How To Do A Home Based Business Without Money

Are you want to start a business? yeah an online business from your bed-room. Are you searching for the ways on how you can start a money making business online at home?

Here I am going to tell you what you have to do for making an online money making system.

As you all know for doing something on internet we have to be a perfect computer user. And a better internet researcher. The best thing about online working is, you can start your work with no-money.

Only you have to have internet connection with your computer. After this you can do many things for making money. As you can sell your useless products/things online. You can sell hand-made products online. Olx is best at selling goods.
How To Do A Home Based Business Without Money

Let's learn more on "How To Do A Home Based Business Without Money".

Sell Your Old (useless) Stuff

You can easily sell your useless things in your home. After OLX you can even create your own free product store on eBay.

Please Note: On eBay you have to pay for some of their services, such as commission per item where sales. I recommend you to use in Pakistan and for worldwide old stuff selling.
  • Tip: If you don't have anything to sell as old stuff. You can ask your friends. They will give you their useless stuff. So! You can easily sell that items online. 
Don't get the items for free. Give 40% 50% money to your friends. So! They will be happy and you too.

Sell Handmade Products Online

Be a crafty and craft amazing items with your hands.

You can sell them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

There are many other stores for you, where you can easily upload two/three pics of your product and buyer will contact you own your phone number or email address.

If you can pay a small fees, you can use etsy. Otherwise Fiverr is a great platform. You can use for bigger sells.

Start a Elance Business

This what 7 out of 10 people are doing on internet.

You can do it easily if you have working brain. Because with the mind capacity we can do anything on internet.

You can sell whatever you want to. I suggest you to sell images. It may cost you a DSLR but it worth, if you can think more like your eyes see.
  • You can give template/theme designing to needy persons
  • You can write article for authority blogs/websites
  • You can start making videos (YouTube is best at selling (actually not selling) your videos)
  • Re-writing or translating business is also a best choice for beginners.
Now its your choice, what you can do and what you can't.


So! Its better to know about your comfort zone. Think a-while what you can offer online easily. Best is to start a business on your own interest. It may lead you to success in no time.

Be happy and try to start a online home based business without many (no cost).