5 Offline Promotion Ideas for Generating More Web Traffic

I know that there are many big and small ways to generate web traffic online and do it even for free. However there are some offline methods which you can utilize to generate more web traffic and have your blog or website do the great work for you. In terms of earning more money with your blog or website you have to generate good and quality traffic which should be relative to your blog niche or business website or at least the services you are giving online. As you can see many professionals are doing events and meetings and many of them are doing it for free, even they sale tickets for free and invite other pros to participate. Why and how they do it? we will discuss everything in this blog posts and tell you how you can generate more blog traffic or business website clients just by doing offline promotions - so read the 5 offline promotion tips:
5 Offline Promotion Ideas for Generating More Web Traffic

1. Digital Media

Not just the internet, there are 3 other major markets newspapers, TV stations and radio stations where you can promote your online services and website or blog. Its not ends here, you can do more but in digital media without the internet you can get the best ROI (return on investment) when you are doing it right and on the reputable platforms.

In my eyes TV channels can do it better but as they are expensive you can go with Newspaper ads. However if you are a local business owner than Radio station is the best place to put your name and let the people in your area listen to your services. Before promoting your blog or business with radio stations make sure you that you have a great business name and slogan too. As people should remember your brand name and slogan to find you easily. Since radio stations are audio only mediums to deliver news and updates or entertainment to people while they are working, driving or just listening to latest updates or music, we should be clear with our message and make people aware of what we are offering and why our services or products are better than others.

2. Offline Events

As digital media, offline events have 3 categories conferences, conventions and meetups. You have to choose one and start working on it as quickly as you can. Because people will be excited to meet you or greed with other influencers and online workers. In these three categories of offline events for generating web traffic we should go for meetups. Yes, they are small but can easily cater long lasting readership and make you famous when other influencers will start talking about you.

I have seen some of my friends are doing meetups whenever they visit any new city or area of the world and their following on social media networks are growing like hell fire. They are becoming famous and most of them feels that they are celebrities now. Yes, its true - we can easily get this done when we can do the hard work of meeting people who are relative to work we do or services we offer. So make sure you are holding at least one event per month for 2 years and you will see a huge turn in your online business.

3. Offline Advertising

Not just posting flyers about your blog in shops/cafes, libraries/schools, stores and markets can do the best for you as offline marketing campaign but there are some kind of big offline marketing methods which you may use to get a lot more targeted traffic and generate more leads.

You can put your message with your logo and URL on a billboard or you can do it with small advertising posters by posting them on walls of your local streets. It will be a best playing suite for small local business owners and they will get better ROI. Even I have seen that in my area one of the coolest dairies are doing this local business marketing and they are getting better ROI by getting more traffic on their websites and getting more customers to their shops. Billboards and other offline marketing methods like business cards and etc works best when you are around the area not in other country.

4. Word of Mouth

This the greatest offline promotion idea to generate more traffic and get more leads than convert that leads to customers and loyal readers. All you have to do is just talk about your website/blog in friend's parties and family gatherings. You can also ask some of your online friends to talk about you with their friends when they are offline and also you will be able to hire someone for this work.

Really people can fake their reviews when you are paying them (if not all some will do it). You can also create an out standing advertising campaign or create a TV commercial which can touch the hearts of many people so they will start talking about you. You can take example of Pepsi company and there are many others to look at what they are doing. Since we want free web traffic we should start with talking about our blog or business website with our friends and when meeting other/new people.

5. Collaborations

As you do online work and create blogs or websites, there are plenty of people doing the same thing. Even if you are just driving traffic to your affiliate links and want more traffic to them than there are some people who can collaborate with you and create an out standing funnel. All you have to do is tell them some things from your idea and tell that you will help them with their business too.

To create a win-win situation you have to work for them and they will work for you, in the end you both win as the show will be yours and your collaborator too. Don't be greedy and work with your competition to drive real traffic. As you can see that Yahoo was not able to compete with Google and Google is growing day by day. So if you want to be washed away than you shouldn't collaborate or otherwise this is the key to bypass the hidden keys of other's business in your industry.

Finally I am done with this article and I have much more to say about more offline promotional methods to generate traffic and get more leads with loyal readers. If you want personalized help then contact me or simply ask questions using the comment form right below.