What is Guest Posting and How to Get Backlinks from it?

Getting traffic to your website or blog might take many methods; one of these methods is guest blogging.
  • To be clear and simple, what is guest blogging?
Guest blogging is the act of writing on other people’s blog as a guest writer, or at some time as an instructor but who is not actually the owner of the website or blog.

In this way, you are making many things happening by doing something like this, as you are expanding your reach, you are also getting Backlinks for your blog.

But this doesn’t grant you the opportunity to guest post on all kind of blog you find on the web however.
What is Guest Posting and how to get Backlinks from it?
If you do these, it will ruin your reputation you have with people as a blogger; you will be seen as a spammer.

In this article today we shall examine the right way to guest blogging all you need to know the pros and cons.

How to Find Blogs to Submit Guest Posts To

If you really want to guest post, which means you are writing for other blogger, one thing that must be your first priority is that how can I locate the blog where I will guest post. That is, how to find website that has the same topic (theme, niche) as yours.

Finding the perfect blog to guest post is very simple, simply log on to search engine and type something like [Niche topic blogs], and in this case you will replace the topic with the desired topic you are looking for.

For instance, you can search in search engine for ‘Article writing blogs’, this is when what you are looking for relates to article writing.

After this, you will get a handful of blogs relating to the niche you are looking for. If you want the best result and best outcome for your effort, it’s better to select blogs that are regularly updated. This will even assist your Backlinks status.

After this, take a look at the posts that are already posted and look at the likely post you can write that will win you more readerships from the site and the one that will be interesting.

Doing this before you write your post will give you more chance of acceptance from the owner of the blog.
Please note here that, finding the choice blog and cropping the best article to post on this blog is about 95% process of guest blogging, because most blog owners are very careful with this, so in order for them not to accept any copied or spun articles that will get their blog penalize or flagged.

How to contact Website owners ?

After, when you have already decided on the topic as well as the blog to chose, the next step is to contact the owner of the blog. Next thing is to look for the possible contact email of the owner, most of the time you can easily find this at the ‘about us’ page of the blog, or at the ‘author’s profile’ section.

However, this is a direct method of contacting the owner, you can as well go through the second way which is also the best way, in this method, you will find the best post that relates to your niche, upon which you are planning to write your blog post.

You will then leave an interesting comment, at the end of the comment you can then ask politely if you can guest post for the blog. You will also inform the title-holder of the blog the topics that you can write about (along with how they can benefit his/her readers).

Advantages of guest posting to bloggers

There are many advantages of guest blogging, today in this post I am going to share with you 4 of the biggest of it and how to benefit from them.

It show you as an expert

This just work like magic, in such a way that when people discovered that your post has been featured in different blogs of the same niche, quickly they will have to conclude that you are a guru in what you are doing.

This shows them that, you are more than other people that are there with you in that industry.

And that you have all it takes to show yourself as an expert even beyond your jurisdictions.

A way for Backlinks

At the end of every post you submitted for guest posting you are allowed to leave your own footprint, and that is your blog’s link.

With this you are gaining high quality Backlinks for your blog and thereby increasing the worth of your blog. You will even get triple benefit if the blog receive a great amount of traffic.

Free advertising

Submitting a blog post assist you to get your piece before larger amount of visitors, who are likely be interested in what you are offering.

Just from your author’s bio at the end of your guest post.

Opportunity opener

After been a professional guest poster, you can use the prestige to gain better offer elsewhere.

However, if you can curate a very good content organization can pick it up and contact you for interesting employment or contract.
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