Top 7 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses to Grow Sales

Marketing a small business is not that costly as you may think.

How? well, that how will be answered with this article as I am going to show you the top 7 super low-cost and effective marketing ideas which you can apply for almost any kind of small business and easily grow your sales.
Top 7 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses to Grow Sales

For small business return on investment (ROI) is everything and they have to calculate their ROI for maximum exposure. They have to find low cost advertising and marketing solutions. Because they don't have much budget like big companies and organizations.

Here I will talk about the most interesting and high potential methods for marketing your small business online and offline. So let's get started:

1. Local Media Networks

The use of a local media network is something every small business should give a try and market to their targeted audience. To get the most out of a local media channel you have to create uniqueness in your business.

As nobody will agree to advertise your services or products for free. You have to make them unique and interesting so that news outlets and media companies will reach you.

You can also use:
  • Local Newspaper
  • Local Television Network
  • Traditional and Religious places (if suit-able to your industry)
This will allow you to easily connect with more clients and have a low-cost marketing plan with the help of your own local people.

2. Social Media Marketing

On the other hand, social media is one of the most exciting and wonderful things which you can use from your laptop and even mobile and market your business to a targeted audience.

You can select demographics, genders, and also you can target people on their interests and keep them engaged with your small business and make them be loyal clients.

On social media networks like Facebook now you can create Conversion ads and pay when your ad is giving you lead. That's how you can count on social media marketing and always have a great marketing plan without losing anything.

3. Official Website

If you are looking to expand your business and have your clients on board or make them know that you are doing it professionally then the easiest way is to create an official website.

You can include:
  • Portfolio or Products
  • Menu or Services list
  • Contact us and About us pages
  • Live call or chat option
  • Online orders and queries option
And much more. The sky is the limit when you own a website for your business. If you are not familiar with the design then you can hire a person from freelancing websites.

4. Ads on Vehicles

This is an advanced offline marketing tactic and you can do it with your own vehicle of any type. From the bike to cars and trucks to the personal-jets.

Well, a small business has to create effective and highest ROI based marketing strategies so this can be a little expensive to you. You can create banners for your own vehicle and also get local taxi drivers agreed for putting your banner ads in their vehicles.

5. Existing Customers (Remarking)

Marketing to your own customers is not a new way, but nowadays people are doing it online so that they think that its a new way to get their clients back to them.

There are a number of advertising companies and platforms which are allowing you and giving you an option to remarket your products to your recent customers.

But you can do it manually without spending more on online advertising. You can do it by:
  • Asking for an email address to your customers when they are at your shop or on your website
  • Asking them to follow your Twitter profile or Facebook page for exclusive coupons
  • Giving them special discount cards
  • Sending them custom direct mail postcards for special discounts
There is always an option to remarket your product and services so try free methods unless you get great results and start growing your sales.

6. Shake Hands

Shaking hands in local businesses are creating relations with other small business owners in the same industry you are. You have to get other shop owners and service providers to agree on helping each other.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't try this with your competition. As it will decrease your sales. You have to do it differently.

For example: If you are selling home-made products in the clothing category then you should partner for marketing with a shoe selling business.

This way you can give coupons (special discount vouchers) to your customer for that business and they will do the same with their customers. In the shot, you two can manage to have more sales without spending on un-targeted advertising.

7. Sign Boards

This is a traditional way of marketing your small business to people who are likely looking for the same thing. You can place banners on sidewalks, on small signboards, and on a street with a small standing board.

You can add menu items or services with discounts or announce new products on that small boards. This way you can easily target your local audience and grow sales on a direct advertising basis.

So, this was my turn on how you can advertise your local business and generate more sales without extra spending.

If you liked my points then share this article with others and if you think that there's another way to market a small business at a low budget then comment your idea right below. Thanks!