6 Ways to Promote Your Local Business on Social Media

Getting your small business or local business to the highest levels of marketing and earning potential is an essential and effective way to get higher ROI (return on investment).

As a marketer, social media expert, and professional blogger with a lot of knowledge for local businesses' success, I am here to give some real and effective tips to you and by sticking to these methods you will be able to get your local business to survive and thrive.

Don't worry, knowing nothing is normal (not bad though) and you can be the next master by learning from this page.

Social media marketing plays an important role in making a local business generate more revenue than it generates in general terms and without marketing to the right audience.

In every area of the world, there are some techniques that defiantly work and we can stick to them to getting success in our local businesses without getting the headache of investing money and getting low ROI which is not satisfying.

6 Ways to Promote Your Local Business on Social Media

In most cases, people and even marketers stop social media promotions just because they get to face the failure of social media marketing for local businesses and thought that this is not their way.

Here is a cheat sheet for all those who failed to do social media promotions and ended up spending money without knowing how the heck social media like Facebook and Twitter works.

So sit back and feel relaxed as you should read this guide from the first number to the ending word to learn all of the secrets and basis of social media marketing which may help you in getting better results for your investments.

1. Be Visually Impact-full

Just tell me one thing, what people around your targeted area will see for the very first time on your social media accounts and content marketing pages?

Probably you will say that they all are going to see your posted photos and videos.

Yes, it's a true and the right answer.

All of the readers and visitors to your Facebook page, Twitter profile, Google+ profile, and all other mediums will first look at your uploaded pictures and they will give you a score on that visuals.

What should be done to make them feel your local business is a professional service?  - Just create awesome images.
images chart for retweets - 6 Ways to Promote Your Local Business on Social Media
Source: SEOpressor.com

Now the question is how one can create awesome images when he/she cannot go to any hills or something beautiful and when the need is a guy image and the marketer is a girl?

Simple, you have to find a source where you can get free of license and backlink option images.

I had shared a list of those websites where you can find the best and full HD premium quality images for free, check it here for free images.

After getting some free-of-cost images that you can use for any purpose, now the main thing is to put some text on them and make them yours with personal touches.
Just go to the Paint program of Windows and if you are on any other Operating System than get any free image editor.

Almost all of the free image editing tools can add text to the images without any watermark and you can also do it on your smartphone (more on this later).

2. Make A Timetable

Adopting a timetable for posting on social media networks is a plus point into your branding and marketing tactics.

I have found that when we post on the morning time people tend to read more pages as compared to the night time and it differs from niche to niche.

However, there must be a hack that many professionals are following and making tons of traffic even without spending money on social media marketing.

This is an example of social media posting timetable:
social media posting time table chart - 6 Ways to Promote Your Local Business on Social Media
Source: Fundivo.com

The above chart for social media posting time is maybe the worse thing for some Asian bloggers and social media marketers and what suits us better is the below one:
Source: Photocrati.com

The second example is my favorite and it works, since Twitter is the real-time news-breaker social media network - we have to retweet our blog posts several times in a month and a week.

Luckily you are the one who is seeing these two charts on one page so you can make your own perfect schedule of your social media posting based on your targeted region and the niche you are currently blogging about.

After all of the experiments which I had done from the years of social media networking and marketing practices and getting experience, all I have to say is:
Be active and always share something on your social media accounts, just make sure your followers are getting a daily bite of your work.

3. Question Your Audience

The best way to make your social media followers count your local business as a real friend is to them, you should try asking some questions social media followers of your brand.

As when you will interact with them, they will don't bounce to any other page but give reactions to your questions.

Try a simple formula:
  1. Use some hashtags like #lvOpen
  2. Ask them what is LV and put something on sale with a high price
  3. You can also tell them whether they like to wear a replica of LV?
  4. If anybody says yes in the comments, reply and answer that you are selling them
There are many other hacks to do this type of hype-full marketing on social media where you can sell your high priced items together with the low priced items.

You can also try asking your social media followers what they want to buy online (in your niche/industry) and if you are giving another service online you can still ask them what changes they want in the service.

By this, you can make your local business to get its highest peak of success in some time by working with your own audience.

4. Boost It Up

Its not shameful and nor its a bad practice. People are paying to Facebook to boost their updates in the social world.

Only one thing should be clear you are not doing it wrong or at a bad time.

How one can run a Facebook boosting campaign wrongly?
  • Answer: Simple, when you are selling shoes and asking people to buy your shoes by boosting Facebook post (its wrong)
  • The right way is: You should tell them that you are offering flat 70% off on your high quality shoes collection for the first 90 buyers
With 2nd method, people will likely to buy your product with 65% higher sells than the first one.

The other questions here is: what is the bad time?
  • When you are at 500 page likes and you are boosting your posts
  • First get at-least 10K likes on your Facebook page and make sure they are from local area
  • After that try to figure out your audience's demand and react to them like a friend, if they don't comment on your posts "its the time to boost your posts"
And when they are reacting to your posts, just keep on replying to them back and create relations to be within budget and not boost anything.

However, there are many small business owners who are making thousands of dollars by boosting Facebook posts and re-selling items from AliExpress using the affiliate websites on daily basis.

5. Be Responsive

By being responsive I am not saying that you should have a mobile ready website. I mean to say that making relations with your followers and fans and always replying them quickly is another smart way of social media marketing which all the best companies are doing.

I already have said that you should reply to your audience and hear them when they are asking you to change something or provide something which is a need of them.

Just make sure:
  1. You are pretty quick to respond to private messages on social media accounts
  2. You got good abilities to tie up with angry customers, who are commenting very bad words on your social media posts
And one thing is:
If you can than: Try to reward one person who is buying many items each week with a special gift (like T-shirt of your business name or Key-Chain)
With this type of contest, many people around that person and your social media accounts will help you get more customers and thus they will buy more things which will be a unique selling point for your local business.

6. Stay Local

Don't be an international company owner, since you are not. Just be frank with your customers and always show them that you are one of them.

By showing them the factor, you can be able to take their love for your local business to peak and make you rich in the coming days.

However, as described in many case studies: Businesses from other areas of the world expanding and losing their own yards just because of the customer's bad relationships.


What will be your strategy for doing great social media marketing to promote your local business on social media?

Tell me and I will tell you more tips to expand gradually for making more, not losing hard-earned money. 😉