Blogger Featured Post Widget: Highlight a specific post on your blog

The official "featured blog posts" widget is here. If you are one of them, who want to highlight posts that matter most to their readers. Then you can add any special post as a featured post at any side of your blogger template (blog).

As you know is a awesome and amazing platform for blogging from home and without any cost. There are many widgets coded by many pro-bloggers.
Blogger Featured Post Widget: Highlight a specific post on your blog
But all that widgets are not relative or responsive for your blog. This widget is a specially coded widget for blogspot blogs only (working on custom domains too).

Features of this new widget

Google Blogger team announced this widget on Blogger Buzz blog, and added the information. For more read below:
  • It is a compatible widget for all type of blogs and templates
  • It is a free and low weight widget
  • You can select any post for featuring it on your sidebar
  • No need to add blog post's link manually
  • Search posts by labels
And many other features. As you can add this widget in less than one minute.

How to Add a Featured Post in a Blogger Template

Using original Blogger widget you can do it easily. Follow below steps:

1. Go to and log-in > Select your desired blog
2. Go to its "Layout" area
3. From sidebar area select "Add a Gadget" and you will see a widget "Featured Post" click on this (see the image below)
4. It will take you to the next settings >Edit your widget and Click on "Save" button. For more see below image.

You widget will now available at your blog. You can view your blog for knowing how it looks.


This is one and only Featured Post Widget/Gadget by Blogger team.

So! I suggest you to use this widget for adding any special blog post as feature post at your blogs. Thanks for reading.