4 Google Penalty Safe Link Building Ways to Rank Better

So you are going to create a lot of quality backlinks and thinking that after creating bunch of backlinks you will start getting organic traffic to your blog? if that's the think than you are wrong. As there is a lot to discuss and implement when its about linkbuilding.

I have experienced this and now I am going to share my experience with you. As you can see there are many websites allowing you to comment and receive a link, but what if your website or blog is about health niche and you are getting backlinks from a vehicle blog?

Google and other search engine bots will defiantly got you and they will punish you in the nearest algorithmic update.

4 Google Penalty Safe Link Building Ways to Rank Better

To avoid being hit by Google algorithms here's a list of 4 best ways to build backlinks and not get caught by Google search bots.

As you can see and study the history that Google is updating the search engine with a lot of penalties and updates which decreases some websites rankings and increases some websites rankings.

Every update which takes place harm someone and also benefit someone, so if you want to get benefited from the next Google update than follow below 4 ways to build backlinks and have a safe link profile which Google bots will love and rank your website better in SERPs.

1. Events

There is a lot to do when you are not holding any event for your service, blog or business website. As people love to be in offline events where they can really meet like minded people and exchange ideas and brainstorm the new ones.

If you are serious about getting your small business to be the large one than you should organize some public events and invite related people. You can host events or parties with dinners.

Now in the event you can ask the attendees to show their love about you and your service or product by publishing a review article on their blogs and also they will link back to you. You can even set a prize for best blogger and title should be like "giving $100 to best review blogger".

It will encourage your event attendees to review your blog or product and what you have to spend is just $100 while you will get many reviews on personal blogs which can lead you to highest rankings, quality backlinks in Google and yield the best Traffic.

2. Frequent Publishing

Don't you think that other bloggers are doing more than you? just see some of your competitors, they are posting new content every now and than and also, if you are thinking that skyscraper technique of building links is cool than don't forget that it takes days to get a backlink with this technique and its the real time consuming link building strategy.

If you want to get quick backlinks and from many blogs and websites or new sources than you have to be the one who is publishing about every relative to the selected niche topic. For an example if you are publishing about SEO than why you are not publishing about Content Marketing and Blogging?

All you have to do is be a news source and try to publish about new and hot topics, you can be the one. Nobody is here who is holding the rights to publish a news first, you can break an upcoming event or news and it can give you massive success when other news sources will link back to you as you are the first one.

So there's something happening in every niche, all you have to do is see everything with eagle eye and you will get what I am talking about.

3. Be Everywhere

Being everywhere on the internet will lead you to secure your website or product, as there are some really big platforms on the internet and they are dominating each other, what small businesses have to do is be on all of that big platforms and leverage from their business models.

For an example if you are on Facebook and not on Twitter, what you are missing? yeah you are missing the real time social signals and big opportunities of getting back links from verified and top brands. As Twitter is known for its secure and real profiles. If you are not using other social platforms like Google plus you will lose the chances of getting ranked without the backlinks.

So that, we should make sure that we are on every medium and our business name is hovering over all the big platforms from WordPress to Facebook and from Google Plus to Reddit.

Nobody knows that from where we will get backlink and also we should get listed in online listings websites and get on map at Google and Bing so people will know about our small business and link to us for giving their readers a quality content as we do they (bloggers) have to share information with their readers too.

4. Relevancy

By being relevant I didn't mean that you should be in your niche and don't post related content but keep on posting for the same topic, we should be relevant to other topics in our niche like Finance niche blogs can blog about loans and money saving tips or how to spend less and buy best.

There are micro and sub niches for every topic, do find them and don't hesitate when to blog about list topics. Some bloggers got irritated for posting list articles and they end up searching for the topics. So just search for one keyword and find what others are talking about, now make your content on that hot topics and give it quality.

Don't just copy content ideas from others, make them great and do add your spice so that you can get the eye of Google search bots in a way they will think your content is better than the others.

The same thing applies to backlink building technique which I also do for my projects and my client's blogs. We always tend to research on a topic and than read what others have to say on the same topic as blogging is not new, its around since years and people are blogging about every topic.

So we should know how others are getting rankings so that we can create better content than them and get free of cost backlinks. This is the skyscraper technique in a nutshell. So try it or you can ask me for more tips related to perfect backlink building ways.

That's all we can do for you and we also keep our readers updated with latest SEO tips and backlinking techniques, if you have a question than ask me in comments.