How To Generate 302,703 Unique Blog Visitors Per Month

Suppose, you have created a website/blog and now you are thinking that you will start earning money through a free blog?

Even if you have made some investments like spending money on registering a top level domain (.com or .net) and of-course on hosting.

And some also pays for installing WordPress and designing the blog with a paid theme which is will be a cost of minimum "$50". Yeah, minimum $50 and after this investment nobody is sure with the idea of making some money out of the blog as they don't know how to drive traffic.

As far as you don't have any traffic on your blog you are not going to earn a single penny with ad sales, affiliate networks or whatever you uses to monetize the blog.

Surprisingly, without high traffic on blog nobody can earn money using any of the platform.

Every single person makes his/her blog and thinks that now the days of making money out of the internet are coming to its way but ended up working hard and getting nothing in return.

It all happens because of less traffic, but wait! Here I am going to share with you top and greatest ways to get huge traffic on your blog which I have been using for my blogs and getting money+traffic and enjoying it.

How To Generate 302,703 Unique Blog Visitors Per Month

The term "302,703 Unique Blog Visitors" is not fake and I am getting these views on one of my niche blog. That is why I am going to show you the blueprints of what I was doing to hit these numbers.

Let's find it out:

1. Create Out Standing Content

First and foremost thing in getting tons of traffic on your blog whether it is a new one or years old, you have to complete it up and publish some quality articles having great content.

Following your blog's topic, you should write at-least 20 articles (base article) we also call them pillar articles with having sufficient content in them and publish one by one in 10 to 15 days.

After you are done with publishing 20+ articles don't dare to share with your friends and others on social media or anywhere else.

Just think about what people will do with your blog when they are visiting it and there is no content but only ads and some garbage type of text here and there?

Keywords can do wonders:
Keywords Comparison of Top Websites in the World
Keywords chart via:

You should bring some quality and create some content which is interesting in niche of your blog and for which people search on internet or it should be new idea (topic) which is helpful for the readers.

I know to create out standing content you have to write on most searched topic or create some new, and this is a hard to do thing.

For that purpose you can follow below simple steps:
  1. Go to
  2. For example type "how to drive", "what is fidget spinner" and lines which comes in your mind
  3. This will be a starting stage so following your blog's niche find related articles
For example of your blog's niche is "Forex Trading" than you can search for the topics like "top 10 forex trading platforms" and "how to trade in forex".

There are tools for keywords and topic research and I had published some articles on this topic too which you can read here and here.

2. Use Social Media Networks

Wait for 10 more days and submit the blog to Google webmaster tools (Console) and submit the sitemap too.

Don't forget other search engines like Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Bing to submit your blog there.

Its all done, now the game to start getting initial traffic on your blog which should be real users/readers (humans) we have to use the social media networks.

A couple of websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can do wonders for getting social media signals and traffic to your blog.
Follow below steps:
  1. Create social media profiles and pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit
  2. Upload your logo and add blog's url to these social media accounts
  3. Share 2/3 articles on all of these social media networks
  4. Ping social media profile/pages links to top search engines
  5. Ask your social circle/friends/followers to like and follow these pages/profiles
When you think that you are done with setting up the social media accounts, now its time to engage with the readers on social media and take them to your blog.

For this purpose you can leverage the power of Facebook post boosting option (which is paid).

Live stats for Facebook post boosting option
Facebook post boosting data chart by

Set your goals and boost your best article with Facebook for getting site clicks and invest $1 per day with a gap of 2 days for 15 days.

Commonly you will get some readers now on your blog and all of them will visit your blog again when you publish some new articles, so keep on updating your blog with new and engaging content on daily basis (at-least one article per day) for a week.

Note: If you are low on capital and couldn't manage to boost Facebook posts than share articles in Facebook groups and ask your friends to share them, don't spend money which you can't afford to spend.

