How Do I Find Readers and Get Traffic for My Blog

Hey! Dear ABT readers.

On this page we will talk about how one can grow his/her blog's traffic in 2018?

I am back with an question asked many times to many pro bloggers and Websters by newbies at blogging.

Also I got this question in my Facebook inbox and Twitter too.

So! today I have decided to give the answer in public.

Here's the things and tips to follow for gaining traffic and readers to your blog.

Read carefully and follow my ways effectively.
How Do I Find Readers and Get Traffic for My Blog?
This is not just a copy paste article. It is my hard work and your luck.

How Do I Find Readers and Get Traffic for My Blog?

I am giving you the always green tips on generating blog traffic on the go.

If you are fresh and want real tips than read below in any other case you can leave this article. No? Want to read? Start now.

1. Seize The Ideas

Doing/Trying new methods is good, but if you use proved and already adopted techniques then you can easily bring the results in no time.

You can also spy on your competitors to know how they are getting too much traffic cakes. But here is the question "how we can spy on our competitors?"

Solved here. You can read how to spy on competitor and know their techniques. SpyFU is the greatest online tool for exploring the hidden facts about any website/blog.

Make use of this tool and search about top keywords of your competitor and then follow that keyword to create blog posts better than your competitor.

Use your own skills: Yes! By looking at the past you can find a guru in you.

Just go back and search about how your old blog posts where getting traffic. What you had done to that articles.

By doing this you will found some methods, follow that methods and re-follow until you got success.

2. Live Like Living

Love making good relations online?

Like to be on all destinations online? It is a good sign, with this you can easily approach the goodies for your blog. To pursue traffic on blog posts.

For this step you have to create accounts on all major social and community platforms (including some micro-blogging services). And here's the list of that networks:
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Reddit
  6. WhatsApp groups
  7. Forums & Communities
  8. Ello
The guest posting is also a good thing in making relations with fellow bloggers to get more exposure.

If you can than try to guest post on your fellow bloggers.
It is a easiest way for getting professionalism in your hands. People will trust you more, when they see you on other top-rated and same niche blogs.

3. Convert Visitors into Profits

Following above two easy steps you can attract visitors to your blog.

After that, its time to convert incoming visitors into real and loyal readers. But the question is "how to convert visitors into real readers?".

Here I have a solid answer to your question:
  • Be a true person, and say what others can't say (but they thinks about that shit)
Yeah! It is true. Many people just think about one-thing and can't say any word on that. If you where brave enough and dare to say truth at your public social media profiles, than you can see a massive increase in your followers list.

You can be a good personality for your truthfulness.

More trust means more leads. Refer and Earn is a easiest way for a truth-follow person. Who can easily get leads from his community.

Above all that, if you want to launch your brand/blog (2nd blog) the crew (your followers) will support you. It means you can convert them into profits.

4. Be Unique, Be Everywhere

Being everywhere is essential to perform better in crowdy world of online business.

As there are millions of web-pages with high-quality information are already available and people can search/read them for free.
Be unique and be everywhere.


You got conclusions?

Want more information?

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