Top, Free & Best URL Shorteners To Save Your Money!

If you are searching for some top quality and best ever free URL shortening services, than what you are waiting for?

I have them here on this page, but before giving this list to your hands - I want you to read some information from here.

As you know there are thousands of URL shorteners are available for free and with paid plans, what I am going to tell you is that you don't have to pay for any URL shortening tools as far there are some best of them which you may not aware of them.

Recently I have done a research on this topic and found many people are linking to many old and not trusted URL shortening platforms and all the crap begins when people want to make money by URL shortening.

Well if you are from that group of people who are reading this list to make money with shortening URLs than you should leave it.
Top, Free & Best URL Shorteners To Save Your Money!
Otherwise if you are a professional and want a perfect tool to maximize your sales and CTR (click through rate) on your suggested web-pages to your followers than here is a list I have arranged for you.

5. is a great tool to shorten your long links and make them free of antivirus as this company (McAfee) is a leading anti-virus software provider and they are ensuring that you are getting secured and up to date shortest URLs.

They are ensuring the world's leading security for your short URLs so that you can give the guarantee to your readers, clients to whom you are going to share the URL.
  • Pros: Simple and easy to shorten URLs with no extra options
  • Cons: You can't really shorten the links in more shortest way (shorten URLs are not that short)

4. is a simple and effective links shortening tool available for free online to every person who got the internet connection with a long or any type of link to short.

Also with this simplest tool you can get free and real-time traffic stats of your Shorted URLs.
  • Pros: Quick and easier to shorten URLs with small links
  • Cons: You can get a custom domain URL shortening service but you have to pay huge fee

3. is also a tool to create professional and without any side effects shorten links, but with more accurate analysis data. This tool is created with a paid script from codecanyon.
You can signup or login to have a much detailed information about your links and more.
  • Pros: You can simple get a shorten URL with out paying anything and also you will get stats
  • Cons: Its looks like nobody is updating it and from its first day the tool is standing same


URLbaba is a service we are providing to you and we are making it worth your time for creating the best ever and most shortest links from your long URLs.

As this is the tool which we have created this year we are going to release providing its pro version to you NOW.

So now you can get each and every premium feature for free on the Paid URL shortening service.

You can enjoy features like, live stats and public stats of the URLs, make URLs private, Get custom URL for your long ones and many other options to choose from.
  • Pros: Its a simplest yet powerful URL shortener having a lot of features like QRcode for links and more
    + You can make money with your Shortened URLs
  • Cons: No signup option, as you can get live stats from the site's page

1. is another simplest and most easy to use URL shortening service to give you the freedom of shortening your long URLs for free and get stats for them.

You can use it for free and have as much URLs shortened as you want.
  • Pros: You can select character types in your URLs
  • Cons: Limited features (no pro features)
That's all.

I have listed some of the thousands of the URL shorteners from around the internet to make you get your money in your pockets and don't waste it for shortening URLs.

I personally use to shorten URLs as its my own project and also its cool.

Let's comment your favorite from around the internet and from this list too.

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