8 Methods to Develop An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Best Methods to Develop the Most Effective Content Marketing Strategy
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Content creation is gradually becoming the most important element of marketing strategies. It can lift your business to the higher level or slow it down if implemented poorly.

That’s why marketers approach it carefully and invest a lot in this segment.

According to recent surveys, almost 75% of marketers plan to increase investments in content marketing.

However, gigantic budgets cannot make results by themselves. It takes a lot of hard work and planning to come up with the best methods to develop an effective content marketing strategy.

How to Make It Work?

Content marketing is constantly evolving and you need to upgrade your knowledge all the time.
It’s necessary to make a combination of standard procedures and contemporary trends if you want to make a functional strategy.

Let’s see the best content creation methods here. 

Concise is not enough anymore

Online contents were traditionally brief and concise in an attempt to grab the readers’ attention.

However, times have changed and now content creation relies heavily on longer articles and blog posts. This is happening because consumers want an in-depth analysis of the product, services, or entire industries.
If you want to make a good impression, write a high-quality analysis using not less than 2,000 words. Many marketers have a problem with this, so they use assignments help to make sure that their writings maintain the highest standards.

Use free content creation tools

It’s often difficult to keep the rhythm and stay up to date with your topics. Luckily enough, there are many convenient tools that marketing teams can use to improve their work.

Google Trends will help you choose the most interesting topic in all sorts of categories. On the other hand, there is also the Headline Analyzer to assist you while creating a captivating title.

Tools like this will not write the blog post for you but they will surely make it much better.

Add share buttons

Internet users are lazy. They don’t want to bother you too much about anything, which means that you need to do your best to keep them engaged.

Using share buttons in emails and on your website will help you in that regard. Also, add it to every piece of marketing content you make. This is the simplest way to boost interest in your content and increase the web page traffic.

The only thing that the reader has to do is make one click and the job is done - it can’t get any easier than that.

Talk to opinion leaders

Your mission is to make credible online content of all sorts. Besides blog posts, prove your hard work and expertise through interviews with key opinion leaders.

This is a nice method to grab more attention from users and to expand your professional network. You can build authority in your niche this way, while connections with industry thought leaders will lead to even more acquaintances over time.

Create podcasts

Audio formats are very popular these days. Many people don’t have the opportunity to read your blogs or to watch video content.

However, they can listen to your discussions and analysis while working or driving.
Use this chance to earn some new followers: create podcasts concerning your niche and make your business widely known for its outstanding audio content.

It doesn’t require a piece of complicated equipment or technical knowledge. It’s just you and perhaps one of your fellow experts explaining the latest industry developments. It’s very simple but very catchy, too.

Video rules

There are people who like to read and there are people who want to hear you speak. But the vast majority of people want to see your video content. They watch product reviews, industry trends, and brand presentations.

It seems like more than half of marketers think that video content has the best ROI nowadays.

People receive the biggest amount of data through images and it makes video content the number one choice of contemporary marketing. Keep this in mind while preparing your marketing strategy.

Occasional controversy

Successful marketing is all about emotions. If you can make your audience react to the message, your content is definitely good.

Analysts have determined that anger is one emotion that stands behind the majority of viral content. You should use this emotion occasionally to engage your audience and cause a little controversy.

What you choose as the topic depends on the target consumers but make sure to avoid exaggeration. Don’t fool around with the most delicate issues or offend sensitive groups. As long as you play it smoothly, there will be enough potential to make a substantial marketing breakthrough.

Measure ROI

Although there is some serious mathematics behind content marketing, a lot of marketers still cannot measure their ROI.

It seems like 60% of small businesses don’t know how to calculate it. But if you want to make your activities meaningful, you need to determine key performance indicators.

Be clear about your expectations: do you want more content downloads, leads, or shares on social networks? This is the only way to measure ROI precisely so make sure to set goals before launching your content marketing campaign.


Content creation is a genuine epicenter of contemporary marketing. It can make your business extremely successful and your products well-known.

However, there are no universal solutions and it’s not easy to figure out the best content marketing model. In this article, we gave you an overview of the essential methods that you should begin with.

Make them the cornerstone of your marketing strategy and you’ll be on the right track to grow your business!
Guest post by: Jennie Conner when not working at her career as a high-powered HR executive at TopBritishEssays.com or looking after her two beautiful toddlers, Jennie Conner loves to write and test her theories on increasing productivity.