How to Get People to Read Your Blog: 6 Easy Ways

Someone on asked me how do I get more readers for my blog on my social media profile and I answer him a few tips which resulted in real growth of his blog and he is now getting good traffic.

That's why I am here to tell you those simple, basic and tested ways to generate thousands of blog visitors.

Generating good quality of traffic on blogs is the key point for earning money after creating high quality content and having a working blog with sufficient information.
How to Get People to Read Your Blog

Without traffic your blog is nothing and when nobody is reading your blog posts you are really wasting your time writing them.

So to get noticed in the crowdy world of internet, lets read how to get visitors to your blog with following these 9 simple methods:

1. Find A Problem

Finding a problem or solution to a problem is something every blogger should do and make his/her blog the go to place of its niche.

Assuming that you are blogging on a selected niche or some selective topics, you can easily find a problem to blog about and answer the questions or explain the method to resolve a problem:
  • Search community websites like forums and social networks
  • Join question to answer websites like Quora
  • Use Reddit and other viral content websites
These sites will tell you what people are searching for and help you create amazing quality content and cover the needs of people.

If you become successful in finding a problem and then providing a solution through your blog post then surely you will start getting organic traffic and this will also answer your questions like how to get your blog noticed by google and answer to this questions is here:
  • Submit a sitemap to Webmaster Console
  • Try fetch as Google
  • Use proper Hreflang tags
  • Try using Country targeting in webmaster tools
  • Create backlinks
These are some real and simple ways to get your site noticed by Google bots and let them crawl your site pages on a daily basis for ranking them on as many keywords as possible.

2. Praise Other Bloggers

Don't forget that you are a beginner at blogging and by giving respect to other bloggers, you can gain respect and that's how you can also get targeted traffic.

You can start doing it by commenting on other blogs (which are relative to your niche) and ask or answer questions.

The very simple way to do this is:
  • Go to Google and search for your niche/topic
  • Now open blog posts and find commenting area
  • Read blog posts first and if you think there's something missing then add your views in your comment
  • While reading if you think that there's a question then ask that in the comments
  • Otherwise if the blog post is perfect from every angle then do reply to comments and tell that blog post is really great
There are hundreds of reasons to post comments on other blogs. So find that reasons and do comment that will give you a link to your blog and also increase your blog visitors with your personal branding. This is answering your questions like how to get traffic to my blog for free. How? read below:
  • When you comment on other blogs, you don't pay money
  • When someone visits your blog through that comments you don't pay money
  • You get a free backlink and increase in personal branding and also targeted visitors
All is for free and how much it takes to place a comment? not more than 10 minutes and its worthy. I personally do this for increasing traffic on a new blog.

3. Frequently Update Your Blog

Google and your readers loves updates and when you are consistent on publishing new articles at your blog and updating the old content then you will surely have a great audience and good rankings.

Blogs are made for fresh information and every reader who comes from any kind of medium to your blog is searching for fresh information.

Even for 10 years old thing, everybody loves to read new information and findings. So try to update your old content and do update your blog on a daily basis.

How to update blog content when have no blog post ideas?
  • Try to read other blogs and check their comment area, check what people are asking for
  • Ask your readers with creating a poll about what they need you to cover in next blog post
  • Do keyword research and create blog posts on keywords which are providing you some traffic
  • Read relative books and join Facebook groups for generating more niche based blog content ideas
These are really simple and most useful ways to generate blog post ideas.

So try following these simple methods and start updating your blog on a daily basis to increase traffic and earn more money with your blog.

4. Use Social Media Networks

Everybody is on social media networks, whether its Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Everybody is using at-least two social media networks and hell active on one.

To my views, generating blog traffic using social media networks is not that easy but when you know how to get started, you will surely start getting some visits from your small social media profiles.

So if you need to use your social media network profiles for generating blog visitors then follow below tips:
  • Always share on morning times
  • Use Twitter and then Facebook (post on FB for one and tweet on Twitter for 2 times on same day)
  • Don't forget to use #hashtags on every social media update
  • Don't share naked links in social media updates
  • Try to ask something in every status update on Facebook and tell something in every Tweet
These are some steps I follow to increase my readers through social media websites. If you are also struggling and don't know how to use social media networks for driving traffic to your blogs then follow above steps or let me know and I will help you.

5. Newsletter Subscription

Having a strong and big readership on your blog can make you rich and have yourself take the authority over a selective niche.

But doing it and making readers stick to your blog is really hard. Even if you have great content there are chances that people will love your blog but forget it after some days.
Email Newsletter Subscribers can lead you to more traffic
What you can do to make them comeback even when they forget? here's the answer:
  • Create an email subscription box
  • Create a product and give that free to email subscribers
  • Start a 7 days couching or small course on something relative to your industry and ask people to subscriber for accessing the data
  • Start monthly giveaways of vouchers or real money
These are some of the most creative ideas to make your readers subscribe to your email newsletter and thus it will help you generate a consistent traffic.

6. Advertise Your Blog

When you have tried everything which is in free mode and still you are not satisfied with the results and don't want to try more ways then the only way left is spending money.

Yes, you can easily buy blog traffic and that will be totally legal to Google and other authorities.

All you have to do is:
  • Use Google Ads (formerly Adwords) for creating ads and then running campaigns
  • Add appropriate keywords, create engaging title and start by investing at-least $50 a day
  • Let Google decide CPC and always try to find new keywords for targeting more people
  • Try to advertise your product or service (if you don't have then contact me I can help you create something which you can sell using Google ads and get traffic for free)
This is the most simplest way to get paid traffic on your blog and it will not hurt your blog post rankings.

So, my goal for this blog post is to educated newbies about how to get more people to read your blog and do this the easy way.

I have explained everything, if you still need more help or have a custom tip then share with me in the comments. Thanks for the read!