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Money Making Apps that Pay Dollars On your Mobile

by on May 22, 2018
To earn money online there are so many platforms and mobile apps are available and some of them are really paying big bucks to their users on daily basis, in that hope I was searching about some of the legit money making apps that can make me some bucks when I have to play games. Yes, I want to do little work for some cents or dollars when I use to play games and sick of my work. Just from some of the articles I have found that there are many money making apps available to download for free and start doing small tasks that pays really well. Unfortunately some of them are not available in my country but they are accepting users from United States and paying instantly via PayPal or other ways, so if we talk about that making money with a mobile is true than I say yes its true now. However! If you are thinking that you can quite your 9 to 5 job because of these money making apps than maybe it will work out that way for you, but what I can see is these mobile apps for earning money online can bring some extra money to your monthly income but not able to make you quite your job. However there are stories with these apps and people are really working on them to have a full home business, so that they don't have to work under the boss.
Money Making Apps that Pay Dollars On your Mobile

I have tested some of these money making apps and found that we can easily adjust them in our mobiles and work on these apps in our part time without headache like an offline job. We can choose our work hours and do micro tasks whenever we want. With these money making apps installed on your smartphone you can easily have some more work which is do-able even when you are in bath or resting on your bed and plus all of this, you can enjoy your interests related work. These money making apps will not force you to complete tasks every hour, you can be flexible on your working routine and play with these apps on any time you are free. Also these apps are not limited to just iOS or Android, you can install on any smartphone and run for earning money online for free. So if you want to read more about these apps and know their names than read below:

1. Slidejoy

money making app url site:

We have Slidejoy at #1 in our money making apps list as its the best way you can't get annoyed by watching video ads or completing tasks or taking surveys. Sometimes we just have to check our phone for nothing or checking messages and call history. When we have a data plan or free WiFi we can get paid just to check our mobile. This mobile app that pays you cents per screen unlock you do for every time you unlock your mobile. So all you have to slide up and see more cards to earn more or just swipe right unlock the phone normally but still you will get paid. That's the beauty of this money making app and that's how you can make money online using your mobile without getting involved in any type of work.

2. Uber

money making app url site:

If you own a car with lush condition (it should be a newer model like not beyond 2006) than you are the perfect person to join Uber a ride-share mobile app which allows drivers to submit their applications and upon their review and completion of the required things you will granted access to smartphone application on your handy device and start pick and drop Uber users whenever you are free and in mode of doing some part time job with money making apps. You will easily make $15 to $40 per hour with Uber and you can even make it your full time business. Make sure you have a verified license and know how to drive carefully, because Uber is not just about pick and drop, they also take care of their users by listening to their feedback.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

money making app url site:

Google is here in the world of money making apps, as Google is a great company which knows how to deliver free of cost services to their users and still make money. They know that survey industry is big and many platforms are doing business with paid survey sites. Now with Google Opinion Rewards you can start making money online in your spare time and it gives up to $1 per survey of some minutes. You can run this service on your iPhone or Android mobile. With their GPS location tracking system you will get surveys which are in your area and relates to you, so you will find answering survey questions very easy with Google.

4. UserTesting

money making app url site:

Its a company offering you many online testing jobs and you can make $10 per website or app test. Their basic requirements are the applicant should have a computer or internet hand device which can run their screen recording software as you have to record your screen and speak about any website or app you are testing. Than post the video and they will also give you instructions on how you can use their software and also you will have to pass their passing test to start earning money testing websites and apps.

5. DogVacay

money making app url:

This is something different, if you have time for a day or half day every next day than DogVacay can pay you some dollars for pet sitting jobs. Yes, you have to take care of a dog for time the owner wants you to host his pet. This website focuses on dogs so you can be prepared for their pet food and clothing or where they will sleep and play. As the best service you can give to pet owners the fast you will get pet sitting jobs. So try this if you are a dog lover.

6. Swagbucks

money making app url:

If you want to get paid for completing small and simple tasks online than Swagbucks in the list of money making apps which you can use easily and complete micro tasks like shopping online, watching videos, playing games, searching the web, and taking surveys or you can use their high paying referral program to earn more money. You will be rewarded in dollars and gift cards too. You can redeem your gift cards for Walmart near you or with Amazon online store or simply cash out with PayPal.

7. Gigwalk

money making app url:

While you are out running errands you can just take snaps and upload photos or recordings to GigWalk and they will pay you. They are using a technology to actually tell merchandises to know whether their products are in display in stores and markets or not. With this company you can make as much as $100 with just one gig or a small job. Yes, because they have some clients like Google and Red Bull which are paying them to get real data about their product and services. All you have to do is just download this app on your smartphone and register for free and you will be able to apply for gigs you will see on the map in the app. After each complete task you will get paid via PayPal so that can cash out your earnings instantly and easily.

8. CashKarma

money making app url:

In money making apps world CashKarma is also leading many other platforms and paying you dollars and cents for simple tasks which you can enjoy completing. All you have to do is download suggest apps and install them on your device, watch videos and also you will be paid for signing up for free trials on different websites. So that's easy to get paid in your PayPal account or you can also get paid with Amazon gift cards so that you can buy the daily stuff for your house. All iOS and Android operating system devices are accepted.

9. Uber Eats

money making app url:

The best thing is now you can use Uber for taxi services when you own a vehicle and also you can use the Uber Eats app on your phone to deliver food packages. This service is open to some areas in the world and people are getting paid with this money making apps by Uber. So try this out now.

