Free Tools to Easily Create Your Own Infographic

This article will explain the meaning of an infographic and recommend simple to use tools for creating an online infographic.

Free Tools to Easily Create Your Own Infographic

The infographic is derived from the word Information and Graphic, combined as "bringing various information into the graphic." Today we will look at how to make infographics online for free. 
Nowadays, we have a lot of information. The reason why we don't take long text information but instead create beautiful pictures is that our brains are able to process images 60,000 times faster than letters. Creating an infographic is one way to easily digest data, and very popular in content marketing today. 
Many people may have heard about the admin saying that "Website creation does not focus on beauty. But focus on presenting information to be easy to understand. " 

Infographic is also the same. Many people mistakenly believe that infographic is how to use the information to make it beautiful. And sadly, some people think that putting text into graphics = Infographic. 

Nowadays, some people paste the text into the picture and decorate it beautifully, instead of making the reader digest information easier than before. Sometimes they are more difficult to read. 

4 easy steps to create an infographic 

Designing one infographic is not an easy task. It must have important steps as follows: 

Research Data

What information will you tell? Where do you get the statistic data from? This process takes quite a lot of time. Because sometimes the information comes from many places. You have to bring them together and check to see if the sources are corect and reliable.


What would you like your infographic to say? This step is very important; for example, you may be doing infographic that is cheering for a certain brand. Have to think about how you can communicate that brand to look good.


This step is the responsibility of the Designer to make the idea into real graphics. Usually, Adobe Illustrator is popular as it can be run as Vector and can be used on the web. The print is still sharp.


After the first version of the infographic was designed, bring it to your target audience (and customers), so they tell you which areas should be improved for you to make an infographic out to meet the target group the most. 

You can see that creating an infographic is not an easy task, which goes through a lot of thought processes and requires skilled designers to have knowledge of Data Visualization to create beautiful works.  
And if you don't have those things, how do you make an infographic? Today, we will show some great tools for creating infographics for everyone. Most don't have to have a lot of graphic knowledge, so you can do it yourself until you're finished.

Tools for making stunning infographics 

1) DesignCap

DesignCap is a versatile online design tool. The UI is easy to use. You can make a variety of graphics, from infographics to web banners, Facebook ads, YouTube Thumbnail, Instagram Post, book covers, etc. 
In addition, there are thousands of beautiful templates to choose from. With simple drag and drop, you can customize an infographic the way you want by adding text, charts, icons, and adjusting colors, fonts, and effects. And you can save the work as PNG, JPG, or PDF for printing. It is recommended for everyone, free to try. 
2) Piktochart  
Piktochart is an online tool, especially for infographics and presentations. Its interface is as simple as using PowerPoint. You will produce an infographic fast by choosing from a library of 800 professionally designed templates and adding interactive charts and animated icons.

You can sign up for free for a lifetime. But there are limitations on the number of templates and exports and watermarks. 
You can sign up for a monthly membership to use unlimited templates that they have prepared and can export for printing (PDF) as well. If having to do infographics often, it's very worthwhile to have. But if not doing it often, using the free version is enough.

3) Visme

Visme is an online tool similar to Piktochart. It can be used for Presentation, Infographic, Banner, and other stunning visuals online. There are many easy-to-edit templates and content blocks to create beautiful content. You can access over 1.5 million high-quality stock photos and thousands of vector icons inside the editor.

There is a free plan for you to use, but there are a few templates to choose from, and you can download it as JPG. In addition, it is limited to 5 projects as well.

4) Infogram

Infogram is an intuitive visualization tool, offering a wide range of graphs, charts, and maps. The site also allows you to upload images and videos to create your own custom infographic.

The editing of infographic data takes place in the Excel-style interface, and the tool will automatically change the infographic accordingly. When you're happy with the result, you can publish it on Infogram's public page for everyone to enjoy, embed it on the website, or share it on social networks.

5) Venngage 

Venngage is another great tool for creating and publishing infographics because it is so simple and easy to use. You can choose from templates, themes, hundreds of charts, and icons, as well as upload your own images and backgrounds, or customize a theme to suit your brand. You can also make short animated videos here.  


It’s not an easy task to create impressive infographics yourself. You need to choose a form for displaying information, find graphic elements, and create text content for the project. 

To save time and effort, there are many infographic tools at your disposal. With their help, you will convey your message to the audience easily and quickly. Skillful infographics can do much more than you expect. This is an effective tool for communicating with the audience, regardless of the industry of your idea. 

Having mastered the tools, you will learn how to create first-class projects in one day. Today, services for creating online infographics are used by designers, marketers, analysts, teachers, and representatives of other professions. 

Each of the services described has its advantages and disadvantages. Pick the most convenient tools, the right subscription plan, and create spectacular infographics. 

It's time to make your own infographic. Try any one of the infographic tools above, and you may find new ways to make content more interesting.  

And as always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below.