How to Add AdPlugg ads to Your Blogger/Blogspot site

Want to manage all your advertising needs with one online tool? or searching for ways to show ads on your blog and earn money.

You can do all that things with AdPlugg plugin.
How to Add AdPlugg ads to Your Blogger/Blogspot site
Yes! It is a feature rich and freely available plugin (with support). Also it supports WordPress and other major blogging platforms.

Here I am going to share with you a way to show ads using AdPlugg on your blogger powered blogs (for WordPress you can install their plugin). Let's read how you can do it rightly.

Why to use AdPlugg Advertising Plugin on Blogger?

There are a number of factors. Like these:
  • Feature rich and free
  • Your own hold on your blog's ads
  • You can set all the things as your own
  • It takes only 2 minutes to setup an ad
  • From creating to targeting you can schedule and edit the ads
And there is much more features in paid version. If you are a blogger. You can get a kick start from AdPlugg with its free version.

1. Creating account on AdPlugg website

Here you can see how-to create free account on plugin's website.

Go to this link and fill the form.
creating an account on adplugg
Don't worry if you got error first time.

Personally I got an error and after resubmitting that error gone away.

2. Now create an ad at your account

It is time to create an ad.

Login to your AdPlugg account and follow below guidance.
After clicking on "Ads" button now click on "Create New Ad" button (make sure your adobe flash plugin is working).

Now fill out the ad's information like where you want users to redirect when they click on ads, ad's type (video, text or flash), upload the image and others.

After filling all the information about your ad. Click on "Save" button and follow below text.

3. Adding AdPlugg ads plugin to Blogger

They call it to add SDK of AdPlugg in blogger blog's templates. It is easy to install on blogger. Follow my guidance.

1. Go to Blogger "dashboard" > select your blog > go to its Template section
2. From "template" section click on "Edit HTML" button and press Ctrl+F and search for <body> tag
3. Now go back to your AdPlugg account and download the SDK
4. Scroll down > click on "Get The Snippet" button.
5. Now copy the coding in SDK and paste after/below <body> tag in your blog's template.
6. All done. Click on "Save Template" button and navigate to "Layout" area of your blog.

4. Adding an tag for showing ads on your blog

This our final step for showing custom ads on blogger blogs using the brand new AdPlugg tool.

After successful installation of SDK it is time to make an experiment. So read more:

1. Now from "Layout" area of your blogger blog > click on "Add a Gadget" button (sidebar area)
2. Choose HTML/JavaScript from widgets list > again copy and paste the SDK code (as you downloaded in step 3.4).
3. Save your settings.

Yup!!! Your ad by your hands on your blog is live. You can edit and re-edit even you can add more ads at any area of your blog using same technique.


From Ads zone you can select any ad of yours for modifying. The changes will take effect in real-time. No waiting and other shits.

You can do more with using the Cookbook page. For users this page is best.

Waiting for your questions and views on this tutorial and this new service for bloggers. Give me the response by dropping your comments using below commenting form. Images from