How To Create a Basic Affiliate Website For Making Money Online

Earning money on internet is easy!

If we do right things. It becomes very easy to make money online. If you have an computer and internet connection, and want to earn money without any cost.

You can follow our mentioned steps.
How To Create a Basic Affiliate Website For Making Money Online

We will guide you step-by-step for making money online using a free blogging platform and some affiliate companies.

As affiliate marketing is a best business and good job for all type of internet users. We are hare to provide you basic tips on "How You Can Create a Basic Affiliate Website" using a free blogging platform.

1. Choose a Niche/Topic for Website

Before creating any blog/site, the first step is to choose a perfect niche (which suits you).

We have seen many people wasting their precious time in creating content and affiliate websites on the topic they are not familiar with and they just endup with earning Cents not the Dollars.

To be an active person in the topic of earning money online using affiliate websites than stay connected here and read on.

Read what you should to keep in mind while choosing perfect niche for your simple affiliate website.
  • Think what is the topic you can write on - on daily basis
  • What is the perfect niche for you - your favorite thing
  • Choose a niche which you are working in already - If you are doctor you can choose health related niche and sub-niches like breast cancer etc.
The best trick for selecting a good niche is to select one, which is suitable with your mind.

For example if you are a sports person, than don't start a fashion website. You can create a sports news or sports tips website.
Tip: Choose a perfect name for your website. You can do Google search for how to choose great name for websites.

2. Choose a Platform for Creating your Website

For creating a website without any cost you have to choose a free to use platform or it can be a paid one.

Why we recommend a free platform for start of your first ever affiliate website is you should test it out and try your best in this niche to make sure that you can earn through this method or not.

Don't dream that you will be on spot of earning $$$ in your first try, I hope it will happen but you should be stable to create next version of your affiliate website with having great experience running a free affiliate website.

Internet is cool, you can create as many blogs/sites you want simply without any cost. Just choose a platform for creating your first website as a blog (we will turn it into a website later).
These platforms are best for you. I know there are many other platforms to choose. But! I suggested you the bests.

Recommended is This is a very easy to use blog publishing tool owned by Google Inc.

3. Update your Website

For getting attention of readers you have to update your website very often, so they will found that you update your website with daily fresh information and they will visit it again and again.

Just make sure you are posting informative content and not copying any thing from any of the web-page.

For updating your website you can do below things.
  • Add about us and privacy policy pages first including a contact us and disclaimer page.
  • Post 1/2 article on daily basis to your website with fresh content.
  • Ask you readers to share your articles our the social networks.
After some months if your website perform best. You can begin using affiliate networks to make money online.
In many cases some websites don't work. You can start another at It is free up to 100 blogs.

4. Join a Affiliate Network

To make money from a affiliate website you have to join an affiliate network for must, as this is the only thing which can make you enabled for earning online using your free affiliate website.

Make sure that you are choosing the best one affiliate or refer to earn program as there are many of them who are not for small website owners.

Joining an affiliate network doesn't cost you a penny. You can signup using your E-mail ID.
  • Are you searching for a good affiliate program which is perfect for your website's niche? You can search it here.
You can search dig-in for choosing a perfect and suitable affiliate program with your website.

On that website, a search engine for searching affiliate networks is available at upper right corner of site. Use it for searching a good network.

After your search done. Try to find reviews about that network you choose from searching. Read 3 to 5 reviews and then decide for joining or forgetting.

5. Select Products & Sell on your Website

Affiliate marketing is to sell others product for a flat commission.

There are many products you can choose from within your affiliate network account.

They will give you the banners and links, copy and paste that banner's code into your website. Creating a article including review about your selling product, will lead you to the success (product sells good).

You can add banners at your website's sidebar and above the title of articles. For posting link of affiliates you can use articles.
Find a relevant product to your website niche, add banners to your site. User will click on that links. If they buy any thing from your referred link, you will earn money.

6. Convert your Blog into Website

You got sells? You got money.

This is the time when you have to upgrade yourself including your free website into a great platform for your readers where they can get the information and have courage to buy things right from your website.

Its time to buy a domain name.
  • Buy a .com domain name in the name of your blog (you created in 2nd step).
Its better to have a commercial domain name for such type of websites. With a .com domain you can make authority in reader's minds. More people will follow your words.

After registering the domain name make sure you can create an affiliate website on WordPress or any other CMS and if you can't you can contact me.

You will earn more.


Yeah! It is true that making money online is easy.

But! The "easy" word is only for those, who have the knowledge of using internet with a laptop/computer. Ha! I know you can surf Facebook on your computer.

It is not about social networking. You can earn real money by doing above method.

So! Think again before trying this method :)