10 Part Time Money Making Ideas (make an extra $1000 per month)

10 Part Time Money Making Ideas (make an extra $1000 per month)
Part time money making is around from thousands of years and today's it the best way to add extra bucks in your salary, help you enjoy more and get more money to spend or save for your retirement.

That's also the reason I am here with these top 10 side hustles that you can do to easily make some more money or eventually add $1,000 extra to your monthly income.

No extra investment is needed for these side-jobs, you can do it without spending as you have an internet connection, you have a smartphone or laptop?

That's all you need (I know you have these things because it's not possible to read an article in this comfort without having these basic things) haha.

Let's dive in and understand how to make extra money on the side:

1. Be A Social Media Manager

Long gone the days when a boss has to hire a personal assistant to manage his/her social media profiles. Now they are doing it virtually because social media networks are actually allowing them to add managers to their pages/profiles.

If a social network is not able to provide such an opportunity, there are always some platforms like Buffer and Hootsuite to make social media managers find their work and manage profiles/pages remotely.

So, simply you can join some Facebook groups and post that you are available to manage social media accounts, there are freelancing websites where you can post such gigs and also you can post this on some classified websites too.

2. Be A Website Testing Expert

Not actually an expert, you don't need experience of 10+ years, you can start testing websites from today.

However, it is a hard job as you will never find people who can pay you to test their websites from any method mentioned above (posting jobs and asking friends).

You have to join some companies which are working in this business and they are better at providing you relative, high paying and interesting jobs. All you have to do is respond to their emails and have a fast internet connection with a laptop so that you can provide them a detailed overview of sites.

NOTE: You may be asked to provide technical information too, so make sure you are familiar with how websites should work and have a grip on the English language in terms of writing reports.

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3. Sell Your Courses

Everybody on this earth is an expert in something, you are also a master of something that can be boiling an egg, writing a love letter, creating a blog or making an Android app.

Whatever you are an expert at, you can sell a course for that. Yes, it's pretty easier as websites like Udemy and other platforms are available for you to start making videos about your expertise, upload them to the network and manage students.

You will be an online teacher and who knows that your course can make you a millionaire like Chris Haroun's "An Entire MBA in 1 Course" on Udemy is standing at 196,517 students enrolled mark.

4. Help eCommerce Websites

From some recent years, everybody is looking forward to opening an online store and they are heading towards making their stores best in the world.

They want to compete with Alibaba and Amazon, Yes, they want and here comes a person like you who can actually make money out of this internet phenomena by helping e-commerce stores to deliver more better results.

How's this possible?

Simple hack, if you can then create chatbots and sell them to different online store owners, make chatbots in a way that they can adopt niche of stores and answer to user's queries in a way that humans do. So they can easily get more sales and you get paid for handing over your bot and then updating that bots.

5. Create An Amazon Affiliate Blog

Some people will call it an affiliate website or an Amazon affiliate site. I call it Amazon Affiliate Blog, yes, that's what actually you are going to create and make your side hustle to earn money for you even when you are sleeping.

All you have to do is find a niche or a product category, like Beard Shavers, Baby Towels or Gaming Laptops, Sports Kits, Cameras for Vlogging or something like that.

Make sure that you are able to write product reviews and choose products that are not widely reviewed on major sites, you should do keyword research to find low competition keywords and then create highly engaging, long and informative guides on those products.

Join Amazon Associates program and start earning commissions on every sale you drive to Amazon.

6. Become A Transcriptionist

This can be done by offering gigs on freelancing sites and reaching out to studios. Many filmmakers and studios need to outsource this transcribing job as its a boring task for many of their employees.

Even employees from Hollywood and from many cartoon makers post jobs about transcribe opportunities. You can easily get a job on freelancing sites and for a more easy way you can join transcribing-job networks.

All you have to do is to have a headphone (for easy and clear listening) listen to the audio and video files, type what they are saying and send the file to your client. That's all, you will get paid $20 to $60 per hour or $5 to $500 or more for a project (depends on word count).

7. Flip Items Online

This is one of the most favorite business ideas from home from my list of ways to make money without investment and without having a skill or any type of experience.

All you have to do is just make a list of old and useless stuff in your house, pack them and fix them to get sold quickly, post 3/4 pictures of each item on 4/5 classified websites and ask a reasonable price.

When sold, buy new things (more old stuff) from the same classified websites and make sure the things you are buying are not new and in a useful condition.

Now refix those items by improving their quality. For example, if you are buying old furniture, repaint it, add some extra luxury and make the furniture items look more luxurious and beautiful. Now put them on sale and ask the best price which is giving you at least 10% more than you bought those items from the first-hand owners.

8. Do Copy Pasting

Really? this is the most advanced era of the internet and everybody here is looking to pay for the real work, correct?

No, not everybody is looking for this, as there are some businesses and entrepreneurs who are still making the copy-pasting a real business and generating thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

It's not about copying videos, text or images, its all about what your client asks you to do. So don't worry and post ads on classifieds sites that you are available for copy-pasting jobs. Your client will follow you and inform you about their working scenarios.

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9. Be A Social Media Influencer

No doubts that social media is transforming the way people use the internet and surf websites. People are turning to social media to buy things, have fun, make friends, follow brands, spy on celebs, and to make money too.

Yes, this is the time for you to dig in the category of that last group. You can be a social media influencer and start making money for posting about brands.

Don't worry if you are standing at 500 Instagram followers, you can still make some money as there are brands investing money on micro-influencer even with just 500 or fewer followers.

All you have to do is create same-name and same profile-picture profiles on major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and let the ball rolls by joining 2/3 influencer marketing platforms.

10. Make Videos

Last and as always not least, making videos is the best way for you to have your chance of becoming famous and at the same time make money online.

YouTube is the #1 platform for this, all you have to do is share your experiences in your videos and there is no comprehensive work involved. Just sit in front of your smartphone or laptop screen and record some videos by talking about your experiences and if you have some advises, say them.

Don't forget that there are many other video sharing platforms and have your page on Facebook, share videos on that page too, share them on Instagram (make short videos for Instagram) and let people follow you, subscribe to your YouTube channel, like your Facebook page and help you grow.

In this method, all you have to do is be consistent and upload at least 4 videos on a weekly basis.

So, these are the most advanced, newest and the best side hustles for making an extra thousand dollars per month.

If you need more info or more money making related ideas then let me know in the comments below.