Link Building – How Long Does It Take to Show Results?

In the real global market, when investors allocate their finances to a new stock option they are often anxious to see a quick return on their investment.

However, stockbrokers always caution their clients to practice patience as it takes time to identify and implement sustainable market trends; and hence turnover profits from the statistical data.

Moving on to the online digital world, those who invest their time and money in the link building process also expect to see fast, proven results.

Due to different professional backgrounds or the gap in knowledge, SEO Managers often face a hard time explaining to business owners that link building is a complex process and it doesn’t have an overnight impact on search engine rankings.

Trying to develop an understanding of the factors to this process can help with identifying when the link building campaign starts having an impact on rankings.

So, let’s dig deeper into the subject.

Unnatural Links
Socially shared links are capable of creating a flood of traffic within a short span. However, you can’t share a link and expect it to have an immediate impact on your organic search rank – in real-time, later, or ever. It just doesn’t work that way, otherwise it will lead to endless spamming of social links.

While socially shared link can help in a manner to improve rankings over an extensive period, there are still other factors that go into play.

Editorial Links
In contrast, SEO managers give preference to sustainable editorial links in their back linking campaigns. After you acquire the link, it takes time for search engines like Google to discover the link’s existence.

Even though search engines have crawlers surveying webpages virtually all the time, they may not detect the new link as quickly as you hope.
Most crawlers overtime develop a sense of how frequently a page is updated and canvas it accordingly. There are several other factors to the crawlers’ schedule but we are not going into details
Anyhow, even after the page is discovered, it can take from a few days to several months to see noticeable changes in ranking. After a page is crawled, search engines run their own set of algorithms – that also give weight-age to the credibility of the site and ‘user value add’ content.

Higher DA Means Faster Rank Improvement
According to a study carried out by professionals at moz blog, editorial links from sites with higher domain authority can improve your search engine ranking significantly faster.

However, you’ll have to be patient with the results as it can take several weeks. The concept is quite comprehensible as sites with higher DA are crawled more frequently and the links get discovered faster.

Our experts at Marketing Wind recommend to use links from sites with DA above 25.

Lower Ranks and Prolonged Effect

Pages being displayed in the top SERPs will notice a smaller improvement in ranking with a nominal number of links even after several weeks.
  • Pages in the lower SERPs tend to far better, as there ranking shows major improvement after just a couple of weeks.

It Takes at Least 10 Weeks
The findings from moz blog’s study indicate that on average it takes 10 weeks for a link to take root and show an improvement in rankings by just one spot.

Obviously, more links will have a bigger impact and to see drastic improvements you may have to wait anywhere from 6 months to a year.
A guest contribution by Komal Parveen the CEO of and is an experienced SEO Outreach expert and advertisement specialist. She is an internet marketing enthusiast and her specialty is in search engine optimization outreach and content marketing.