How to Get Your Site Noticed in a Busy World

With more and more websites being created every single day, getting your own site noticed by your customers might seem to be a big problem.

This is particularly true if your website is still new and has not yet established itself in most social media platforms.

This is true with most of the marketers who are vying for the same attention as you are.

Both are trying to be noticed in a very busy world.

They tend to create campaigns and write persuasive content just to get visitors notice them.

And considering the rapidly evolving digital world, it might be a bit difficult to know which is effective and which is not.
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The thing is, the problem goes both ways.

People also want to find something unique, informative, and with fresh ideas.

They’re not actually ignoring your presence. It’s just that there are way too many marketers who are aiming to get noticed.

It simply means that you should incorporate smart ways to get your site be noticed by the many.

Here are some tips by which you can make sure your site gets the attention it’s supposed to have.

1. Go where most people are paying attention

Most people are busy, which is one reason why they tend to aggregate their news in one single source.

Since they don’t have that much time to head over to several sources a day, chances are, they might not even drop by your site that often.

Why is that?

Well, it’s because people are gathered in one single spot, and your site might be a bit far off.

That one single spot I’m talking about is no other than social media. Most brands aggregate their content on social media sites like Facebook since most people turn there for news because all of their friends and colleagues are also there.

If you believe that your site is where most of your buyers’ attention are, then you’re in for a big mistake.

2. Choose properly

When establishing your online presence, you should make sure to connect with good people in order to get good information.

If you find yourself filling up your network with just about anyone else, you’ll definitely be having a hard time looking for the right people.
  • A good idea is to follow people who post interesting stuff.
Try following people whom you find interesting, and you’ll eventually find yourself inspired.

3. Come up with a foolproof strategy

It’s actually one of the most obvious things, but there are still plenty of marketers who don’t do such thing. They just keep on curating content which is based on nothing but their own ideas.

While this might not seem detrimental, it can actually lead you to failure.

Meanwhile, marketers who are serious about reaching out to a potential fan base tend to capture abundant data.

They then identify which are the right topics and make sure to hone them precisely to capture the attention of the many in an effective manner.

4. Establish trust with your followers

Trust is the top factor when it comes to getting attention in this short attention span world. If you’re just focused on making revenue here and there, you might want to give it a stop first.

Your first priority should be to make sure that the content you create is able to persuade your visitors to view you in a different perspective than any other businesses online.

It’s actually pretty common to see it everyday. Someone would recommend doing a business with a person, and the very first question would be “How well do you know this person?”

People already know that there are plenty of substandard vendors out there, hence they would only want to get in touch with those whom they can trust.

This explains why simply offering an eBook in exchange for data no longer cuts it.

Without establishing trust first, your leads might not see the real value in it.

5. Provide something of value

People love to get incentives, and that’s exactly one thing you should pay attention to.

If you want your site to get noticed, it’s a good idea to offer visitors with something which they will surely find helpful and useful.

You might want to start out by offering some sort of helpful information which will keep your visitors stay tuned for more.
  • If you are selling something, you might want to offer some discounts, freebies or specials for your customers. 
  • If you provide services, try to provide your followers with a valuable information which your competitors aren’t able to offer.

Final thoughts:

The next time you want your site to get attention, make sure you incorporate these strategies first.

If you do, you could ultimately give your website/blog the attention you were ultimately waiting for.
This blog post is a guest contribution by Vishal KhandelwalVishal is the founder of WebyGeeks.