8 Things Your Blog Should Have To Survive

Indicating the blog success with your thoughts and hard work is powerful step to make sure that your blog could survive in a noisy world of blogging.

Blogging is something everyone can do, but everyone can't make money blogging or even survive to make their blogs live at-least for 6 months.
8 Things Your Blog Should Have To Survive
As many newbie bloggers create new blogs and delete them or stop publishing new posts, because they start thinking that blogging is a totally a time wasting job.


Blogging is different, you've to think about it first before creating any blog and making money or making it available to readers for a decade or more.
Without wasting your good time, bookmark this list and add these things into your blogs to make them amazing so they can survive easily.

1. A homepage with good navigation

Homepage is something all the visitors of your blog see to check your design and user interface quality, if they like the theme/design or template of your blog with options to explore the blog than they'll visit 2/3 other pages to see the content quality.

Yeah! Every blog should have a clean homepage

What we get from this point is you've to create an out-standing homepage firstly to get trust and happiness of your visitors.

Read what are the things a good homepage should have:
  1. A perfect header with top pages listed in
  2. A logo of your blog at left side or at center of the header
  3. A sidebar with widgets and a search engine
  4. A footer with links and categories
  5. A navigation menu at the end of homepage (articles area)
Having all these things and option on your blog's homepage makes it easier for your visitor to go to any page of your blog in just 3 clicks and its a good thing for SEO of your blog and user interface will be in quality too.

2. Short web-address with a top level domain name

People tend to visit short, interesting and to the point domains like YouTube.com or Gmail.com.

For example if you are ready to make a blog on "Loans" niche you should add LOANS word in your main domain name, as it is good to rank your blog in-time.

You can choose domain name like MyLoansTips.com and TipsOnLoans.com or any you think might sound good, its all up to you.

Tips to get a good domain name for your blog:
  • Register only a .COM domains as comparing to others most people like .com websites and blogs
  • Keep your domain short as much as you can
  • Add at least one word which describes the niche (topic) of your blog
  • Don't add digits or un-meaning words
In a nutshell:

Try to make your domain name simple as it can be and 2 or 3 words domain is good "if you can than one word domain is awesome".

As there are thousands of blogs created till date and it is not an easy task to have a one word domain name. That's why its better to register a 2 or 3 words domain to engage readers like we've ALLBLOGTHINGS.COM.

3. Content is KING!


I know you've heard this line thousands of time before, but tell me you know its meanings?

If yes! Then you'll become a good blogger in near future. But don't worry if you are not well-aware with this line here I'll explain it to you.

A blog is nothing but a content machine which can give you the information on the topic its author has selected to write on.

Above line is for readers, and guess what? you "the author" have to do all hard work with his fingers or you can say mind.

Read what a author (writer) have to do for creating quality content:
  1. A mindset of creating only good content with a pre-generated topic
  2. A quick thinking strategy to search and research on the topic you are thinking about
  3. Giving birth to a new topic after research and making the title for the topic a writer have created
  4. Again doing research on that created topic to make sure writer can create quality content and better than others
  5. And doing this on daily basis to keep the blog freshen
In that time a writer also have to search about already published article on the topic he/she founded or created with his/her own mind.

As there are many thinkers who can think a topic before you and there are many bloggers who can write on a topic you can't even imagine.

All you've to do is to create out-standing and high in quality content, article or you can say blog posts to entertain your readers with goodies of reading or scanning the content you've published on your blog.

4. A commenting system

On many blogs we can see there is nothing like a commenting system or a form to submit your views on any article you liked or disliked.

People want to submit their reviews on articles or content they see on blogs by commenting about that using a comment form mostly accessed from end of the article area.
  • They ask questions and give suggestions to improve the article you've published in back days or they can freshen the article with new comments and if you reply to that comments with insights than it may encourage others to leave more comments and it makes a community on your blog.
After all its all about readership and creating a good community of loyal readers for your blog - when they leave comments on something they are interested in your blog and writings and they want to help you do more.

That's why I would like to say that don't forget to open your blog for comments and add a commenting system at your blog for replying to comments you receive.

5. Must have pages like Contact or About us

Things can be described in a separate about me or about us page.

As the reader of your blog wants to know more about you and your blog. The reader want to know about history of your blogging journey are the way you think your blog can satisfy others.

You can add some paragraphs titled as followings:
  • What is the real meanings of your blog
  • What is the basic topic you are covering on your blog
  • How you decide to start your blog
  • Who are you and what is the aim behind your blog
  • What achievements you've received during blogging
and some others like old and viral content with a touch of why you started the blogging etc.

Just like about us page every blog should have a contact us page with a form to contact directly to a author or owner of the blog.

For creating a good Contact Us page just create a emailing box and grant access to public for sending messages, so they can send their queries and you can reply to them on the email addresses they uses to send their messages to you.

Please NOTE: Make your Contact and About pages short and interesting so people can have fun visiting that pages, as nobody wants to waste time on a bad about us or contact us page with no information.

6. A email subscription box

Email converts and when it converts it means a lead for your blog, you can get a loyal reader after anybody visits your blog via your newsletter.

As people love to read if they get a copy at their in-boxes. For this many blog readers like to subscribe to a daily email system which can send them automatic news about their interests.

But what they get is some spam emails and after receiving bad messages they stop subscribing to any newsletter, here's the topic which I want to teach you.

Have trust in reader's mind and tell him that you don't spam him or you don't sell/share his personal information like email address and real name.

To do so you've to add a subscription box at sidebar of your blog or in a pop-up.

I recommend to add this email subscription box at sidebar of your blog or at the end of your blog posts to get more subscribers easily.

7. Mobile friendly or a Responsive design

Having a blog with flexibility of design adoption can lead you to rank higher in search results at Google and Bing.

This is the future of internet traffic

As there are many mobile users and they are increasing day by day, this makes a spike every day on web traffic.
Personally I can see AllBlogThings's 33% comes from mobile and handy devices and that's why we've created our template responsive (mobile friendly) to make sure we don't lose our readers.
With this option of getting more traffic and rank you can get more money by enabling mobile ads on your blog.

If you are not familiar with coding than buy a responsive web-design and get ready for smartphone, tablets and mobile traffic.

8. Social media sharing buttons

Social media networks are awesome, they can give you the hot traffic and social signals to rank your blog posts higher in search results.

Readers of your blog also wants to share or spread the words you said in your articles and if they see some sexy sharing buttons than they'll love to share your posts over their social media profiles.

For an example you can see my approach on social sharing buttons at the end of this blog post.

I am using Shareaholic plugin to show amazing social counter sharing buttons and they give me total control so I can design the buttons as per as my choice.

I also have enabled "PIN IT" button for all the images available on my blog to make sure I can get juice of images to as a booster of traffic.

Shareaholic is best to add sharing buttons with Pin-it button too.


To survive in this world of blogging you have to have all above things at your blog. That things are essential for every blog and I have added them in my blog too.

Don't forget to share this post and leave a comment with your suggestions and ask questions too.