How To Increase Facebook Likes from 0 to 5K - Secret Explained

The main purpose for professional bloggers and marketer to use Facebook (social network) is they want their pages to have much more likes and let people find them with a Facebook page having a lot of likes so every person who visits the page will like it.

Following the rule that:  Money makes Money!

We can say that when we have got sufficient likes on Facebook page about 4 to 5k we can than assume that people will like our pages without further hard work.

However people nowadays more likely to ignore liking Facebook pages and they hate when they see something irrelevant to their interests.

This is where the logic should be applied to have a better strategy for getting Facebook likes and making your page standout from 0 to 5K likes in some time or weeks.

To explain the secret I am using for many of my clients and my niche websites, here I am going to reveal it on this page by answering your question: How to increase Facebook likes from 0 to 5K in some time or weeks and some can do it in days.
How To Increase Facebook Likes from 0 to 5K - Secret Explained
So without any other interruption in telling you the secret read the top 3 ways to increase Facebook page likes fast:

1. Follow A Basic Strategy (good)

First of all from top 3 ways to increase Facebook page likes here I am going to tell you about the basic but really effective method which can lead you to get more and more likes in some days of the work and without any investment of your money.

Just follow below steps:
  1. Go to Facebook
  2. And type page name and follow the instruction provide by Facebook
  3. Upload a profile picture for the page
  4. Add description and if required create a username
Publish the page and after that upload a Facebook cover photo.

I know these are the basic steps in creating a Facebook page and you are here to increase the likes.


Let me show you some realistic and basic ways to increase Facebook page likes which will not fake likes and anything else.

To increase likes make sure you are talking about a real issue or trendy topic or you have a great website which is visited by a number of people like 1K to 2K visits/pageviews a day.
  • First of all put a Facebook like box on sidebar of your website/blog
  • Invite your Facebook friends to like your page and ask your parents to like it too (it helps)
  • Create a new blog post/article and mention your Facebook page there 
Well having a website with 2K pageviews can get your page to gain likes, but what about when you don't have a website?

If you don't have a website than you can follow below steps.

2. Create Fake Profiles (bad)

  • Almost every person having a real profile on Facebook have created a Fake profile too.
This is true and I got this statement for you by reading out many articles and asking my friends to tell me about their fake profiles and all of them said they've some fake profiles too.

Whatever still this is a bad method to gain more Facebook page likes and also many of the Facebook users are not aware of how they can get likes on their real pages at Facebook by creating a fake profile as profiles are made for adding friends and they are limited to 5K names only.


How to get Real people to like your Facbook page by creating a Fake profile?

Follow below steps and you are good to go:
  1. Create a new profile normally and activate it via a different phone number
  2. Name your profile with a girl name and upload a blured image of any girl (who is looking romantic)
  3. Complete the profile information from date of birth to study centers and where you are living (yeah complete it with fake details)
  4. You can upload a cover photo with barbie doll pictures and try to upload Facebook statuses like: Today I got my first job, Doing yoga who will join or something which looks interesting and original
  5. Upload another image of 2/3 girls and ask to find yourself to your Facebook friends
  6. To get some people send you friend requests join some active groups and post some hot images there (trending topics or girls images)
After doing all of this, you will start receiving some friends requests on your Fake Facebook Profile.

Keep on joining the Facebook groups and posting statuses to get more people to follow you and send you the friend requests.

After having 5K friends on your Fake Facebook Profile don't upload anything else and stop joining the groups.

Now follow below steps:
  1. Go to this link:
  2. Click on Get Started and follow instruction provided by Facebook
Now you have some time (15 days) to convert your fake profile friends to the page which you have created recently using the fake profile.

At page you can see the page tools and from that you can choose all friends to like your page automatically and this will do the magic by getting each and every friend of yours on fake profile to like the page on that profile.

When you are done with having all the 5K people to like that page than go to its settings and choose yourself as the admin of that fake profile's page.

If you are having trouble in converting Facebook profile into page and getting likes on that page than you can contact me at my Facebook page.

3. Advertise (costly)


The method from where Facebook is earning its money and Mark Zuckerberg is able to buy new social media networks and build his social media empire.

By boosting posts, advertising your page to get some likes you can do have your page to walk from 0 to 5K likes in one day or one month.

It all depends on you that how much you want to invest in getting likes on your Facebook page which are not really helpful.

However many companies and marketers prefer to buy likes from the Facebook by advertising the page in Facebook's advertising network which you can do on your Facebook profile.

However it costs too much and in some countries you will receive 15 likes on your Facebook page for some bucks.

Yeah, there is nothing else which one can do to get likes but:
  • Join sites like AddMeFast
  • Getting fake likes using a bot (risky)
  • Hiring freelancers to get likes on a Facebook page (worthless)
  • Getting celebrities to talk about your page (awesome
And if you want more ways to get likes on your Facebook page, you are more than welcome to comment your questions below and I will try to answer them accurately.

So, share this article and stay here for more tips and business ideas plus blogging and content writing tips.