How to Create Compelling Content to Inspire Readers

Are you craving for readers at your blog?

And your efforts for getting traffic on your blog were bursting without oil?

This might not only with you, it is a global problem for bloggers.

Which is a worst truth as we are not creating compelling, inspiring and relevant content with uniqueness.

To be a good writer and blogger – we have to create good and engaging content without the lack of information.
How to Create Compelling Content to Inspire Readers
Check these bullet points to make your writings standout:
  • Learn how to spell
  • Learn grammar rules
  • Learn how we can use our language
  • Learn how to persuade readers and inspire them to get engagement on blog posts
Well, you are not a kid now. You can spell (even Google can) and there's nothing like grammar rules for writing any blog post. But I recommend you to learn these basics first before any thing else.

As a Internet user and blogger (if I am not wrong) all of the bloggers who can read this article, also can write with grammar rules and perfect spellings.


1. How we can use our language to inspire any reader?

Know your language first and find what is your mother-tongue? as many people even don't know about their mother-tongue and start a blog without a proper knowledge of English or any other language.

Every time write like you are speaking in public and write short paragraphs, it help readers to identify information in any article.

Get your seat in any comfortable zone of of your home, office or work-space and write one draft for any topic you choose for writing next blog post. Make Sure the draft is written without any research and speaks your heart with a lovely vocabulary type of writings.

Always write with your national language or mother-tongue so you can write even better. Don't worry after writing one copy you can translate it into any language using or you can ask some experts for this.
I recommend to launch a blog in your national or mother tongue.
2. Persuade readers to read your blog twice a day:

Persuading readers to read your content on a daily basis can increase your traffic like hell-fire.

Try to write conversational articles in your niche and speak directly to your readers. Take this example:
  • Speaking directly to your readers can decrease bounce rate on your blog. As they will found your content is written by a human and not spinned or you bought it from any person/service
  • They (readers) will feel like they are talking to you directly and just reading daily dose of blog posts
  • As you can see I just want you to learn these methods not all my blogging community, you "just you" is my reader and want you to read like I am talking to you in real life

Don't think about your grammar mistakes. In real life no-one follow that rules. If you really like to give your readers some comfortableness while reading any article on your blog then make sure the blog posts are written in public speaking type of sentences.

Its enough!!

Now I want to show you the exact game for writing/creating compelling content to get more readers and reputation on the web.

3. Pose questions in your Writings and Engage readers

Adding some questions in your writings can make your reader addictive and think about your article. They can engage readers more then the statements.

Yes! Questions works best then statements and increase the persuasiveness.

To write some conversational blog posts and to make readers interested in your writings, you have to write like professional writers and well educated individuals.

Take an example for how you can persuade your readers to take more time on reading your articles:
Ask them few questions in blog posts, like if you add a question after 3 or 5 paragraphs then your reader will think about the answer.
After thinking, the reader will comment an answer to your question. In my experience 6 out of 10 readers write down the answer in form of comment, to show you their professionalism.

And the other fours will definitely take 1/3 minutes to think about answer of your questions. It all happens if you write very relative and awesome question like below:
Are you really a good writer? tell me how you can say that you are good writer?
These type of questions directly touch the reader's heart and to be real your reader will explain things in comments. That's a way to get good comments on your blogs with amazing engagement too.

4. Target one person not the team

If you are a beginner then writing from your own perspective can lead you to low-rate of engagement. You have to learn 'how you can target your reader (one person) and avoid writing for world.

Well! It doesn't means to write one post just for one person. It is something like write one copy and target one person while making it global.

It means you are writing for your blog audience and every reader thinks that you write that post just for that person.

For example:
Hey friends how are you all? Let's chat with me friends, and get answers to your questions.
It can't engage the reader - but maybe below lines can do it:
Hi dear reader, how are you? I am here to show you that "how you can engage your blog readers"
It target the one person and whoever read the post. It encourage the reader to read your post and help you to get some loyal reader.
Don't ever write for everyone, write just for one person. - Umer Prince

5. Write as humans write

Write for humans and write as humans not robots.

Just think: If you are in any meeting to show a business presentation, how you will introduce your employees?
Hi, He is a genius in our network holding MBA from USA and working for us in office.
Or this line:
Hi to all, He is a well educated person in our network and working with us from the first day. He helped us grow our network.
2nd line will work 66% more then the first.

Because there are many individuals holding an MBA degree. But no-one is available with experience and trust. Only a expert member can present your business with authority and professionalism.

Try to add authority in your writings. Don't ruin your online presence, use it to grow your mind and bank account.

6. Add awesomeness in your writings by writing creative articles

Creative content is a key in getting success for any business you start online or offline. It has to be added for must.

What is creative content:
  • It is full of information
  • It is fully researched copy
  • It encourage readers to share on social media
  • It blow readers mind that where the write found this information
All is:

It has to be a fantastic article, which can compel reader to read more articles.

So! Work hard and write good blog posts.

Thanks for reading and comment your views on this article too, by leaving your words in comment form below :)