Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids (100+)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Getting Xmas presents from Santa is kids' holiday favorite. Although 70% of older children most wanna unwrap money, think big! Studies prove these Christmas gift ideas for kids best stocking stuffers:

  • Sweet goodies (74%);
  • LEGO constructor & DIY kits (71%);
  • Outdoor sports stuff (63%);
  • The technology treats (55%);
  • Latest toys (50%);
  • Books (44%);
  • Themed Christmas trivia (31%).

Save $100 on average to keep your baby, toddler, preschooler, or schoolchild believing in magic. Helpful Giftscoach is ready with marvelous Christmas gift ideas for kids!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Here I am going to share with you a great list of Christmas gift ideas for kids in all age groups from 0 years to 12 years and the lists are awesome here.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 0 To 2 Years

A quick list:

  1. Activity Gym and Playmat
  2. Stacking Cups
  3. Musical Toy (e.g., Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes)
  4. Soft Blocks
  5. Board Books (Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar)
  6. Teething Rings
  7. Baby Carrier
  8. Bath Toys
  9. Play Tunnel
  10. Ball Pit
  11. Wooden Shape Sorter
  12. Push and Pull Toys
  13. Toy Kitchen
  14. Dollhouse
  15. Art Supplies (crayons, markers, finger paints)
  16. Sandbox
  17. Water Table
  18. Tricycle
  19. Scooter
  20. Wooden Train Set

Need more ideas?

Don't let Santa outdo you this Christmas; surprise your little ones with a Lego starter set and watch them build their first bricks. They can combine the pieces in various ways while honing their fine motor skills.

If your kids want to ride in a one-horse open sleigh pony this Christmas, make their dreams come true with this INPANY Bouncy Horse Hopper. You won't have to worry about them scratching the floor or bumping into walls; the pony is soft and bouncy.

You can’t let your 7-month-old miss out on all the action; try the Sophie la Girafe Christmas gift set. It comes with the famous classic teething toy, cozy slippers, and a Christmas baby hat. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 3 to 5

A quick list:

Creative and Imaginative Play:

  1. Play kitchen with food toys
  2. Magnetic building tiles
  3. Dress-up costumes and accessories
  4. Art supplies and craft kits
  5. Puppet theater and puppets

Active and Engaging Play:

  1. Scooters or balance bikes
  2. Tricycle
  3. Play tent or tunnel
  4. Board games
  5. Sports equipment (balls, frisbees, hoops)

Educational and Developmental Play:

  1. Interactive learning tablets
  2. Coding robots
  3. Science kits
  4. Puzzles and brain teasers
  5. Subscription boxes


  1. Personalized books or stuffed animals
  2. Tickets to a kid-friendly event, like a zoo or museum
  3. Membership to a children's museum or science center
  4. Experiences like cooking classes or pottery workshops

Remember, the best gift is often one that sparks their imagination, engages their interests, and encourages learning and growth.

Still want more ideas? read:

They've seen folks biking and think it's cool; they would love a bike of their own. Plus, bike balancing helps them learn to steer, brake, and maintain their balance on a two-wheeled vehicle.

Indulge their love of science with the Mega Crystal Growing Lab, a fun kit that allows them to grow eight distinct colored crystals.

Wooden cooking playset allows you to give your child all the pleasure of a play kitchen without sacrificing a full side of your living room. The cute wooden stove has 42 components, including utensils, an oven mitt, and a salt and pepper shaker.

Encourage their interest in photography by providing them with the best digital camera for kids, the Kidamento Kids Digital Camera. With a cute design, a fast shutter speed, and good photo quality, this is a wonderful first camera for children who want to record all of life's major events.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 6 to 8

A quick list:


  1. DIY kits (tie-dye, jewelry, models)
  2. Musical instruments (keyboard, ukulele, drums)
  3. Arts & crafts kits (origami, calligraphy, soap)
  4. Creative writing sets
  5. Stop-motion animation kits


  1. Strategic board games
  2. Card games (Uno, Rummy, collectible)
  3. Outdoor games (frisbee golf, badminton)
  4. Trampolines/bounce houses
  5. Skateboards/rollerblades/inline skates


  1. Telescopes/microscopes
  2. Coding/robotics kits
  3. STEM board games (geography, history, biology)
  4. Brain teasers/logic puzzles
  5. Interactive globes/maps


  1. Subscription boxes
  2. Event tickets (plays, concerts, sports)
  3. Experiences (rock climbing, escape rooms, pottery)
  4. Personalized gifts

Remember: Choose gifts that match their interests and personality!

Still need more ideas? Well, if your kids love attention and aren't shy to sing in front of a crowd, support their goals with a wireless microphone.

The Bonaok connects wirelessly through Bluetooth, allowing them to play their favorite karaoke songs at home. You'll get a full dose of entertainment this holiday.

Crayola's light board will transform your artwork into something extraordinary. Your children will trace and sketch with the markers on this huge board and then use the lights to bring their designs to life.

Scooters are typically a popular Christmas present, and the Micro Maxi is the ideal scooter for first-time riders like your kids. It not only comes in several colors, but it's also simple to operate and fun to ride—plus, it has cool light-up wheels.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 9 to 12

The last quick list:

Tech and Gadgetry:

  1. Wireless Earbuds: Boost their audio experience with stylish earbuds.
  2. Instant Camera: Capture and share memories instantly with a fun camera.
  3. Portable Projector: Turn any wall into a movie screen for entertainment.
  4. Subscription Box for Teens: Cater to their passions with themed boxes.
  5. Virtual Reality Headset: Enter the immersive world of VR with beginner-friendly gear.

Creative and Artistic:

  1. Graphic Tablet: Unleash their artistic talents with a digital art creation tool.
  2. Clay Sculpting Kit: Get creative with a pottery wheel or sculpting kit.
  3. DIY Fashion Kit: Design custom t-shirts, jewelry, or accessories.
  4. Songwriting Kit: Spark their musical aspirations with instruments and tools.
  5. Creative Coding Kits: Build robots, design games, or control electronics with coding kits.

Active and Adventurous:

  1. Skateboard or Longboard: Cruise the pavement with a stylish board.
  2. Slackline or Climbing Set: Challenge their balance and coordination.
  3. Telescope or Microscope: Explore the cosmos or hidden microworld.
  4. Board Games with Strategy and Complexity: Step up their game nights with strategic titles.
  5. Sports Equipment for Specific Hobbies: Fuel their athletic passions with sports gear.


  1. Concert or Festival Tickets: See their favorite band or attend a music festival.
  2. Experiences: Create lasting memories with rock climbing, skydiving, or escape rooms.
  3. Personalized Gifts: Show you care with custom-made items like phone cases or engraved jewelry.

Remember, choose gifts that match their unique interests and spark their imagination!

I also have some local product ideas for you: Unlock the fun in your home this Christmas with a DC Comic Board Game. Your little ones have seen the movie, bring all the fun to life with the board game.

If your child is into YouTube or TikTok, get a gift around that niche; like the KidiZoom Maker Cam. It includes a built-in microphone and many functions like slow motion and time-lapse video. For the best experience, your children may select from 20 various backdrops for their films.

Has your little princess told you she wants to dye her hair yet? Surprise her with the Alex Ombré Hair FX kit this Christmas. She’ll love you forever.

Now your kid’s Christmas is complete thanks to our team's hard work as a Christmas gift finder for you.