3. Build An Email List for Subscribers (enable newsletters)

When you are spending on boosting at Facebook for getting traffic to your blog and working hard to create out standing content than what is the key thing you are doing to save all that readers in your blog's desk and make them get alerts for recent articles?

How you can make your readers loyal with your blog and force them to comeback?

Well this is the manipulating thing many bloggers just forget about and ends up spending more money for getting readers back on the blog.

Many professionals and online marketers will tell you to create an email list or for instant work buy some email contacts from a freelance or company.

I recommend you to don't do this type of bad work, as this will increase your chances in losing your hard earned money.

Because freelancers and companies are selling same email list to many clients and they might be very old (it means low potential and click through rate for your website).

Now the questions is raised here: How we can create an emails list to send newsletters to our blog readers so they will comeback and read our blog again?
Email marketing chart by Get Response
Email marketing (newsletter) chart by:

And the answer is here, I knows how to do it and I am going to tell you the same thing which benefiting my business and blogs.

As you all knows, FeedBurner by Google is a free of cost service by the best company and we can use it to make people/readers subscribe to our blog's newsletters and we can even design subscription boxes for this service.

If you are on WordPress there are so many free to use plugins but I recommend only FeedBurner so you should convert your blog's feeds to this services and enable the subscription option which is very easy to do and there is no need for this tutorial.

I can also help you in this regard for free and guess what? you can download all the email subscribers emails whether they have verified the subscription or not.

So that is all about email newsletter subscription and working on email marketing for your blog, but it is not good for a new blog.

4. Create Content for Humans, Not for Google Bots

Being a professional blogger, I suggest to each of my client and dear readers that traffic is just the key thing which you have to generate for getting money in your pockets.

When you are creating content and doing great SEO but still not getting enough traffic on blog which is sufficient for paying your monthly bills (at-least) than we should sought to find that problem.
  • In 93% of bloggers, content is a problem for driving traffic (unique visitors)
These are my own insides I discovered from reading many articles and failure to success stories.


How you can create best content for generating quality and unique blog visitors which will convert and stay for a longer time on your articles?
Ebriks Content marketing growth chart
Ebriks Content marketing growth chart via

There is a simple myth in this topic:

4.1: Find out what others are talking about

The very simplest method and quality one is to find out what others are talking about in their daily publishing data and what you can write on.

Just make a list of your competitors who are getting tons of traffic so the money and follow them on daily basis.

Whenever you got their point of view and the secret on which topic they are expert in and creating content, put that in your pocket and lets start creating out standing guides and articles on that basic topic.

4.2: Write having humans in mind

When you write don't just follow the keywords and stick to them, try to be frank with your readers and always write having your readers in mind and target one person not the community.

For an example write lines like "I am going to share this great secret with you my dear" not like "we are going to share this great secret with you all".

Hack the reader's mind and make your content eye-catchy so nobody will go out of your blog and bounce to any other web-page.

4.3: Write titles and tags professionally

Again, this is about real person to read your blog and in terms of generating unique blog traffic of up to 302,703 unique visitors per month you have to write accordingly.
  • Be detailed in your tiles and tag your blog-posts with appropriate labels
  • Don't be too wide or broad in creating titles and description but be specific to the topic
  • Create short permalinks and make it easier for readers to navigate through the blog-posts
  • Breakdown the articles in different steps and add headings so people will read them with ease
This is the simplest method for getting people read and share your articles which will lead you to have a great audience for your next blog posts.


Here I have shared some really amazing and basic tactics for getting huge traffic and I am following the same things to generate 302,703+ unique blog visitors per month on my niche blog.

Also, when you get 302,703 or above unique traffic on a niche blog it means that you can earn $$$$ and it will be an ease for you to make your thoughts be trends.

Many of you may think that these are the very basic steps to take for generating traffic for a new blog, but believe me! I am doing just these things and getting real traffic from search engines.

If you need any kind of help from my side comment down your questions and don't forget that I am available for hiring at thanks for the read.