13 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating a Personal Blog or Brand

You know what does personal brand means? or can you tell me what it takes in developing your personal brand or personal blog? There are so many questions to ask when developing a brand of yourself. With questions to develop a personal brand and create your personal blog, I am here for providing tips on how you can answer your self-improvement queries.

First of all:
Personal brand and Personal blog are two same things in two different boxes
It means whether you start your personal blog or create a product on your name you have to be on two sides - first on the internet with a personal blog and second at the offline world or you can create a product for online users using your own name to brand yourself.
13 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating a Personal Blog or Brand
By looking at so many personal brand examples I got to know that a personal blog is equal to any personal brand which is used to spread awareness about yourself.
Without wasting your precious time lemme show you the best and worthy questions to ask yourself before creating any personal brand or blog.

1. Where I come from?

Please, Don't take it seriously!

I just want you to ask this question to yourself to know what are the possibilities you can use to create the next big thing and where you've spent your childhood.

It reflects your mind and can be a good thing before creating your personal blog's topic or choosing what to create as a personal brand.

For an example:

If you've spent your childhood in Los Angeles then you defiantly know what beauty is and what people want to watch online.

Another example is:

What if you were spent 7 to 9 years of your age in Brazil? you can start with football or you can have a football niche personal blog where you can share your own experience as a teenage football player.

2. Where I want to be in next coming years?

Don't plan anything!

Just think and ask yourself that what you want to be in next coming years and what you want people to write about yourself?

For an example:

Think about what you can be in near future? are you a blogger and wanted to be an owner of any social media network? Really? Then why you don't start from now to have it stand out in coming years.

Just have self-confidence and start working on your dream from now.

3. What is the perfect thing in me?

Think about what is the perfect thing in you like you see the perfect sense of humor in Jennifer Lopez.

It's just another example:

Ask yourself one question that is what is a perfect and long-lasting thing is in you? What makes you different from others.

Asking this question will get you to know your inner master.

4. What is my professional purpose?

What you are and what you have planned for your professional work?

Check this list and see where you can be a professional:
  1. Professional plumber
  2. Professional painter
  3. Professional driver
  4. Professional writer
and this list is too long.

Just think about what you want to get written on your professional business cards and what are some professional goals in your life.

5. When was the last time I did something for the first time?

Quote yourself to think back about your past days.

When searching for some answers to this question I got few interesting and mostly equal answers some of them are listed below:
  • I have read song lyrics online
  • I did wall art in my home
  • I recently met a quote author for the first time ever
  • I slept with my pillow and it was good than my wife

Crappy answers, you should be professional to answer this question as you may want to use your answer as your carrier.

6. Would I like to be my own friend?

There are so many things you can read about being your own best friend such as Quotes, PDF, and offline books even you listen t the songs about 'be my own best friend' it is cool Nah?

I would like to tell you that your best friend is yourself, so be one.

Before being, ask yourself that you are good enough to be your own friend or best friend?

7. Where and how I become upset?

You know what is a key thing you see and become upset about?

Or any work you have done and got a headache? think about what are some things which make you upset.

Ask yourself some thought provoking questions like why your stomach feel better after some upsets?

8. What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail

May you've seen posters having this line "What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail".

For an example:

If someone said to you 'jump from the mountains and you'll be fine without any bad thing happening? You probably don't believe it.

And there are some books published on the same topic, you can easily determine that what is that thing you will do when there is a surety of no failing.

9. How do I want others to describe me?

This is essential!

What you want others to feel about you? good or bad it's all up to you, you can start a scam/spam website to get your reputation go in a gutter or you can start a legitimate business to get people's trust in your personality.

Ask yourself that what you would like to hear for yourself from others.

10. What difference do I want to make in this world?

Not really in the whole world!

You can think of your favorite industry, market, topic, or any other thing which is changeable.

For an example:
Imagine that you are a hooker, what you want to change in that industry?

Another example:
What if you are a student of 11th year and you don't like the system of studies in your country?

What you would like to change?

11. What don't I want to be known for?

Many people fail to found the right path for their careers and many of them also fail to find that what is not working for them.
  • You could be one of them.
So! think deep in your heart and listen to your inner voice that what you don't want to do in the coming years? Because before creating a personal brand or blog this will help you to make a good decision.

12. What business I can start without investing too much money?

Mostly everybody wants to start a business without investing a penny and they want to earn big bucks on a daily to monthly basis.

Many even don't have some to invest and they couldn't start their dream business.

Think for yourself!!

What if you don't have much money and dreaming about starting a business?

13. What is that thing you feel a powerful desire for?

In the final option, think about what is that main thing or step you want to accomplish once in your lifetime?

Think about that one perfect thing and try to convert it into a product or blog topic so you can easily brand yourself with your favorite thing.

It is a key point in branding yourself with confidence and happiness.


Maybe you couldn't answer all of the above questions.


If you can answer any three of them then you are able to brand yourself.

So! don't listen to any person and starting branding your name with your own ways and imaginations.