How to Make Money on Facebook - 7 Real Ways

How to Make Money on Facebook - 7 Real Ways
Facebook is the greatest social media network of the whole world and people of every area of the world loves to browse their timelines and check updates from their favorite pages, groups, and their friends at one place.

As its also the fastest growing and big social network it is enabling many people to earn money online and here I am going to tell you 7 ways to earn money from Facebook and you can also find some ways for which you don't have to pay money or invest your hard-earned dollars.

I don't want you to be in this side and stick to thinking that how you can do it, so read out the best ways to make money on Facebook even when you don't know anything.

1. Make Money Selling Facebook Likes

It's a very simple and steady method to make money online using Facebook and its better when you are a total newbie to making money online and able to easily use Facebook.

In my recommendation its not for those who don't want to spend time and work hard. So if you are serious about making money on Facebook by selling likes for Facebook pages then you should read the bullet points below:
  • First of all, send friend requests to all your real life friends and friends of them
  • Fill your profile with 5000 friends and then start talking with them
  • Comment on your all friend's posts and like their updates
  • Share your own updates and let them talk with you
This way you will be ready to get clients for getting likes on their pages and you can charge them as much as $50 per 1000 likes and at lowest rate of $10 per 500 likes. You have to create your own packages and fix the duration of the time you will be able to get those likes.
You should keep in mind that some type of pages can easily get likes and some of them may not able to convince your friends for a like. However, you can try with every type of page by creating your own pages and then recommending them to your friends so you will be able to know which type of pages your friends likes the most.

2. Earn Money with Facebook Groups

Creating a Facebook group is very easy and everybody having a free Facebook account can do it in minutes.

But there is so much work behind creating a successful Facebook group and after successfully creating and managing it you will be able to earn money on that Facebook group you own. However, there are some bullet points which you should keep in mind to start making money using a Facebook group:
  • Choose group name and topic wisely (on which you can update people regularly)
  • Create trusted admins to manage the group when you are not online
  • Have at-least 5000 people in your group
  • Close the group when you are reaching 10000 members and then start accepting new after a brief review of the profiles
You have to manage your group by banning bad members or so-called fake profiles. You have to set some rules and regulations. You will be able to earn money with Facebook groups by selling items you have and recommending products from the industry your group is targeted to by the group topic.

Companies and brands pay to group admins and ask them to talk about their products and services on their own demanding price. All you have to do is engage your group members and have them react as a family.

3. Make Money on Facebook Marketplace

Its exclusive free classified marketplace of the #1 social network and working just great. The bad thing is its not available for all the world and to all Facebook users and the best feature of this marketplace is you can easily put your items on sale and make money on Facebook easily.

There are some guidelines and terms so that you can read them and know what type of products you can sell on Facebook marketplace and what type of services you can offer there. It's simple as other marketplaces are, you post ads and people come to see them then contact you and fix the price with the final product or service terms and conditions.

This can be a great opportunity for Mountain View residents as its active there and people really buy things from this marketplace.

As you know its a great opportunity, it's not available to all the Facebook members, so be quick and join the Facebook marketplace and sell your products or services to make money from Facebook. If you can't do it on a marketplace then read below.

4. Earning by Creating Facebook Content

It's not about creating a page and then posting updates there and waiting for the people to come and ask you for the sponsorship opportunity (yes its also a way, but this is easier).

You have to create some kind of products or join Cost Per Action (CPA) programs and earn money on Facebook by creating content on your pages. You can create a small page and have some likes there, now install a plugin called 22Social which will allow you to create promo pages and gain leads. With 22Social Plugin you can run:
  • Sweepstakes Promo pages
  • Podcast Promo Pages
  • Hangout Promo Pages
  • Giveaway Promo Pages
And the Showcase promo pages which are enough for you to do Facebook marketing and get some leads and sales to your products or the products you can refer and earn money using the CPA networks.

This may sound un-do-able thing but it works. Try it and you will be able to make money on Facebook.

5. Earn with Influencer Marketing on Facebook

When it comes to the influencer marketing on Facebook or on other platforms, all the people think that we have to gain much and much more followers or fans to have some companies or services give us some tasks about promoting something. However, this is not true in a 100% way.

How? because when you are an influencer you have to have your followers and fans interested in a selective industry or category of people.

For example, its the Summer season and you have fans who love Winter. How you can convince them to buy summer clothing when they hate it? Probably they will buy some items from your recommendations but in the other hands who have a fan following of summer lovers, he can double the sales in the same price you are charging for the same fan following.

This is why so many high following Facebook pages and highly active and big Facebook profiles with huge following fails to make enough money on Facebook. You have to target people and make them stick with your page or profile by giving the relevant updates and news.

Then you will automatically be asked to post sponsored posts which will be in your industry and topic of interest. Make sure you are adding your own special hashtag for each sponsored update on your Facebook profile or page as its best for you to pass laws about influencer marketing campaigns. So be an influencer marketer at Facebook and start making money online now.

6. Manage Facebook Pages and Make Money

This is the easiest and the most exciting work which you can do on Facebook and earn money. As you can see there are so many celebrities and companies who have their own Facebook pages.

Think about their management? who is updating that pages and replying to the customer's messages, who is replying to the comments?

That is what we call social media management and that is what Social media managers do. So if you want to make money using Facebook and do it without investment then you can be the social media specialist. It is something that can be started by joining some groups on Facebook and asking influencers to give you some work.

As everybody can do this small job of replying to messages and comments and other small tasks, you can get started by having an influencer in contact. So basically you have to find the work on the same platform which is Facebook. To find social media management jobs you can use Fiverr and other freelancing networks too.

7. Make Money with Facebook Ads

This is a true thing here, you can really make money using the Facebook ads platform and its best of its kind. You can easily get started by adding your product images and details with the price tag.

You can also install a free shop on your page and there are many free plugins which enables you to start an eCommerce business using Facebook.

However, you have to create a product or have a product line at your home and start selling those items online using Facebook ads. Making money using Facebook ads is easier than other advertising platforms as you can get insights and target a well-structured audience.

Facebook is giving you the chance to target your customers on the data like gender, age, location, and other parameters. Its the perfect way to target the desired audience and convert them into customers.

There are people relying on Facebook ads for the entire of their small business success and they always spend money on Facebook ads to get more sells and make more money on the same day. You can also earn money with Facebook ads by playing your cards in the right way.

So, if you are still thinking about how to make money on Facebook then you can comment your questions right below. I will answer you ASAP. Thanks for the read.