How to Grow Your Blog Faster and Make More Money

Growing a blog without taking shortcuts is the key to success and more money. If you are blogging since years or just started now, you have to grow your blog and than you will be able to earn more money. As always, growing is not an easy task for everything we have to do some smart and some hard work than it grows faster or slower. Blogging is the new world at online universe and we should feed our blogs with what they are in need of so that they will grow faster and have respect which will convert in earnings. Today I am here to tell you the main factors which can grow your blog faster and give you the strength to step up your blogging career, so read them now:
How to Grow Your Blog Faster and Make More Money

1. Web Design

No doubts that there are thousands of templates and themes available for every kind of CMS and blogging platforms from Tumblr to WordPress and Medium to Blogger. Still your readers want you to have a unique web design which they will love and want to spend more time on your blog. Yes, it makes sense and if you have a clean and wonderful blog design than you have to do is just update your content and readers will never stop coming to you. However, with poor design you can ruin your readership and a poor web design can lack navigation, menu, slides and categories.

So make sure you have organized everything in your blog design and making your readers able to navigate in 3 clicks to every page of your blog. Its the only thing I make sure in every blog design and my blogs have low bounce rate. When your readers will find that navigating through your blog is easy they will read at least 3 articles in their first visit, and that's what Google bots love to rank you higher.

2. Know Your Readers

Understanding your readers will give you a plus point to create quality content and the content your readers are in need of. There are many ways to understand your readers and for this you can even install plugins or work with some platforms like Hotjar and more. These platforms and plugins will give you heat-maps for user activities and tell you where your readers click the most on a blog post page. Also don't forget to read your reader' comments as they tend to speak their minds in comments. Not just the green box, always check the spammy comments and read them correct your mistakes and leave a mark on your reader' mind.

You can also set a poll and have a contact us page or suggestions box for understanding what your readers want and how you can give them their desired content, product or service. I have seen plugins are getting better data and when we have some polls we can easily get enough data and make our blogs stand out from the crowd.

3. Help Them Learn

A blog should help people with problems, this is the only thing I know about blogging and that's what will take your blog to the next levels. If you are blogging or thinking to blog about something than don't forget to have an idea on how you can teach your readers and help them learn more about different things in particular niche or industry. As you can see entertainment blogs are also helping celebs and fans to engage with each other and loans blogs are contacting seekers to companies. There are many other niches for blogs which you think can't have helping content or guides but they can have.

All you have to do is research on your selected topic and know what questions people are asking in different forums and question and answer communities. After that you can put together guides about that topics and help your readers learn about what they were searching for and also give them a solution.

4. Engage Readers

Instead of implementing tricks and doing different tasks to generate more audience on your blog, you should engage with your readers and make them loyal. Yes, people who are visiting your blog already are the asset to your online success and when it comes to new and even old blog we should always do our best to get today's readers stick with us. With a lot of ways to engage readers with your blog I am going to talk about some:
And there is more to do for engaging readers who are visiting your blog already so that they will help you get more high rankings in Google so that's how you will get more eye balls when you are not focusing on getting any and you can also give them free courses for an email subscription.

5. Collaborations

Don't spend on advertising, no need to do hard work, just contact big players in your industry do collaborate with them. All you have to do for collaborating with other bloggers in your industry is:
This will encourage their readers to visit your blog and your readers to visit their blogs so you will be in a win-win situation where you and your collaborator will get more traffic and grow your blogs together.

6. Ever Green Content

Hmm, that's the key-hole to your blog success, if you want to be successful even when you are not updating your blog than you should create evergreen content and keep on creating new evergreen content. I have experienced the power of ever green content and that's the only thing we should focus on unless we are running a news blog. There are some points and mistakes to avoid during creating evergreen content:
  • Don't add dates
  • Make clean URLs
  • Add high quality images without text
  • Put it on auto pilot for social media sharing over time
I will talk about this method to grow your blog fast and generate more money in my upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned and read next tip.

7. Update Archives

Updating old blog posts from your blog will lead you to get more authority as people always wants to read updated content even if its a old thing. You can take an example: If someone is searching for "when Alexander The Great fought" in Google or other search engines he will visit new and updated article first than Wikipedia or other. No doubts that Wikipedia updates its content but what we should do to our old blog posts is keep on updating them on weekly basis and send to newsletter subscribers and share on social media accounts. This will keep us motivated that our content is great and if you are not getting traffic on your old blog posts than you are doing it wrong.

I know you were enjoying this article and want more tips on this topic so that you can easily grow your blog faster and make more money, but its all I can say about this topic for now and I will update this article in coming days. You can visit on daily basis to read more new articles and grow your online business.