Unknown Blogging Mistakes: Bloggers Should Avoid Doing To Get More From Their Blogs

Blogging is a passion turned business now, as more bloggers do blogging as a business not as a passion or part-time fun.

After happening of this thing, blogging is really converted to a online business opportunity and we call it Next Level Blogging.

And in business, all the youngsters even professionals can done mistakes - it is real that anyone can do a mistake.

No-one can say "I am Mr. Perfect" as there is nothing like perfect in whole world, or you can say universe.
Unknown Blogging Mistakes: Bloggers Should Avoid Doing To Get More From Their Blogs
Same applies to blogging, as this is a business or a hobby for you and are not perfect that's why you can learn from your past mistakes by avoiding them.

Here's a list of some unknown (un-tapped) blogging mistakes to avoid doing right now, as these mistakes are ruining your blogging life.

Unknown Blogging Mistakes in a nutshell:

Here's the list of all unknown blogging mistakes in a quick format to show the exact topic of this article, read more by scrolling below.
  1. Wasting Precious Time On Social Media Networks
  2. Avoiding Guest Posting Opportunities
  3. Not Maintaining Blog Post Publishing Frequency
  4. Not Creating a Mailing List Earlier
  5. Not Using Mobile Blogging Apps
There is nothing like perfection in blogging era and all the pro and newbies have done so many mistakes which are killing their hard works.
That's why I am here to re-touch my previous blog post, so you can get more information about avoiding these blogging mistakes to get more out of your blog.

1. Wasting Precious Time On Social Media Networks

We know "we can't live without social media" but for a blogger it can be a totally a waste of time.

Also, for a fashion or travel blogger social media networks can be a good thing to use for hours in a day.

But over-all using social media more than creating content for your blogs can be harm and destroy your traffic flow.

That's why there are things like "social media is a waste of time essay, social media is a waste of time debate and social networking waste of time for youth" I think you should stop using it too much.

Just use social media networks for sharing your blog posts getting more innovative ideas and that's all. Don't waste your time answering to blunt type questions and sharing or uploading awful images.

In a study we got these stats:
It is estimated that the average person spends nearly one-quarter of their work day browsing social media for non-work related activities. via
  • According to Facebook, the company’s 1.23 billion users log into their site for 17 minutes each day, in total, that’s more than 39,757 years of time collectively spent on Facebook in a single day.
Social media is time consuming, it doesn't matter whether you are a student, a professional or a artist you'll get social media addiction as a waste of time.

Now think more about it "are you wasting your time on social media or not?".

2. Avoiding Guest Posting Opportunities

You know what is guest blogging or posting?

Probably yes! And I know that you think guest posting is killer for your blog's SEO or not good for SEO, believe me it nothing like that- its totally a different thing.

Just avoid these terms while searching for next guest blogging opportunity:
  • guest blogger wanted
  • guest blogging service
  • guest blogging sites
and like that, just do manual search (research) and submit a guest post for your same-niche (related to your blog's topic) blogs and website with high authority.

By "authority" I want to say check their worth and do check DA/PA (domain authority, page authority) of that website/blog before writing a guest post, and don't forget to read their guest posting guidelines.
  • You've believe on Matt Cutts? and other mentors who said "guest blogging is not good for SEO".
Don't worry, if it is not good for SEO than it can be very very good for other traffic driving stages of your blog like "email subscriber" which can give you a team of loyal blog readers.

3. Not Maintaining Blog Post Publishing Frequency

You know how often should you update your blog (not by mistake)?

Well you can gauge it by having an eye on readers and their activities, with stats and other things in mind and without any mistake in stats reading.

After that you've to set a frequency for publishing your blog post on your blog (I am not talking about writing blog posts) I am just talking about hitting the publish button.
I recommend you to write at least 3 time in a week and hit publish button at least 7 times a month.
Yes! Don't publish all the written stuff this is a big mistake, merge your writings and publish blog post with authoritative voice and good information. As publishing daily can't give you a fruity readers-base, but publishing as a professional and rich-in-information blog post can lead you to more goodies.

You can check BlogTyrant as an example of not to publish on daily basis, instead you've to publish quality articles.

But, If you can write 1,000 words on daily basis with unique style and real information about a new topic, than you should update your blog on daily basis- as its totally depends on your hard work and dedication.

4. Not Creating a Mailing List Earlier

When you start your blog you should start building email list for marketing and newsletters.
According to a recent study by Ipsos, nearly 85 percent of people who use the web will use email, compared to only 62 percent who use social networking sites.
In my personal experience:
Even without a website or blog (if you've a good and active emails list) you can make money and launch your big products, also you can get great ROI (return on investments) by creating a good email list rather than social media optimization or search engine optimization.
As email list converts more than social media and search traffic, comparing to these two major platforms I discovered that "email lists are targeted and work like fire in a oil river".

Many pros says that email is dead, but wait- after some seconds they will surely ask you to subscribe to their newsletters.


Because email list building is not dead, its alive and work more than other lead generating strategies.

So! I recommend you to start email list building from scratch and from first day of your blogging journey, its better to have some active email addresses before launching your blog or any product.

5. Not Using Mobile Blogging Apps

Genuinely this is a next blogging era, and people are now getting addiction of moblogging to create new moblogs and post new blog posts.

As you can use your device (camera enabled or a smartphone) to publish blog posts on your blogs using a mobile posting compatibility platform just like WordPress and Blogger.

And guess what?

There are a number of bloggers who even don't try this method for publishing new blog posts.

In my recent test for mobile blogging I got to know:
If we write blog posts using a handset or any smartphone device, we can easily write 500 words in just 10/13 minutes, as you can write what you think and you can type fast comparing to a big keyboard of your desktop.
Yes! You hear it right, and also that words are targeted and to the point as comparing to computer or laptop typing results.

Its all because while you type using a small device which can be handle by your hands, you'll focus on writing more rather than finding information.

And it produces a great content. That's why I recommend you to use mobile apps for mobile blogging and create instant content on every topic which comes in your mind at any time.


Its not all,

There are many other mistakes you've done or you'll do in near future, so in any case you think that you're doing any mistake- leave a comment and let me answer with a solid solution.

Don't hesitate to show your mistakes publicly as you can learn from your mistakes only.

These are some unknown blogging mistakes to avoid doing for getting more from your blogs, so bookmark this blog post and share with your friends/followers.