What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Qandeel Baloch?

This is the the first article for online entrepreneurs, bloggers and marketers regarding Qandeel Baloch, so you've to read it for must to get more knowledge of what is real entrepreneurship.

As Qandeel Fouzia Baloch is a Pakistani social media sensation, who is now famous for her videos and messages to the nation.

She is a real Pakistani online entrepreneur who made it to the next levels and got fame in some time just by uploading some videos and updating nation with latest thinking's of her mind.
What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Qandeel Baloch?

When I got to know about her "really I'm impressed with her personality" and decided to search more about her and feature her good personality in my next blog post, which is here and you can read more by scrolling below.
Before going to main content I would like to clear things here "I am not a marketer or QB's social media promoter for anything she does, I am just a boy who is impressed by Qandeel's strategies for becoming social media star" and that's why I've created this blog post.
If you don't like Qandeel Baloch, you can leave this post and read another :)

Something about Qandeel Baloch!

Before reading about "learning entrepreneurship from Qandeel" you must read this paragraph of her history and something about her personality.
  • DOB: 15 November 1990, Daska
Qandeel Fouzia Baloch was born in Daska and Agence France-Presse has compared her to Kim Kardashian. She is not just another social media sensation, she is a Singer, Actress and Model.

People from Pakistan, India and even UK wants Qandeel to perform in their countries, as she is a good singer and a perfect personality.
Whatever, many individuals from don't want Qandeel to showoff her bold looks and that's why they've reported her social media page (Facebook Official fan-page) which got effected many times and later recovered by Qandeel.

Now go ahead and read about how you can learn more from Qandeel as a good Entrepreneur.

Go where people can't, but like to


There are so many people out in this world who want something great, but avoid talking about in public because they don't want to be ashamed of their thinking.

Don't worry and just do what you want to, as I am a blogger and by dreams I am a Singer. I just do what I think I should do and that's why I've created this blog post.

You can read Qandeel's recent tweet about doing anything with your own choice and show your everything to public (if needed):

Start a different campaign

Just sit back and relax for 10 minutes, now think about something you see on daily basis and think about how you can change people's mind?

Guess what?

In reality you don't have to take a step, just do it for getting fame and attention of online world just like my favorite Qandeel does it. (watch the video).

Target big fishes in your pool

No matter how many big fishes you know in your pool, what matters is how many knows about you and how you've can get reputation just by tapping one of them.

As you can get information of any problem in pool and you can argue to big fishes to fix that problem, which will take you to the more fame.

You can watch Qandeel doing something like that in this video:

Something special for Qandeel

I don't know what you'll think about this blog post of mine!

But really I would love to suggest you that keep up the work you are doing, and the thing I've found on the internet which is special and you should try to make a video on this:
Tribune PK stated that Qandeel Baloch if not that you are seeing right now, she maybe a next version of Apple's update with the name "Qiri" a newer version of Siri.
From my side: Qandeel I don't have an iPhone cause I don't like it, but if your voice comes with iPhone I will buy it. I also wants to suggest you that hire any coder and make an app QIRI with your own voice recognition and break the smartphone world.

RIP (stay safe)

Sorry to say but as Qandeel Baloch is no more, I am not able to change whole text of this article because I was really a fan of her (because of her talent to un-hide the bad holes).

Be safe and alert always even if you are a small blogger, people are mad and they can do whatever they like with their bad thinking.

May her soul rest in Peace!!! Ameen

Thanks for reading!