymore is a pain and sometimes it takes a lot of time to arrange things and sort out what's useless for you now. This quarantine period is giving you the perfect opportunity to use your spare time and be creative with your household items and even your clothes. You can just simply make a separate shelf of your old stuff, refresh it and sell on a perfect platform like:
  • Etsy
  • Decluttr
  • Olx
  • Amazon
Don't be shy while capturing some photos of your old stuff, pack your items beautifully and carefully, showcase that your old items look like new ones. This quarantine will help you with a lot of time to easily sell all of your old stuff and this is the easiest way to make money during a quarantine.

2. Supply Food

If you want a new business and looking forward to being an entrepreneur (startup founder) during the coronavirus lockdown, you can make it huge or you can start it as a part-time job. You can start a food supply business in your town. Just make sure you can do this by having some contacts with grocery stores, food chains, or fast food restaurants that can take on-demand orders.

Read what you can deliver:
  • Groceries
  • Fast Food
  • Fresh Vegetables
Also, an homemade food business could do wonders during quarantine. Because people are getting afraid of staying at home and sleeping all day and night or watching Netflix and doing nothing more than eating, they are in need of someone to cook healthy food and deliver it to their doorsteps. This is the opportunity for you to make money during quarantine and this is a business you can run post quarantine.

3. Become A Freelancer

Freelancing is a wonderful side hustle to make money stay at home or you can say "to easily earn money during quarantine". You can use your expertise and creative mind to make some extra dollars online. There are many freelancing platforms that can help you make a free profile and start bidding on projects or just create your gigs and wait for the orders. You can join platforms like:
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • PeoplePerHour
And there are some huge Facebook groups that are dedicated to freelancers and helping them to earn more by getting custom orders from buyers worldwide. People are outsourcing their work and projects to thousands of freelancers and you can be one. There is more money in industries like writing, graphics, audio, and video. So be a freelancer and start making money online without going to an office during the quarantine.

4. Provide Consulting Services

If you have been working in an office or for a company for more than 3/5 years, you can start providing your consulting services to your industry-related individuals, startups, and other services. As Covid-19 pandemic is hitting hard on every business, thousands of small businesses and even international brands are seeking consulting services to help them cope with this virus outbreak. You can help them and make huge money working at home. You can use tools like:
  • Zoom
  • StreamYard
  • WhatsApp
  • LinkedIn
Or even Facebook messenger to set up an HD group video call where your clients can interact with you in real-time and ask questions that you can answer at the same time. Everything will be the same as you are performing tasks in real life. So, if you are an accountant, a lawyer, a business expert, entrepreneur, or simply a footballer, you can find some consulting opportunities online. Just dig deep in LinkedIn and Quora, these platforms can help you find high paying clients.

5. Teach Online

Parents are having a difficult time to pamper their kids, they are seeking more and more tools and apps from which they can get some study-related material and make their kids stick with that so that they can have some spare time. You can help them and make money during quarantine. This might be the best option for a teacher or an expert tuition master. Even if you are a nanny or know how to teach children online and make them stick with studies, you can make hundreds of dollars per hour.

Zoom app and Skype can be a trusted way of teaching kids online and parents are still on the search for a perfect teacher online. So, go to Facebook groups, and Reddit threads, find who is looking for an online teacher, you can ping them to get yourself hired.

6. Sell Photos Online

This might be a surprising opportunity during quarantine, you can really make it huge. As of today, almost every internet user owns an HD camera smartphone that can take brilliant photos. You can make use of your smartphone in this though time and make money during quarantine. There are platforms that will help you do it quickly and easily, websites like:
  • Shutterstock
  • Alamy
  • AdobeStock
  • Etsy
Can help you signup for a free account and upload your photos. They will make sure that you get the best price for your photos and you know what? you can make $100+ per image/photo you sell on these platforms. So, make use of this quarantine time and make more money online sitting at home.

If you are still finding more ways to make money during quarantine, you can comment on your expertise and we will tell you where you can start or just wait and we will publish more articles with more opportunities for you.