Top 7 #Hashtag Research Tools for Bloggers

Hashtag (hashtags) is a special way for individuals to utilize their social media profiles. It is a best and easiest way for searching data about a specific topic on the web.

Any person (micro-blogger, blogger or social media user) can use hashtag system. It is easy as you just have to add your un-spaced text or word next to # character. You can use # tag at start of your text and any area you want to.
Top 7 #Hashtag Research Tools for Bloggers
Then other people can search and target your tagged text from various platforms. As you can also search for any # tagged text from web using some tools. Here I'm presenting the top 7 tools and resources for you to find most trendy hashtags around the globe.
This is a great example for use of hashtag:
You want to search for United States #hot and #lovely events this year? Join me
As you can see, I used # tag as #hot and #lovely. You can also use hashtags this way. If you are a marketer or social media analyzer you should use below listed tools for searching hot and trendy # tags.

1. Twitter Trends Box

The Twitter is a mother of hashtagging.
Twitter Trends Box
It is very easy to use Twitter's trending box for getting information about latest hashtags.

One can have up to 7 trendy hashtags in a box (column) on the left sidebar of Twitter's home, discover, connect and me (profile) pages for desktop version. If you are at mobile or or any smartphone type device. You can get these information at discover page.

Everyone can change locations of trends to be shown. Also Twitter is techy to give you personalized hash tag information based on your following and search terms.

The information is real and worthy. No dead trends. Only live and fresh hashtags available for you to use.


It is a Twitter hashtags data providing organization using API of Twitter.
#love 24-hour trend graph by
Yes! It is a wonderful great tool available online with paid and free version.

After knowing about trendy hashtags on Twitter. You can take more in-depth information using this online tool. Read what you can do with this tool:
  • Trend graph
  • Definition
  • Prolific users
  • Recent tweets
  • Related hashtags
Some of above features only for paid accounts. You can do great with free version. But! For a pure and pro information stream. You have to pay them.


Live and per hour stats about Twitter trends.
hashtags ranking for the last 24 hours by
It is also a great tool for searching mostly hot and live trends.

You can get information about users and:
  • Hashtags
  • Words
  • Locations
  • Sources
  • Languages
  • Stats
Live to year and today to month. You can get what you want by using Statweestics. Amazing thing is "this tool is totally free and can give you live data".


Embed hashtag and join the conversation.
this is how you can search hashtags on
This tool comes with an option to embed hashtags. You can shortlist hashtags and can find more data like you do in Twitter search results.

Read what you can do with this tool:
  • Instant related tags
  • Direct post message with # tag
  • See Twub members
  • Embed hashtags
  • See live feed from Twitter
  • Read about users of searching tag (Contributors)
You can also join the Chat and it is free.


Claim to have hashtags data since 2006.
2006 to now all twitter by
Want historical data? Creating an infographic about history trends? You can use Topsy.

It is Gennie tool for searching about trends+hashtags because of:
  • Change results according to your selected time
  • Person to links, tweets, videos and more target types
  • Select any language
It is also a well-known tool in bloggers and marketers groups for finding data.


Visual hashtag and trends.
this is how shows the data
The free option is just a map with mostly used keywords (so called hashtags).

You can get even more data if you pay them a little fee. Read what you can get:
  • Ad free
  • Top users, videos, images and links
  • Detailed zoom
  • 7 day history
  • Filter by words, users and hashtags
  • Top videos, images and links for each local trend
  • Enhanced user interface functionality
If you love this tool. You can buy an paid account. Personally I would like to suggest you "use topsy instead". This tool is really a good one. But only for maps.


Beautiful and eye-catchy information.
It is also a great and nicely designed tool for hashtags.

You can use if for knowing about reach of any #tag and:
  • Impressions
  • Top contributors
  • Most retweeted tweets
  • Tweets timeline
  • Follow top tweeters and get graphs
With re-tweets data and options for saving link, PDF and printing you can take your information to the next level of experimentation.

Final words:

Now its up to you, how you utilize above tools and how you take benefits out of seven top and great to use for free hashtags searching tools.

If you want more from me on this topic. You can ask here in comments. Thanks for reading.