How To Write A Blog Post About Yourself

Are you in a professional bloggers list? and ready to create a about me page on your blog?

Probably you are here for getting tips on how to create a greatest about me page.

We are with you.

I know writing about yourself or you can call it myself is not a easy task.

We can write about other things and other persons.

As we can write on their positive things.

What if we have to write about us?

This becomes a headache for many bloggers.

Even many professional bloggers can't do this.
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I have a answer of your question here.

Read below guidelines for writing a awesome About Me or About Us page on your blog.

Why a Meet Me, Who I am or About Me Page is Important?

These type of pages boost your professionalism at your industry.

You can have more engagement on your blog.

Also many professional says that these type of pages help you in getting approval from major companies like Google Adsense.
  1. People will know more about yourself and your mission
  2. You can have verified pages over social media networks
  3. You can make trust in reader's heart
  4. People will follow you as they follow your blog
There are many other benefits of that pages.

Now read how you can write such pages awesomely.

Find about Yourself and your Audience

Writing to the point and for a likely audience is a key-point.

First of all: Try to know what type of audience you have on your blog.

You can follow some guidelines
  • The niche you are blogging on
  • Searching keywords which send you traffic
  • Some top pages of your blog
After reviewing above three points you can easily got an idea about what type of audience you have.

Next step is to find about yourself:

To know about yourself is easy.

You can ask your girlfriend/boyfriend to make a article on yourself (joking).

You have to write it with your own hands. Try to cover below listed things:
  1. About your name and country
  2. About your favorite game and hobby
  3. What you love to write for your blog
  4. What you want to do in near future
  5. What you got from your blogging world
There are many other things you can include in your about me page.


Make sure there is not a single line typed in your about me page which is not suitable for public.
Simple formula: If you don't want to your sister or dad read it. Then! Don't write it.

Mind it: Honesty is the best policy

You are a human and you loves to read original and good stories of others.

If yes?

Then why you wanted to write a fake story about yourself?

Be original.
Just write those things which are in you naturally. Don't add any add-on. 
Many times fake about me pages can lead you to the more money. But! In the other hand you will lose your soul and realism.
  • Even on an interview you can't speak rightly, as you can't remember fake things about you. You can only remember original stories about yourself.
So! Its better to add just original text in your about me page.

Help your readers, know more about you

As all other story tellers.

Try to cover all your winning and losing moments on your about me page.
It help your reader to determine your truthfulness. Try to add as much text as you can. But! As I said only add original things not fake.
  • Include your social media profile links on that page like Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Tell your readers: Why you are blogging and how you started it.

Your life goals and some achievements.

You can share some of your losing points, where are you a loser.


Truth is what can give us pleasure.

Try to say only truth.

Add your about me page's link on main navigation and add a about me banner at your blog's sidebar area.

Stay with us for more pro tips. Happy Blogging! :)