5 Type of Blog Posts to Boost Traffic and Gain Backlinks

We all know we need traffic in order to promote our product or service, but if you are a new blogger or maybe you have dropped traffic how do you boost your traffic?

What Type of Blog Posts Boost Traffic and Gain High-Quality Backlinks?

There are several types of blog posts that can boost your traffic and help you gain high quality backlinks. Today I’m going to talk with you about both.

Types of blog posts that help boost traffic

As I said there are several types of blog posts that can help boost traffic, and increase the rankings of your blog posts in Google. So without waiting for more useless thoughts, let's take a look at the most easiest and effective ways to gain traffic and backlinks:

1. Tutorials and how to posts 

What do we do when we want to learn how to do something?

We hit the internet and searched for the answer. These types of posts provide your reader answers on how to do something such as learning to knit or the best way to clean ceiling fans.

A proper tutorial or how-to post will establish a step-by-step solution to whatever the problem is that your reader is looking for. Google also loves these posts as they give the reader value in the form of information.

2. Lists 

While you may think they have been overdone, you can’t deny they work.

Look at the cover of magazines the next time you’re in the check-out line and see things like 10 ways to easily organize your house or 6 tips from fitness trainers to help you lose your belly. Lists make it easy for readers to find the most valuable information quickly.

3. Resource or link lists 

These are similar to list posts, however, it is all links that are resources other content. Think of this as your browser bookmarks for topics like news, crafting, cooking, and so on.

You find a source of information that has meaning for you and possibly others so share it on a resource list.

4. Guest posts can help you build your email list

If you want to get the most out of this type of post, do detailed research first then post. This will give you an edge over other guest blog posters and give you more credibility.

What are some of the advantages of guest posts? It can bring fresh readers to your blog, help build a relationship with other bloggers, and build natural authoritative backlinks.

5. Data-driven posts 

That are data backed can help grow your traffic. Research can help position you as an expert.

This type of data-backed post doesn't have to be huge but if you can include graphs that show the data or test results this makes it backed by data and positions you as an expert.

Yes, the research will take a little time or depend on how big your topic is it may take more than a little time. It will be well worth it as you have become an expert and others will link back to you, as long as the topic and research are fresh.

This doesn’t mean you can cover a topic that has already been covered just find something on that topic that hasn’t already been done or well researched.

6. Use infographics as these get the most social shares 

Besides bringing you a lot of traffic to your blog they also help you receive a lot of inbound links as well.

Gain high-quality backlinks

If you want to gain high-quality backlinks use these strategies to put yourself in the position of an expert.

1. Question to Answer Sites

Question and answer sites such as yahoo, Quora, or Subreddits answer people’s questions. Create accounts with these sites then read questions related to your niche and answer them.

When you answer be sincere and use selections from your blog posts, your answer should be direct and as accurate as possible. By doing this you will motivate people to go to your blog and read the rest of the post.

Add a link to your blog where the article is that you took the selections from to the bottom of your answer, having given the reader information that is valuable they will want to read the rest of it in order to get more value.

2. Find your Audience

Target your information to an audience that is more likely to share.

What makes your target audience more likely to share? Infographics, videos that convey a story, or a collection of researched facts that challenge common misconception and assumptions.

3. Join Communities

Submit post to blogging communities such as Inbound, Blog Engage, or GrowthHackers.

These sites all provide entry to a larger community which can help you attract a number of great links back to your own blog.

4. Reviews

        Provide reviews of product or services you own or have used. This will help make you an expert as the story is, in fact, your own regarding your personal experience with a product.

A word of caution on reviews, while it is ok to give a negative review do it honestly and with integrity by giving reasons why you were disappointed. Examples of this would be the item did not last beyond 3 weeks. It was not as described and the quality was not good.

What you need to remember is whatever your negative review you have to be able to back it up; if something broke to take a picture of it and include that picture in your review. Another thing with reviews, do not just say this product worked great or this is the worst product ever; back it up.

5. Keyword research

If you research your keywords while writing you can have your Heading and subheadings hold your keywords.

This makes it easy for readers to skim and pleases Google.


By following the blog post and backlink tips outlined here you can obtain a number of high-quality backlinks and establish yourself as an expert.

Doing so will get your post shared much more frequently by many more people in your targeted audience.

The more exposure you get the more of an expert you become and the more quality links you will have returning to your blog.
 A guest post contribution by: Luisa Brenton