10. AppTrailers

money making app url:

The most easiest ways to make money online and on your mobile phone is watching small video ads and AppTrailers is paying you for watching short video ads about new applications. All you have to do is watch 30 seconds of new app trailers and this is available to all iOS and Android users. So you can get paid when you reach 500 points or create your instant gift card. You can also get paid in cash via PayPal account.

11. Ibotta

money making app url:

With this company you are free to buy things with your money and than get cash back on each purchased thing. You can get discount offers on the app and than get a cash back for online purchases. Not just that but you can go to any store and when you bought things offline just scan the bar code and send a photo of receipt to Ibotta. After verified purchases you will get cash back in your account so that you can get it in cash with your PayPal account or get gifts cards to buy more things.

12. Amazon Flex

money making app url:

Its the new player here, as its an Amazon startup you will defiantly find loyalty in this platform where you can be the delivery partner of Amazon and make up to $25 per hour of work. This is limited to just 50 metro areas of Amazon coverage and you can work on your selected hours to deliver Amazon products. So if you want to work from home for world's best eCommerce giant than download this money making apps queen now.

13. BookScouter

money making app url:

Its the the most easiest way to sell your reading list (aka old books). If you have a little library in your house than you can leverage it to buy new books or stuff. Just sell your old books to BookScouter where you can instantly check the buyback price for any of your book which have a barcode. Just scan the barcode of book and this platform will suggest you some sites willing to buy your book for a valid price, so try it out today and make money online.

14. Lyft

money making app url:

Its the Uber competition in many areas of the world, but are limited to just big cities in metro areas. Its the same technology which is used by the Uber. At Lyft you first have to qualify for being an online taxi driver and they will need your information like name, age, car model and make and more details like that. After that you will be able to get paid for every ride you make. So try this app to know our list how much legit for saying top money making apps are mentioned here.

15. iPoll

money making app url:

You can use iPoll on your mobile device or even on your desktop computer. Its your choice that whether you want to play games or take surveys to get paid. You will get plenty of offers (depending on different factors) to earn cents and dollars. You can get check for your first payment and than receive cash payments into your PayPal account or even get gift cards with exchanging with your earned points and plus this they pay signup bonus of $1.

16. TaskRabbit

money making app url:

Its a skill based platform where you asked to complete small tasks and get paid for it, you can get online research jobs or even fixing sprinkler systems jobs. All are paid tasks so you can make some dollars. This is at #16 on our list of top and best money making apps today and on this platform you are free to choose your opportunities type so that you can work easily.

17. Mobee

money making app url:

This is an app which pays you to mystery shop from local businesses in your city or nearest areas. All you have to do is just download and install the app on your smartphone and than answer a few questions so that in next 24 hours to you can easily claim your reward which will be a prize or gift card. So take a test about this platform from our money making apps list now.

18. Sweatcoin

money making app url:

If you love to walk in outdoors and have an healthy life style than Sweatcoin is for you, as they pay 1 sweatcoin for every 1,000 steps you walk outdoors and its making them different from other best apps to make money. Just make sure you are not tricking the with walking at your home or at gym on a treadmill. Its worth a try.

19. eBates

money making app url:

Its another app which gives you cash back on every purchase you do, and the best thing is you can get cash back on regular use items and than cash in via PayPal or just get credit card awards. You can easily use this app and account creation is free so download and install this money making app and purchase your daily use items to get gift cards and PayPal dollars with cash back on every item.

20. Shopkick

money making app url: (website maybe down)

Its another cash back mobile application which you can use for free and every time you purchase anything. All you have to do for getting kicks (Shopkick points) is check their popular rewards and products on daily basis and if you want to buy something than they will reward you some points. After hitting 500 kick points you will have $2 in your Shopkick account. You can also earn points by scanning item' barcodes or making direct purchases.

21. GrubHub

money making app url:

No Uber Eats and no to Lyft? you can use this great app called GrubHub. This is listed at #21 in this list of best money making apps and making you earn for delivering food to the buyers of restaurants near you. If you got a bike or car you should have you ID and license to apply for being a rider. Like others they also ask for a background test and you should have experience in driving. Also you should have a latest smartphone and checking account to receive the payments.

22. Field Agent

money making app url:

If you are in a city where you are seeing many stores and they are offering discounts and they are famous than you can use Field Agent to earn up to $12 just to snap a display. You can earn dollars just for uploading images of stores/products in stores or verifying the price of an item. You can use this app with your iOS and Android mobiles so install it now and complete small jobs to earn dollars easily.

23. Clashot

money making app url:

You can be the photographer, I know that was your dream to be a photographer but you are forgetting that. So now take a snap of food, city or any art and upload it to Clashot and get paid for selling that images on Depositphotos as Clashot do it for you. You can then also get royalties of an average of 44% per sale. So start selling your snaps now for up to $80.

24. Foap

money making app url:

They are simple with their platform and clear with their policies, all about Foap is you can take pictures of high quality and upload them to Foap market, for every sale you will get half of the earnings. As each image price is $10 you will get $5 for sure. You can attach your bank account to receive funds in your bank and stay safe.

So? is this what you were looking for? I think that I have done a massive job here. These 24 money making apps can do wonders for you and if you can work at least 4 hours a day on any of these apps than you will be able to earn that much which can easily pay your bills and cover expenses.

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